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    Comment List
    I have always wanted to ask this question..Here's the question..Would "You" like to "walk a mile in my shoes"?..My husband and me walk a mile track a few days a week. I got the feel now of what a mile walk is...May God Bless You!..
    2009-07-14 09:54:23 Posted by Marsha ()

    TeddyI am excused: I am a man. Tihi! But I understand it is difficult for you with your husband's condition, and I pray for you.

    Maybe we think of *empathy* as a typical dove like thing. But the raven too shows *empathy*. Think of the woman being married, how the man raise her to nobility ...
    SmileyAnders "Vaccinius" ~ at ChristiansUnite | here |.

    2009-07-14 15:40:29 Posted by Anders ()

    Walking that mile in your shoes is really difficult. You know that Marsha and I believe you don't want us to, really. What you ask about is though more than a glass of water. Water is love. Water still our thirst and make us cheerful. You ask for something else. You ask for a fish. Fish is faith, is the faith of love, and when asking for a fish you ask for a faith in you. It is quite legitimate to do so. And I would be happy to give you one. I believe in you, Marsha. I believe you are a true Christian, a support and a joy for your husband by making him grow, and I believe you are wise. Wisdom do not come by learning but is God given. Remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 19:11: It is not all given to receive the wisdom of the relation between man and woman. We can state it in thousands of ways and still the wisdom is hidden from those God do not see fit. But I believe in you. I believe you understand. I believe you are a woman of God. You nearly always nourish me and make me reach a higher level of understanding by your blog statements and even if you are a bit reserved your comments make me smile.

    Well. That was a little glass of water in the end. In case you are thirsty. Have a nice day!

    SmileyAnders "Vaccinius" ~ at ChristiansUnite | here |.

    2009-07-15 19:59:51 Posted by Anders ()

    Dear Anders, Thank You very much for your kind comment. No..I would not want anyone to have to go through "walking a mile in my shoes"..I just wondered if anyone wanted to?..So they would know what it's like to be "me"? Thank you very much for your "compassion"!..You truly have the "Compassion of Christ" !!!..
    God's Blessings Always
    Love Always!
    In Jesus Name
    2009-07-15 21:05:59 Posted by Marsha ()



    I want you to feel safe and warm
    protected both in peace and storm
    by being given as the bright
    God’s pity of the three kinds light.

    The fall of stars I state is love.
    Let romance fill the earth, bestow
    through understanding of the fall.
    Let Adam answer to the call.

    The of the sun I will explain
    as charity. Let Christ be gain.
    The feeling of the truth be good
    when aim and aid is understood.

    But first of all I want to be
    precaution of the heaven free.
    By God I will light up the night
    to show the darkness is all right.

    SmileyAnders "Vaccinius" ~ at ChristiansUnite | here |.

    2009-07-16 04:26:32 Posted by Anders ()

    Thank You Anders!..May God Bless You Always!
    God's Blessings Always
    Love Always!
    In Jesus Name
    2009-07-17 08:19:14 Posted by Marsha ()

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