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    Comment List
    Amen, bro! You said, "God prunes us. He makes things happen that reveal areas that need work, or habits that we have, or to build character. He even brings pain so that He can comfort us so that we can then "comfort others with the comfort we were comforted with".

    Oh, that we would all realize this and recognize this as being the Lord's work in our lives.

    2005-12-01 21:28:45 Posted by Pat ()

    okay so let me ask a question. We all worship and love God because.... Let's break it down to the hope of eternity with Him. If that was taken away, would you still love God?
    2005-12-01 22:38:54 Posted by Ross ()

    You know, I almost wrote that we never really were not blessed because we have eternity, and that trumps everything. But it made a rabbit trail that I didn't want.

    I think we might be able to answer yes, we could still love Him without the promise of Heaven because I don't think we really mentally register that one anyway. Its too far beyond us.
    2005-12-01 23:11:16 Posted by Jon ()

    I lived my life for 38 yrs. without Him. That WAS a living death, now I have life abundantly.There really is no comparison. This life with whatever trials God permits or orchestrates is still far better. And really, the change in my life came when I understood how bad God hurts when we desert Him. Truth is, I just never want to hurt Him again.
    Yes, I look forward to heaven but I didn't give my life to Him just to attain it. I don't think anyone does, we live too much in the present to even think that way.

    In His Service,
    2005-12-02 05:25:38 Posted by Teri ()


    Without the hope of salvation, I think we would be the same as the demons who believe in God, and are in abject fear of him. I think that there are a lot of twists that logic in that arguement can take, and the danger lies in forgetting that the premise is false, and living in the logic. (on a false assumption)

    Heaven is wound up in part of our purpose. The point is therefore moot and contrary to God's very nature as well...

    I live in today, but I do look to tommorrow...

    "How many angels..."

    2005-12-03 00:08:10 Posted by Mel ()

    okay so let me say I have to agree and don't see the question as really being relative but it was asked by a pastor at the end of a sermon on Job. how many could say after being submitted to the trials Job went through that they would still stand determined in their faith. read the book skipping the end, think about just how much that man went through, compare your life and your faith and then go back and read the ending I know it made me wonder if my faith was that strong. It allowed me to understand more clearly God's desire for each and every one of us and hope to live up to that
    Be blessed
    2005-12-03 03:05:13 Posted by Ross ()

    Considering the level of my whinning now, when I have a pretty great life, I don't think I could survive half of what Job went through. I would be more likely to "curse God and die".However, I do think that when hear what some have endured, especially in persecution, that the Holy Spirit must carry you through, and I wouldn't deny His power.
    2005-12-03 09:19:20 Posted by Jon ()

    I'm blessed that my blog, my journal if you will, has inspired you.

    God bless you -

    2005-12-14 17:37:58 Posted by TalkerCat ()

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