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    Latifa's Poetry
          Prayer Changes Things

    Tue, Jan 31st - 6:47PM

    Phone Call To Hell


                                                 Phone Call To Hell                                                

    Hello! Hello! Who's answering this line,
    there is someone I'm trying to find.
    He went away so quick, you see,
    I wonder if he has heaven's key.
    The things he did, before he went away,
    those things might have lead, his soul astray.
    tell me sir, tell me please,
    so my soul may be at ease.

    Hello to you, Why do you call?
    I am the one that made him fall.
    He had the chance to do what's right,
    now there's no light, no light in sight.
    I am lord, lord of this place,
    I have been judged, I have no case.
    There is more, I will destroy,
    I've known him since a baby boy.
    I tell you one thing, and this is for sure,
    There'll be plenty, plenty more.

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    Mon, Jan 30th - 9:51AM

    Christian Love


     Christian love is patient, Christian love is kind,
    it binds us together, and makes us entwined.
    It's never jealous, boastful or proud,
    and never selfish, rude or loud.
    It hardly notice when others do wrong,
    that's what makes the love so strong.
    It's never glad when injustice shout,
    but rejoices whenever truth wins out.

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    Sun, Jan 29th - 10:55AM

    People Either Serve God or The Devil

       God or The Devil:                                                

      Unto the pure all things are pure, but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure, but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God, but in works they deny him, being abominable and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate. (Tit 1: 15- 16) Adulterers and Adulteress, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Who so ever therefore will be friends of the world is the enemy of God. (James 4: 4) No man can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other, ye cannot serve God and mammon. (Matt 6:24) But ye believe not because ye are not my sheep, as I said unto you my sheep here my voice, and I know them, and they follow me. (John 10: 26)

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    Sat, Jan 28th - 9:55AM




    A reprobate is a person who rejects the faith,
    the truth about Jesus, and His saving grace.
    A reprobate is a person who has gone so far,
    in rejection, and sin that will mark with a scar.
    A reprobate is a person with no hunger for God,
    God's name won't be mentioned, to a reprobate, God's odd.
    They don't hate the gospel, simply dead to it,
    a reprobate will never, ever commit.

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    Fri, Jan 27th - 11:18AM




      Immediately after the tribulation days, the sun will darken
    and won't give it's blaze.
    The stars will fall from heaven, you see,
    everyone will wonder, what could this be.
    Then the sign, of the Son of Man appear,
    this is the time, unbelievers will fear.
    He's coming with all power, and His glory,
    and will be taking, inventory.
    He has a list of all His elects,
    these are the ones, He will protect.
    So are you chosen, or an elect,
    if you are, reconnect.

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    Thu, Jan 26th - 5:45PM

    The Greatest Command


    The Greatest Command

    The greatest command in God's law,
    obey these commands, and you won't fall.
    Love the Lord with all your heart,
    His love for you will never depart.
    Love Him with your soul and mind,
     all His mysteries, you will find.
    These are the greatest of His commands,
    this is what He wants from man.
    Love your neighbor as yourself,
    be concern for their spiritual health.
    These commands, hang all the laws,
    they will keep you from Satan's claws.


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    Wed, Jan 25th - 11:00AM

    Fighting Against Demons


     The Lord is revealing the devices of Satan so that Christians
    can learn to fight the real enemy as he attacks our lives,
    instead of battling one another. The main thing we need
    to do is to take authority over Satan, casting him out of
    our lives, and our loved ones. Satan is a robber and a thief,
    and he delights in decieving the children of God.

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    Mon, Jan 23rd - 11:15AM

    Teach Me


     Teach Me

    Teach me Father your good wisdom,
    so I may Lead them to your Kingdom.
    When I was afflicted, and went astray,
    none of your wisdom I would obey.
    But now I've read you Holy Word,
    my own wisdom seem absurd.
    Teach me Father to be like your Son,
    so I may share Him, with everyone.

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    Sun, Jan 22nd - 10:21AM

    Fig Tree



    Here is a parable we must know,
    let no fruit on the fig tree grow.
    When Jesus found nothing, on the fig tree but leaves,
    He used this parable, to show how to believe.
    He said, if you have faith, and do not doubt,
    you will be able to cast Satan out.
    All things you ask, when you pray,
    He will then move, mountains away.
    So use your faith to believe the unseen,
    God will remove the things between. 

