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    Comment List
    This one, folks, is a hard one I still wrestle with. On the one hand, certain aspects of what is said here seem very clear. On the other hand, I have heard great wisdom from women.

    Lois, Teri, Lee, Marsha, Jeanette, Pam and on and on and on...

    I also get great comfort from what many of the sisters say here. And I go back to the scriptures and ponder, why?

    Should I follow this without understanding? My initial response is: Yes! But I waver, and hem and haw.


    I think God has a plan and design here, if we are understanding His will. I cannot begin to understand it completely, but I am getting glimmers, here and there. And I may be wrong. I'll let this gel for a while more before speaking of it...

    This is a strange blessing indeed,


    2006-10-19 01:26:24 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi Mel. I think you should let it gel for awhile and after that; let it gel for longer still. I think this is a delicate subject and I know all these good women will be looking in so us men had better mind what we say!
    It is an interesting subject and one I have heard preached on many times. In my church the ladies still wear hats but not in many other churches. Is this good or bad?
    I think I will let this gel awhile myself

    God bless
    2006-10-19 04:33:48 Posted by Colin Moffett ()

    I understand Colin. However, I think that we have let many pages in the bible 'gel' entirely too long. How could it get to the point that an openly practicing homosexual could be ordained as a bishop in the church? I think the root is in discounting the value of truth! I am absolutely sure of this. On this matter, (the role of woment) I am not. I'll be delicate (learned from the women and their examples) but I am not even sure that is correct, to be perfectly honest.

    This site is called "Christians Unite" not "Wishy Washy Accept Everything to Unite" That truth should be prostituted to make itching ears happy is definitely something we have been warned about...

    I find it interesting that you mention hats on women in church. I have heard a few discussions along the way about whether that was culturally driven or not. It may be a matter of faith, and I will definitely grant that. However, if it is a matter of faith, we should not encourage people to violate their conscious to make us happy. No!

    I'll try not to roar on this, but on tearing pages from scripture and discarding them, I will be harsh. If anyone suggests that these scriptures or any others can be safely ignored, I say: "I Rebuke You, Satan" and I say it with undeniable clarity and conviction.

    But, as I said, I'll let this gel a while longer. I may even get practical scripture to put this into a better context. We'll see...

    Thanks for your concern, but this is a burden I am willing to bear. Not as a teacher, because I cannot go that far at this time, but as a concerned brother in Christ.

    Continually In Search of Truth,

    2006-10-19 13:29:32 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi Mel. I will pick out one point that you made. Yes I am glad this is Christians Unite and when I say christian , I mean all those who have been born again, are washed in the blood and have Jesus as their own and personal Saviour. In this we are all united and are brothers and sisters in the Lord. We might differ in some things but in the basics of the faith we are all at one. I belong to a strong anti ecumenical church opposed to the false uniting of all faiths and we are certainly not wishy washy. Time presses so I must leave this now
    God bless
    2006-10-19 15:55:25 Posted by Colin Moffett ()


    Thanks again. As for trying to force a false uniting, I also have not desire along those lines. I am pretty certain where our eforts are guided along that way, and it is that way that I think leads to all sorts of acceptance of things that cannot and should not be acceptable in Christ's church. On this subject, I am more of the persuasion that it might be a matter of faith, a subject where tolerance is appropriate and even commanded. Tolerance does not mean to not speak of it, though. Truth demands that I must speak of it, at least at some point.

    What is leading me down this path? I am not sure, but is not stagnation and acceptance without question, especially when the scripture seems to say that something might indeed be wrong in the way we look at something like this. This scripture is a very hard passage, but if I was a serial killer, and I could deal with everything else other than "Thou Shalt Not Kill", would I then become free to not consider that portion of the bible? I do not use this contrast lightly.

    1 John 3:15 (NIV)

    15Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.

    I do not say this to condemn anyone, for it is not mine to judge. However, I may make a discernment here, and such a discernment is not unreasonable, even if only a matter of faith. This is not going to be easy. I feel that few will wish to talk about this, so I leave it to God to give me great wisdom. My counselors have all fled!!!

    But in this remain secure:

    Christ did indeed pay for us, and that alone is enough to unite us!

    In Christ,

    2006-10-19 18:43:13 Posted by Mel ()

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