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    Melford's Poetry
          Well, I've decided to put my poetry here as well. It is for a very broad audience, so hopefully you will understand. The book of Job is often quite dark and Solomon's Song of Songs is at times quite racey for those who understand what is being said. Hopefully, I will not exceed the Bible in either context, but I am willing to accept that some of my work may be taken down as inappropriate for this forum. For those of you who wish to have non-Christians read my stuff and maybe pique their curiousity, just be sure to tell them that this is a Christian Community, and they shouldn't consider your gesture to be misleading.

    Mon, Jan 23rd - 1:26AM

    The Navigator

    Chaos dwells out there,
      and like the deep, dark
      ocean beyond the blue,
    He has a tide that ebbs
      and flows
     in a timeless pattern
    That is outside any man's
                        paltry understanding.

    Copyright © 1979 Lyle Melford Miller

    Comment (6)

    Mon, Jan 23rd - 1:23AM

    Origin and Return

    Flow gently, deep waters;
      ignore the winds of change.
    Let mankind, blue oceans,
      your ways not rearrange.
    Smite therefore, white breakers,
      Insolents on the beach.
    For ever, life bringer,
      death also you must teach.

    Copyright © 1980 Lyle Melford Miller

    Comment (6)

    Thu, Jan 19th - 3:40AM

    Tumbleweed Beach

    At first glance my will was gone,
    And I was living in a lovely song,
    'Cause your eyes seemed so warm to me,
    I saw love stretching to eternity.
    In love again, I'm alive again, it's time again.
        Like a Tumbleweed on the Beach, rolling unreined and fancy free,
       Where all I've got to do is reach, this loving world around me.

    With my toes planted in the sand,
    Your silken hair flowing through my hand,
    Love's laughter always sang to me,
    Some soft song of the whispering sea.
    My dream of love, your touch of love, my goddess of love.
        My leaping heart finds no bounds, rolling along across the sand,
       To the love I hear in the murmuring sounds, and that which I see in this fantasy land.

    My mind's eye has set me free,
    Broken rules, incessantly,
    To've put you there, right by my side,
    As we took our mounts on a moon-lit ride.
    In the surf, not two, it's love with you, please see us through.
        Warm and alive, the wind carries me; you are everywhere and again,
       I know the meaning of ecstasy -- where your smile takes me way back when.

    With its glow, like the setting sun,
    Your countenance now my heart has won,
    And fleeting, though, as it may be,
    Our love has forced my soul to see,
    I'm Blowin' again, on my own again, alone again.
        Drifting time, tumbling through my mind; fading footprints of memories shared,
       A life of lost love, I now must find, in a barren desert, alone again and scared.

      Please -- can you tell me:  Where is the laughing sea?

    Copyright © 1983 Lyle Melford Miller

    Comment (5)

    Thu, Jan 5th - 3:35AM

    One Caged Man

    The man in the cage,
    What a sophomoric sage!
    He sits and he dreams all day long.
    But the man who's been penned,
    A short message can send,
    To his belle in this his young love song.

    And he cares, oh so true,
    Like a ram, for his ewe,
    Yet the stars, how they trouble his soul.
    For it crosses his fate,
    'Cause alone, not with mate,
    He must reach for his heaven held goal.

    So he says with a sigh,
    "'Tis alone I must try,
    To make this grand bid for the sky.
    For if I should fail,
    It would be no avail,
    To fall on your shoulder and cry."

    So alone he does stand,
    With a light in his hand,
    That light, it is knowledge and truth.
    Yet his eyes, they are blind,
    For he 'lone cannot find,
    That beauty which fled with his youth.

    Copyright  1979 Lyle Melford Miller

    Comment (5)

    Tue, Jan 3rd - 11:37PM

    Jungle Queen

    Lithe, black coat flowing
    Over rippling muscle,
    She awaits her prey.

    Copyright  1981 Lyle Melford Miller

    Comment (5)

    Tue, Jan 3rd - 11:36PM

    Be mine

    Sincerest of friends,
    Most sympathetic of all,
    Be my Valentine.

    Copyright  1981 Lyle Melford Miller

    Comment (2)

    Tue, Jan 3rd - 11:36PM

    Above the Clouds

    With hearts aflutter,
    And wings in the azure sky,
    The songbirds fly free.

    Copyright  1981 Lyle Melford Miller

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