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    Fri, Jan 20th - 11:31AM



    When I was young, I heard grandma say,
    sweetie, sweetie, come and pray.
    she took my hand, we laid on the floor,
    my sweet grandma, I truly adore.
    She prayed, and cried, when she was done,
    she asked the Father, was this the one?
    She said some words, I couldn't understand,
    she said these words in such a demand.
    When she was done, I asked, what she'd said,
    she told the Father, this vessel needs feed.
    The Father said, yes, this is the one,
    I'll teach her all about my Son.
    Tell her to pray with all her heart,
    my love for her, will never depart.
    I bow my head, and started to pray,
    the Holy Spirit entered without a delay.
     I thank my grandma, for all she has done,
    for now I know, I'm one with His Son

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    Thu, Jan 19th - 2:02PM

    Prayer For Addictions


    O Lord, you ministered to all who came to you,
    Look with compassion on all who through addiction
    have lost their health and freedom.
    Restore to them the assurance of your unfailing mercy,
    remove from them the fears, strengthen them in the work
    of their recovery, and to those who care for them, give
    patient understanding and love. Amen

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    Wed, Jan 18th - 2:09PM

    The Voice Of The Lord


    I'm closer to the Lord each day,
    I'm Learning to listen to what He say.
    He's teaching me how to hear His still voice,
    He's not forcing me, I have a choice.
    the choice is mine, and mine alone,
    if I'm not still, I'll miss His tone.
    there is another voice that's easy to hear,
    that is the voice, sometimes I fear.
    The voice I hear, sometimes sound like me,
    that is the voice I'm able to see.
    The voice of the Lord, soft and kind,
    I'm so glad, He is mine.

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    Tue, Jan 17th - 2:29PM



    Vanity is a man that envies his neighbor,
    his stuck on himself, and will not labor.

    The sleep of a laboring man is sweet,
    his store house is stored, with plenty of meat.

    But the sleep of a rich man, suffers him much,
    the abundence of his riches, he'll awake at a slight touch.

    Naked you came from your mother's womb,
    naked you'll go back to the creator's room.

    So eat and enjoy the fruits of your labor,
    God will reward you sometime later.

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    Mon, Jan 16th - 10:44AM



    Against Christ, counterfeit of Christ ( 1 John 2:19 and 26 )
    Counterfeit Christians who had split away from the body of true believers.
    They were deceivers who had not really experienced a genuine gospel conversion
    ( 1 John 2:22 )
    ( 2 John 1:7 )
    ( 1 John 4:1 )
    ( 2 Cor 11:4,13-15 )
    ( Matt 7:15 )

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    Sun, Jan 15th - 10:26AM

    Lord I Promise


    You've given us promises, that's truly sure,
    and I have some promises, and need many more.

     I promise to love you with all my might,
    if you promise me Lord, you'll stay in my sight.

    I promise to let your will be done,
    if you promise me Lord, the battle's won.

    I promise to pray both day, and night,
    if you promise to show me wrong from right.

    There's so many promises I'd like to make,
    and so many promises, I'm afraid I might brake.

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    Sat, Jan 14th - 11:30AM



    Father, you've given me Souls, and placed in my care,
    and gave me garments you want them to wear.

    The garments you gave, so pure and true,
    put them on, their Souls would be new.

    So here I stand with the garments of new,
    not knowing Father, what to do.

    So I wait on you, for the work you do within,
    in order to see, SALVATION begin.

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    Fri, Jan 13th - 9:56AM

    Keeping It Real

    I have a desire deep within,
    to tell everyone how it begin.
    It's not a feeling, it's not a touch,
    but a thought that comands us such.
    It's a thought you get, when your alone,
    you say to yourself, is this of my own.
    I tell you now, I'm keeping it real,
    this thought that I'm thinking, seems like a big deal.
    It went away for a day or two,
    now I'm alone, that thought came through.
    I say with a fear, direct and clear,
    God I know, your presence is here.
    There came a small voice, not from the sky,
    it seem to come, when I cry.
    I stopped crying, quick you see,
    I knew God's eyes were looking at me.
    He said, listen child, hear what I say,
    now we'll try, to do it my way.
    Your way God! I'll give up much,
    the things I do, I desire such.
    There are somethings, He said I'll show,
    you will desire, if you don't say no.
    A thought came through, oh so great,
    the thought said, do it before it's to late.
    YES GOD! YES! Do what you will,
    for I know old desires, you will kill.
    www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

