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    Comment List
    Morning Marsha,
    Is gambling a sin? I believe that we are in danger if we ask ourselves these types of questions! What we might be asking is: "Is it beneficial to me as a Christian? Does it disturb my peace with God?"
    If I place a wager on a horse & lose, where will the money come from to replace the loss? Will my dependants be put in jeopardy? This could be the start of the slippery slope that leads us from the narrow road, joining with the travellers on the road to that area where not only can we not look Jesus in the face, but God shuns us because of what we have become. The Christian is to act justly & to love mercy& to walk humbly with your God. Micah 6:8b
    I do not personally see the point in gambling, to give to a system where the odds are stacked against you is not beneficial to anyone, far less a believer. If I were your Pastor I would ask you these questions & let you make up your own mind.
    Love in his Name Stuart
    2005-09-08 02:50:34 Posted by Shar (stuart@sadrankin.com)

    I remember from my own personal experience. I had stopped playing our lottery shortly after being saved as I just thought it was wrong, but one day at work we had a kitty going for our Durban July horse races. As one of the managers, it was always a given that we would fill up what ever tickets were not taken. I was too embarrased as a manager to say that this year I would not take the tickets as it was against what I wanted to do, so I paid what i needed to and left it at that. When we did the draw for the names, I felt the conviction I was dreading. Then I felt condemed as I was too embarrased to stand up and say no. Just one of these things that really hit home. I worked through it accepting it for what it was, a lesson well learnt and I have not partaken in anything of the sorts since.
    I can't recall the exact thought that gave me the conviction, but it was something on the lines of us needing to tithe all that we receive, but God doesn't want your money obtained from ways not of Him.
    On certain things we are unsure of, rest assured God will supply the conviction and I would say that if you need to ask the question, the Holy Spirit is already working on your conviction......

    God Bless

    2005-09-08 04:08:19 Posted by Lee ()

    Marsha,Marsha,Marsha! I think you have a notion of what most people here are going to say about this subject.I don't see anything directly calling it a sin, in fact some soldier basically gambled for Christs clothes. I yhink though what you should really ask is why do people gamble and can that lead to sin. I believe that people gamble for the sole purpose of getting more MONEY
    For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil,and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith, and pierced themselves with many a pang. 1 Timothy 6:10 (NASB)
    But those who want to get rich fall into temptation 1 Timothy 6:9a (NASB)
    you tell me
    May the Lord grant you His peace
    2005-09-08 04:11:00 Posted by dcyple ()

    Stuart,Lee and Ross~thank you for your comments on gambling. I have an aunt who is a gambler. She knows when to hold them,fold them and when to run! She goes to the Casino and does quite well enough to buy a whole house full of furniture from one gambling trip. I went to the Casino to see what was so great.
    It smelled like death warmed over in there. I
    stayed for a little while when something came
    over me and said to "Get Out of there"!!! When
    I got home I found out that my son and the girl he was with had gone into a ditch with their car and could have been hurt really bad.
    At that same time my cousin was killed in a car wreck. This all happened at the same time that I believe the Holy Spirit told me to leave there!I have not gone back to a casino since then. I'm afraid of them!
    2005-09-09 20:50:09 Posted by marsha ()

    I know people that do well in casinos. If your pupose in life is to make money than good luck odds are you won't, but I really do believe there is far more to life than money and from what i've read so did Jesus

    2005-09-10 04:37:17 Posted by dcyple ()

    It's not about the money (for me anyway)! (casino money)~This is such a "pain" story I can't put it into words. I probably should't have posted the question. (?)
    2005-09-10 07:56:43 Posted by marsha ()

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