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    Comment List
    Eric,Jesus taught that eternity will commence when he judges the world on the last day.(DESTRUCTION OF THIS WHOLE PHYSICAL WORLD).Before that day there will be a 42 MONTH TRIBULATION under the ANTICHRIST who they will call MOSHIACH BEN DAVID and he will cause all on earth to obey the " 7 Noahide Laws Mark Of The Beast '.The TRUE CHRISTIANS will never bow to the 7 Noahide Laws and will be MARTYRED(DECAPITARTED).WHen the last SAINT has has given TESTIMONY,THE 7TH TRUMPET WILL SOUND AND JESUS WILL DESTROY THIS PHYSICAL WORLD AND USHER IN ETERNITY IN THE NEW JERUSALEM>(HEAVENLY SION-READ HEBREWS).--I give this witness IN LOVE AND HOPE AND PRAY ALL READERS WILL WAKE UP FOR TIME IS VERY SHORT!!!STAND FIRM IN JESUS CHRIST.
    2007-12-19 14:00:55 Posted by a presbyterian ()

    a prebyterian,

    I thank you for your comment. I am unsure of its purpose however. I believe tribulation is the entire 7 year period prior to Jesus's coming, you believe it is only the final 3.5 years. Where you have gotten Moshiach Ben David from I am unsure, and I do not know where in scripture you got these Noahide Laws. I have studied them online and I am still confused as to where in the bible they are spoken of. Could you help me out here? I do like to understand what is going on around me.

    2007-12-19 19:49:38 Posted by Eric ()

    Eric,Jesus is not coming back as a flesh person to set up a flesh kingdom on earth.WHEN JESUS APPEARS IN GLORY THIS PHYSICAL WORLD WILL BE DESTROYED,I REPEAT DESTROYED COMPLETELY.Before this day there will be a 42 MONTH TRIBULATION starting with the de-population of the earth that you describe in your blogs.THIS WAR AND DEVASTATION WILL USHER IN THE ANTI-CHRIST TO JERUSALEM TO SET UP A "MORAL LAW" WORLD THEOCRACY ENFORCING THE " 7 NOAHIDE LAWS".ERIC,ERIC These " 7 Noahide Laws " are RIGHT UNDER YOUR FEET.These " 7 Noahide Laws " are already on the USA books under HJR 104 PUBLIC LAW 102-14 under National Education Day brought in under BUSH SR. in 1991.These " 7 Noahide Laws "are NOT in the bible.The " 7 Noahide laws " are in the TALMUD and they are the INSTRUMENT OS SATAN TO MARTYR THE TRUE CHRISTIANS and govern a GLOBAL THEOCRACY centered in JERUSALEM with a REVIVED SANHEDRIN.---WHEN MARTIAL LAW IS DECLARED THESE LAWS CAN BE ENFORCED.---Stand firm in Jesus---
    2007-12-20 13:38:57 Posted by a presbyterian ()

    I thank you my brother. I do not see any significance in where any of these laws originate from since they do not come from God. We do not need to fear any of this, we simply need to voice the Gospel to the lost in this world and help them redeem themselves through the blood of Christ. I agree, stand firm in Christ Jesus until the end.

    In grace,
    2007-12-21 12:41:28 Posted by Eric ()

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