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    Thu, Jan 12th - 10:38AM

    Prayer For The Human Family

                                                  Human Family,

    O God, you made us in your own image and redeemed us through Jesus your Son, Look with compassion on the whole human family, take away the arrogance and hatred which infect our hearts, break down the walls that separate us, unite us in bonds of love, and work through our struggle and confusion to accomplish your purposes on earth, that in your good time, all nations and races may serve you in harmony around your heavenly throne, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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    Wed, Jan 11th - 1:46PM

    Time Of The End Unknown

    Time of the End Unknown,
    But of that day and hour knowth no man,
    no, not the angels of Heaven, but my Father only. ( Matt 24:36 )
    Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard,
    and hold fast and repent, if therefore thou shalt not watch,
    I will come on thee as a thief and thou shalt not know
    what hour I will come upon thee ( Rev 3:3 )

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    Tue, Jan 10th - 2:57PM

    Phone Call To Heaven

    www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    Hello, how are you? I'm doing just fine,
    who am I talking to, who's answering this line?

    Sometimes this line is hard to get through,
    who am I talking to, I haven't a clue.

    I'm calling my Father, He has many names,
    which one is He going by, they all he proclaim.

    There's things I need to talk about,
    before my life ends, and I check out.

    He gave me things, that I must do,
    I wanted to tell Him, I'm all through.

    I gave to the needy, and gave to the poor,
    could you ask Him, if there's more.

    HELLO! HELLO! Are you still there?
    I need my garments, that I should wear.

    When I leave this vessel, and enter His throne,
    will there be something I should have known.

    I'll kneel by His throne so humble, and meek,
    I won't say a word, till He say speak.

    So tell me sir, tell me please,
    do I have heaven's keys?


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    Mon, Jan 9th - 12:45PM

    The Blood

     www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    His Blood, His Blood, so precious, and pure,
    it binds us together, and makes us secure.

    He hung on the cross, and His mission begins,
    for this is now, redemption for sin.

    As it dripped, from His head, to the ground,
    there was plenty, sin to be found.

    It searched the whole earth, in a matter of minutes,
    when it found sin, it rushed to condemn it.

    This was not the final say,
    for He rose with POWER, on the third day.

    He came out of the tumb, with all POWER in hand,
    and making a clear, victory stand.

    So let the BLOOD do what it do,
    so it can sancitify, and cleanse you through.   

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    Mon, Jan 9th - 12:26PM

    The Lord And I


    Late at night I lie in bed,
    I think of the things, the Lord has said.

    Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry,
    this is a relationship I will not deny.

    He has given me dreams to make me aware,
    and does it with, such great care.

    He has sent me visions, they all came true,
    they warn me when, trouble's coming through.

    He comforts me when I'm sad, and low,
    He also show me, the way to go.

    I'm going forward, and won't trun back,
    He has also made sure, there's nothing I lack.

    He has taught me things about His Spirit,
    and gave me the wisdom, so I wouldn't fear it.

    This I say, I could go on, and on,
    without His Spirit, my Soul would mourn.

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    Sun, Jan 8th - 3:33PM

    Names Of Jesus

    www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    Jesus has so many names,
    all these names He do proclaim.

    Let us now look at a few,
    This is what we should pursue.

    - He's King of Kings, and Lord of Lords,
    and does not fight with any swords.

    -He's the word of the Bible, made in flesh,
    He came in the world, to make our life fresh.

    -He's Majesty, and Power, and all that good stuff,
    He's teaching us why, we should stay tough.

    - He's the mercyful Father, as most of us know,
    this is why, we'll spiritually grow.

    -He's our Great Physician, when we're sick,
    all of His healings will surely stick.

    - He's also our savor, that means so much,
    all we need is His gentle touch.

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    Sun, Jan 8th - 2:37PM

    Who Is Wise?

    www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    God hid all things from the wise, and prudent,
    these things not understood, not even by law students.

    But He has revealed them unto little babes,
    for those are whom His POWER saves.

    So who is wise, with His wisdom,
    he'll lead us by His power unto them.

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    Sun, Jan 8th - 2:10PM

    Wheat And Tears


    God gave us a parable of the Wheat, and Tares,
    this is a parable you should beware.

