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    Comment List
    Sounds like you are doing a good work. If you ever come to Colorado Springs, please let me know. May the Lord bless you and all you're doing in His Name!
    2006-10-13 10:09:59 Posted by Michael (coloradclark@aol.com)

    Hey Michael, we were just in Colorado Springs at Focus on the Family & New Life church. It was great and I love your town. We will be back next April so keep our web-site address; www.standstrengthteam.org to check our calander. Tell your pastor about us.

    2006-10-13 10:19:48 Posted by Big Buck (bigbuck@standstrengthteam.org)

    Yeah, Colorado Springs is OK. Spent a few years there. Denver area is now my home. We'll check it out!

    BTW, that nick of yours gives a person just a bit of curiousity. Probably the reason I dropped in as quick as I did. Tie "Big Bucks" to Christian, and I was really wondering! LOL!

    Be Blessed,


    P.S. I hope you put occassional updates on this blog or drop a line here from time to time just to be friendly. I enjoy the diversity in this community and hope to see it grow into something larger than it is at the time.
    2006-10-13 13:06:57 Posted by Mel ()

    God Bless...
    2006-10-13 14:03:21 Posted by Marsha ()

    Hello Mel,
    I love Denver also, our team member payed for the Denver Broncos & Detroit Lions, Luther Elliss.
    We hope to be back in the Denver area in April 07. Our team is working with Dr. Dobson and will be featured in their teen mag soon.
    I miss the Garden of the Gods area, what a place to pray and wonder about Gods power!

    bye 4 now
    2006-10-13 14:09:47 Posted by Big Buck Balabuch (bigbuck@standstrengthteam.org)

    I think you need a woman on the team. Reach the girls, to a young person that may have been abused, or wounded by a man, your group could be pretty intimidating. I speak from personal experience. Let me know if you want a woman's perspective.....
    God Bless
    2006-10-13 23:34:16 Posted by Vic (christkid05@hotmail.com)

    Although there is possibly a need for the young girls, I may disagree with Vic on this. I think that there needs to be this expressive challenge from the men for them to fulfill their purpose. I do not say this to say that having female representation is wrong, but I tend to see more groups that become completely dominated in the church by women, who are dedicated to doing good, than I do even those that have a high proprotion of men. These ministries are just as important, if not more so for the men who do them as for those they reach!

    This seeming need to put a woman's stamp on everything sucks the life out the men in the church. If you want a church filled with efeminate old men, attempts to feminize everything will do that quite well. I think of Christ as the mild and loving example, and can see that this is truly part of what we are to be like. I also remember Christ turning over the tables of the money changers in front of the temple, and that is the masculine Spirit that women have a hard time relating to. My image of that momment is not some wimp coming up and saying "excuse me, please". No, I hear him yelling "GET OUT, YOU DEN OF THIEVES!!!", roaring with all of the masculine power that anyone could ever imagine!

    I think Vic's heart is right in caring for young women. This ministry may not reach them as well as it will the young men, but I think ministries like this (exhibiting the masculine aspect of our Spiritual Race) is exactly what today's church really needs if it is to expect vigorous strength!!!

    I say AMEN and AMEN to you and those with you Big Buck. Do this ministry as God calls you to do so, not as the way that I or anyone else may see it! He may speak through us to you, but ultimately, you must hear and heed the call of our Master and Lord!

    Go Forth in Unbelievable Power,

    2006-10-14 01:05:04 Posted by Mel ()

    To Vic & Mel,
    I thank you for your input re: women in our ministry. To give a little background, we go into youth prisons holding young girls & also adult womens prisions. When our Lord shines thru us all females, young & older see HIM in us. I agree that I am (and my fellow brothers) intimidating but the love of God is more powerful.
    I thank Mel so much for his Godly thoughts.
    Just to let you know, we are considering a female athlete. Just two weeks ago in my home church, the pastor allowed me to give a missionary report. After service, I met a wonderful lady that served in a ministry somewhat like ours. She happens to be a bench press champ (pressing 395 pounds) and also a minister. I am praying about her and if the Lord permits she will be our first female team member.My wife Anna was our office manager for many years, she is a 3 time female bodybuilding champ however God did not call her to minister with us.

    Thanks & Blessings to all,
    2006-10-14 09:27:22 Posted by Big Buck (bigbuck@standstrengthteam.org)

    I just checked out your website and I think Bulldog's bark is great! I also like that you don't have women in the group...then you don't have to wonder if anything funny is going on and it keeps the wives happy too. :)
    Keep spreading the message!
    Bless you,
    2006-10-14 13:19:42 Posted by Jeanette ()

    Welcome brother and great ministry reaching out to kids and people who otherwise might not respond to the gospel message. We need to always look for different methods without changing the methods!


    2006-10-19 11:02:04 Posted by Bob ()

    I LOVE YOU GUYS u tell the message great!!
    2007-02-28 13:54:24 Posted by NIKKI (cantomucho_08@yahoo.com)

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