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    Comment List
    AMEN and AMEN!!!'

    God's Blessings Always
    Love Always!
    In Jesus Name
    2009-11-03 18:05:15 Posted by Marsha ()

    I meant to come back and edit this to add explanation before people read and commented. I thought I'd have time to do so. However, that is OK, I guess. The important part is God's Word. My interpretation might not be something quite so divine.

    When I see the passage on the "unforgivable sin", it definitely gets my attention. For the reason of that passage, I will not condemn anyone for exhibiting what appear to be "Spiritual Gifts" for that is one possible interpretation I don't care to mess around with in case it is the correct one! However, I am convinced that it is more likely to mean that we should not deliberatately injure the reputation of the Holy Spirit. That is how I am reading the charge of 'Blaspheming the Spirit.' I would think that pretty much is exactly what Satan Does and Continually Attempts to do, amoung the other things he might or might not do.

    When we say something we know is not the truth, does it reflect well upon Christians and by Extension, the Holy Spirit that is supposed to live within us? I don't think so. However, I sure hope one lie is not even close to enough for that threshold to be breached! (I think a lot of us would have to hope that if we were that honest for a momment!) But, think about this: Which is more powerful: The words we say, or the things we do?

    How many times must I endure the fact that their have been many evil things done in the "Name of God"? How many times must I answer that these were evil men and women just using God as an excuse? How many times must I ask, "Did you see me do this?"

    Those are the things I think cross the threshold into the "unforgivable sin" and it can be done for the "best of reasons." Again and again you will find people who think that because they want to do so much good and that there already is soooo much evil in this world, they are free to use whatever means are needed.

    I am here to say this clearly: The ends don't Justify the Means! Never!!!

    When I look at Jesus' life, I see two things clearly:

    1) When he spoke, it was always the absolute truth!

    2) When he chose to speak, it was tempered with love. First for the Father, and then for all of us!

    Think about the few times he registered anger. What was the situation? It is not that he did not chastise his disciples, he did this also, but ultimately for their own good, as most of us can see.

    At one point, Jesus sent out his disciples with the advice to be as innocent as doves and as sly as serpents. I think he was telling them to be what I would call "jaded idealists" and in such was telling them to pursue the best and expect to be paid back by this would with the worst.

    We should be Jaded in our view of this world. We should cling to the idealism of what Christ has given to us. It is that simple.

    I could go off many different ways from here. That would miss the point. The Core is this:

    Serve the Truth in Love.


    2009-11-04 12:54:00 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi Mel,
    Great post and a good explanation...Thank you for sharing this....John 14:6 -- I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Yes, Jesus is love, He died for us all. What great love He had for our Father, He always prayed unto Him before He did anything....and also what great love He had for us.....Bless His Holy Name.....

    God bless you and yours...
    With God's Love,
    Lois J.
    2009-11-07 20:03:35 Posted by Lois J. ()

    Thanks Lois,

    Unfortunately, I am usually less than clear. It takes some effor for me to boil things down to something simple and clear like this. Frankly, I see this, but I see so much more with it.

    However, it is the base point for everything in my estimation. It may not be the only way to get to understanding, but it is the way I get to understanding the whole of God's Plan for us.

    In Christ,

    2009-11-08 23:35:17 Posted by Mel ()

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