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    Comment List
    Hey Jon,

    The woman. Who is she? (at least by your understanding) Just a curiousity on my part...

    In Him,

    2006-06-23 10:48:06 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi there Mel - still in Revelation I see. Still a bit too advanced for me - or is it just too scary for me? A bit of both I think. Interesting about the woman - is it the Holy Spirit, Jesus, the church etc etc.

    God Bless
    2006-06-24 10:12:24 Posted by Lee ()

    I was reading this verse last night. May the Lord grant us wisdom when reading His Revelations. I know I certainly need it.
    2006-06-24 11:48:31 Posted by William ()

    As I learned it, in Revelation 12 the woman is Isreal. Satan, the dragon (vs.9) wants to devour her child, Christ (vs.5 "who was to rule all nations). A third part of the stars fall with him, being angels, who would become demons. In vs 13 Satan persecutes the woman ofr bringing forth Jesus. (the church didn't bring forth Jesus, he brought forth the church) In :14 Isreal flees to a place, often taught as Petra, an amazing ancient city cut into rock. In :17 Satan seems unable to reach her and instead goes after her seed, people who have come to believe in the tribulation, most likely the 144,000 witnesses.

    At least that's what I get.
    2006-06-24 16:50:02 Posted by Jon ()

    Lee, reading it is nothing to be afraid of. I burden myself not at all. I have probably less understanding than you, but I try giving the scriptures here a chance to impress upon me. William has the attitude I appreciate. Jon has understanding beyond mine. You, my dear sister, have nothing to fear here.

    But this is not a demand for you to read it. My intention is that you free yourself to read it as it pleases you to do so, without putting needless expectations upon yourself. God will provide whatever understanding that he will, when he will.

    All of you, Be Blessed and I thank God for you daily.

    In Christ,

    2006-06-25 00:38:01 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi Mel!!
    2006-06-25 15:14:17 Posted by Latifa ()

    I really enjoyed reading these comments. Mel, I do not have a fear as such, and I do enjoy reading Jeremiah, Isaiah and Daniel. But in all honesty, When I got saved, after spending so much time in Revelations, trying to understand it, I got fixated on the future and the end times. I decided that I'll read the entire bible through before reading Revelations again. I have obviously not done that yet even though I have read many books up to four times already. I have a desire to understand the past before trying to get to the future again. When I get there, I sure will post all that I see.

    And Jon - wow, that was interesting.

    God Bless
    2006-06-25 17:03:05 Posted by Lee ()


    Hi Latifa. Sorry I've been less actively browsing around...

    That's Ok, Lee. Thanks for explaining...

    In Love,

    2006-06-26 05:44:13 Posted by Mel ()

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