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    The Daily News And So Much More!
          My place to write: all the good, all the bad, and all the in between... Some devotionals, somethings out of the word, some stories and poems in which I have written. This could be called a Spirutual and Personal place ~smile~

    Thu, Aug 24th - 11:06AM

    A Poem: The Good Old Days..............

    Do you remember the good old days when you could actually trust the word of someone else, you could count on someone to follow through and you felt safe. Do you remember when you did not have to lock your door well I have always had to do that but there are some who are old enough to remember when they did not. Back when God was in this world but they have kick Him out now and things are just getting worse and worse. I miss Him for America is no longer blessed sad how others just don't seem to see that.

    Comment (2)

    Thu, Aug 24th - 11:04AM

    What happened yesterday when I called WOWWAY!!

    Okay well yesterday morning I called wowway and I am having the internet shut off come September 1, 2006 but I will have NET ZERO... It runs through the phone line but I have having it set up through my checking account.... That way it does nothing to the phone bill and I let thyri know that if it would be a problem then I would shut this phone off and put one in in my name... I also let Thyri know that the wowway people told me that the internet was only 20.50 and not 30.00 so techically Bob owes me money!!!!!! And I will let him know how he was paid more than what the internet actually was!!! like 60.00 dollars worth or better!!!! I am done with DRUNKS and I am done with people that are against GOD and those who BLASPHEM AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST and I am done with people that are not for me I will pray for people except them that BLASPHEM THE HOLY GHOST, I think they should just be gone, for they will not be forgiven of that and I don't think you will be going to HEAVEN when you blasphem the HOLY GHOST so I really do not understand why they would still be here..... Okay I have yak long enough....... I know I will not get any money back that BOB owes me for the INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS A LEACH and really Sucks the life out of EVERYONE.... And I will tell ya what I really do not understand why Thyri is even married to Juan, He does not do Nothing For Thyri ~ he is more like a room mate instead of a Husband, you can tell he does not want to be here shoot he does nothing with my Daughter and he does nothing with his children... Thyri had to pay for everything she even had to pay for her car Juan did not help her at all except he put 50.00 dollars on it but She had to pay him back What the...................................................................... That is no marriage and God You know that it is not.... There is a lot more I could write in here but I will not about Thyri and her so called husband Juan. He is nothing but a DRUNK and only thinks about himself and his booze and that is it............................ What a sorry thing to be................................ I can not wait to have my own HOUSE GOD I tell ya the truth........... I will write more next time............

    Comment (1)

    Thu, Aug 24th - 11:03AM

    A Poem: People Just People.........

    People are not what they seem to be at they use and abuse and hurt others all the time and even without reason People just people are no good not at all as they do what they what when they want taking no thought to whom it is that they hurt with no remedy.

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    Thu, Aug 24th - 11:02AM

    Wisdom Is From God:

    Wisdom is from the Lord Today's Scripture: "He is a shield to those whose walk is blameless, for He guards the course of the just and protects the way of His faithful ones." (Proverbs 2:7) Devotional: We all need wisdom to deal with the many situations of life. The Lord promises in His Word that He gives wisdom, and holds victory in store for the upright. If you've made Jesus the Lord of your life, and have allowed Him to wash away your past sins, then you are upright in the sight of the Lord and this promise is for you! No matter what may have happened in the past, through Jesus, you are upright and have access to all the Lord's wonderful promises. Just begin to thank Him daily for His promises of wisdom and victory, and you will experience His glorious blessing in every area of life! A Prayer for Today: God, Thank you for granting me forgiveness, wisdom, and the promise of victory. I will meditate on Your word and rely on your understanding when I make decisions. In Jesus' Name – Amen.

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    Thu, Aug 24th - 11:02AM

    May Not Be Getting NET ZERO after all.............

    August 24, 2006 Well now I am not sure if I will indeed be getting the Net Zero because it is connected through the phone line and you know that will cause problems so I may very will be out of service for a bit till I make some other arrangements and all but I will have my internet through some company soon... This wowway will be disconnected Friday, September 1, 2006..... I am really upset more than I let on but thats okay........... People always get it back!!!! Though it does seem that people treat others any way they want and get by with it but someday, someday!!!!! Okay I am gonna go for a while and come back later on and visit everyone....... Have a wonderful day.... oh yeah, Maria went to School today ~ her very first day!!!!

    Comment (0)

    Wed, Aug 23rd - 5:36PM

    Just so ya know....

    Starting Friday September 1, 2006 I will no longer be using WOW WAY Internet..... for personal reasons I will be using a internet which will be through the phone line NET ZERO I will also be seeing about putting my own phone line in as well... Thyri said we may could go on half of it... She knows I will do her right and I know she will do me right... At any rate I will still be coming here but if I am not here on September 1, 2006 I will be here shortly there after... Shoot I had to get a new password.... LOL I can't seem to remember the ones they give me and if I am allow to change it to something I can remember I don't know how at this point... LOL Well I am gonna go and finish getting ready for church.... God Bless and Have a wonderful Wednesday Evening!!

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