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    Comment List
    Good Morning.

    I understand what you are talking about but we have to be careful HOW we say things... You wrote... Duh--that is just it. Faith in God is the key! We have a treasure that the ignorant cannot see. Unfortuntately, most of the ignorant are banks, mortgage companies and bill collectors.

    What if I were a mortgage banker and I read this? Was the bank ignorant when you went to them and asked for a loan? Did you agree to pay them $X so that you could buy that house or car?

    As Christians our first responsibility is to fulfil our obligations... FIRST so that the bank does not have to use bill collectors.

    Just because we are God's children does not relieve us of our responsibilities in this world... it strengthens them.

    You are right... we have let the worldly things become our treasures and we have become servants of the lenders... in credit cards and loans... but when we ask for them we are obligated to pay them back. The banks are not responsible for that... they are responsible to do their job and collect from us what we said we would pay them!

    Just a little different spin and perspective that we all have to remember!


    2006-12-05 06:57:06 Posted by Bob ()

    Hi Bob,
    This, in no way was meant personal. Sorry, but take a look at our world. We have servicemen in Iraq, and their families are losing their homes because they don't have the money to pay for it. The banks are not working with them. Did those people plan on a war that would go on for over 3 years? Of course not--When someone goes in to get a vehicle (and a humble vehicle, I should add--just to get them able to get their family around and to work), did they plan on the plant closing when they went in? And, did they think that, at the age of 45, they would be considered being "displaced"?

    I have watched the homeless become a larger community in the past few years. Has anyone sat down and talked to them? If someone did they would see that, some lost everything they had because of a divorce, including their home and then, their jobs were lost as well. Some lost their job and lost their homes because they ended up with jobs that paid 3 times as less because of their age. In our case, I didn't plan on having 2 children with severe autism--nor did I plan on my major contracts of 12 years in my home-data entry business go over to India and Pakistan instead of being granted to USA citizens. My husband, at the age of 45 has been turned down for many jobs that he is well qualified for--although no one admits to it, we all know age is a factor--he is only 20 years away from retirement. He has two jobs now, both of which are not required to have health insurance. Our government says we make too much to get that insurance, and his company makes too little to get private insurance. So, every time we are sick, the hospital (at about 1200.00 for a box of tissues) takes every cent we have..we could return healthy, but our home will be gone soon because we can't pay the thousands for the medical bill. Isn't there something wrong with that?

    I am not saying we should give up our responsibilities. I am just wondering where humanity has gone where we actually try to work with people and help them out, versus throw them out on the street, or simply to not care at all. In the old AND new testament, a family was your community. That is not true any more in many areas. My neighborhood would help with a moving van if I were to leave, simply because I am not up to the "income standards" of the rest of my area, and labeled for that. Do you not see something wrong with this?

    Sorry to be so prolific...however, it is that attitude of "it is no one's responsibility" that has so many without food and homes these days. You cant take blood from a rock, but we certainly all have a heart--and find ways to help each other instead of casting everyone that is hurting due to the status of our current world, out on the streets for someone else to deal with--"not my problem, man" is the way our world works today. Sad, but true.

    (Ask the state of massachusetts about me. I have been to the state house, many times..for the LITTLE guy that everyone forgets about).

    God Bless,
    2006-12-05 10:50:50 Posted by Kelly ()

    Hi Kelly,
    You are so right...the greed of this world has often forced people into situations they would not otherwise have been in. To have to take out a mortgage to buy a home is commonplace today whereas years ago people could afford to save and build. The more we demand from people monetarily, the more society forces people into poverty. Glad that one day the greed of man will not be what fuels the economy. :)
    2006-12-05 11:32:55 Posted by Jeanette ()

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