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    Comment List
    Hi Jon -

    I know it is extremely dangerous to give advice especially if it is not biblically based, but I would like to perhaps suggest a small excercise.

    Take a piece of paper and write down what your current priorities are in order of importance including your relationship with God, work, Joel, social activities, family, church, Taryn, household chores, C'Anne, etc etc.

    Then rethink and decide in what order they SHOULD be. Where does Joel compare in order of importance from your current list to the list where you know he should be?

    Decide what to move down or move up the list in order to eventually reach the ideal balance. Then, set yourself a goal to make the changes and stick to it.

    In all honesty Jon, if your relationship at church is also an unhealthy relationship with detrimental side effects, you have the opportunity to make a good decision to get your life back into balance. Perhaps you have been consumed by wanting to work for God, that your relationship with God has been neglected and God just really misses you. Forget the emotions of the flesh and listen to the Lord as you seek His will. Don't cling onto the things God is trying to get out of your life.

    When the sun rises tomorrow, it is a new day and yesterday is in the past.

    You are not recently in spiritual attack, you been in the midst of it for the last 2 years. It's time to fight back and get your life back.

    Rebuke me if you must Jon, just remember that God has a happier time waiting for you when you decide to climb out of the mud. You are very dear to me and I'll be praying for you while you lift one leg at a time.

    May God's presence fill your soul with peace.

    2007-04-19 15:58:09 Posted by Lee ()

    Lee, I really have been taking those steps. Obviously, I am no longer in leadership, which frees a lot of time. Now I am out of teaching teens, more time. We're deciding if we have any involvement left with youth next, now that we have hired someone to take my place. The main question there is the many people, mostly under 30, who I still impact. I think God will guide us through these things.
    Taryn says things aren't lacking with Joel, he's just quiet. Its just that I always thought I would be the cool Dad, who his kids would always feel comfortable talking to. I know Joel respects me, I just wish we were closer. My emotions were more about having wasted those years than feeling like things were really bad.
    I guess I am bleeding too much for it to look like it but my relationship with God hasn't suffered. I love God, its some of his children I'm no so sure about. (I know 1John has other ideas about that) But I'm working on it and making progress. I quit waiting for anyone to approach me and have started approaching them.
    Thanks for caring Lee. I think my biggest need is the place to say some honest things and work them out. I can say this stuff here and not hurt anyone. It's just God's grace that I found a real friend halfway around the world on a computer.
    2007-04-19 23:03:20 Posted by Jon ()

    More than one, friend...

    Hang in there...

    2007-04-19 23:23:53 Posted by Mel ()

    hi! JON you must be a great human being you must have great potential for your God and Potter to give you a towel and bring you to your kneens.You have touche my heart when you said "I love God"..Jon, I suggest that you claim JN3:16 in every dimension of your life God so loved JON that He gave It all..think about it..let go,let the potter,He is preparing you for something new and you posses now the greatest experience one can ever have "rejection" Jesus had to go throught it,His own Father rejected him at the cross,and that is where,at that moment that we were saved .Glory to God our Father and our Potter,.Let go,and let God in your deep Love for Him you will find peace in your heart in Jesus Christ our Lord,that is what being a christian is ,no!.Faith is trust that He will never fail..ok It is because I care for you my brother and one day you gaven me a helping answer by the Spirit aaaaaaaaah whatever lets be happy here,and watch our God and Father at work ok Love in Jesus byebye my brother JON thank you,. hope i did not offend you
    2007-04-20 08:57:06 Posted by jetaime ()

    Mel, very much so.
    Thank you too for your friendship! And wisdom.

    Jetaime, very similar advice to my wife's, so it must be brilliant. I am looking forward to the next chapter, and maybe trying too much to learn from the last one.
    2007-04-20 09:36:25 Posted by Jon ()

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