    The Tares are the children of the wicked one,
    these are the children, that won't over come.

    They come from the evil one, his name is the devil,
    he is of the lower, spiritual level.

    The Tares are the ones, who'll be gathered together,
    and thrown in the fire, and consumed forever.

    Then will the Wheat shine as the sun,
    be gathered together, and we'll all become one.

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 8:23PM



    I came to the Lord at such a young age,
    while all my friends were at another stage.

    I stayed to myself, cause I was confused,
    the age I was at, I was so amused.

    God filled my heart, with His Spiritual,
    and did it slow, so I wouldn't fear it.

    He taught me things, that I didn't know,
    and showed me how, I was to sow.

    He said, sow to the meek, and sow to the poor,

    when you run out, I'll give you more.

    I sowed, and sowed, till I ran out,
    He filled me again, without a doubt.

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 6:05PM

    Strong Hold


    This strong hold in my life, that I can't brake,
    the hold so strong, sometimes I shake.

    I shake with anger, I shake with fear,
    the pressure of this hold makes me tear.

    My pressure go up, my pressure come down,
    I'm tired of this hold, making me bound.

    I know what to do, I know what must be done,
    the Spirit within, say call to the Son.

    So I pray, and cry, and cry, and pray,
    using faith to believe, there'll be no delay.

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 5:49PM

    Romancing Our Lord


    This poem is for Christians living without romance,
    Holy Spirit filled, and think there's no chance.

    We have the greatest lover, lover of them all,
    He likes to be romanced, no matter GREAT or small.

    So do yourself a favor, get in the romantic mood,
    Our Lord likes being chased, He likes to be pursued.

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 5:29PM

    Thank you God

    www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws         www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    We should take a moment out of our day, and write a list of all we
    have to be thankful for! The more we thank God for what we've received,
    the more blessings we will receive!!

    Thank You God for (fill in the blank)
    Thank You God for(ffill in the blank)

    We should make a list of about 10 things, and add them to our daily praying.

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 12:03PM


         www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws       www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    Sactification is what we'll go through,
    this is what makes, our Spirit anew.

    Lets look at these letters, and see what we find,
    is there things, we can unwind.

    1- S- We become "saints" a Godly person, now our condition in a sum, won't worsen.
    2- A- We become the "anointed" body of Christ, with a high value, that's worth the price.
    3- n- Our "name" changed now we're adoped, this change happened when He co-opted.
    4- c- In comes the "comforter" the Holy Spirit, with the gifts, we have inherit.
    5- t- We become "teacher" of the word, something unbelievers never heard.
    6- i- We're "inspired" which leaves no doubt, we can now tell, what it's all about. 
    7- f- Our "faith" in Christ, we rest on his authority, this becomes our main priority.
    8- i- "Intercessors" of others, pleading in their behalf, we now become cheif of staff.
    9- c- We become "counsellors" given sound advice, with facts that are true, perfect, and precise.
    10- a- We become "apostles" perfectly selected, and with His association, we are protected.
    11- t- Lovers of the "truth" in every way, we must stay focussed or we will stray.
    12- i- "I AM, THAT I AM" that's who He is, being sanctified makes you His.
    13- o- We're "over coming" things of the past, and not holding on to things that won't last.
    14- n- Now we're a "new" creature sanctified, and free, we must make flesh come to agree. 

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 11:07AM

    Responding To God's Call

    www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws     www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws   www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws www.Bigoo.ws

    Are you responding to God's call?
    Or building up a spiritual wall.

    This wall we build, He won't go through,
    but there's things, He will subdue.

    He has the authority to subdue all things,
    this is what makes him, KING OF KINGS.

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    Sat, Jan 7th - 10:34AM

    God And Baby


    I need a Spirit to place in this home,
    I'll be with you, you won't be alone.

    This home your going to, needs my truth,
    you will begin teaching, as a youth,

    You won't remember things as they are,
    I'll be with you, I won't be far.

    God placed me in my mother's womb,
    it seemed empty, and plenty of room.

    I cried, Father! Father! Are you there?
    Yes I'm with you, don't you fear.

    In nine months time, God gave me instructions,
    and taught me about, reproduction.

    I've never been from the presence of God,
    I hope this life, won't be to odd.

    Now it's time, the time has come,
    What is this force, where is it from!

    Down through a tunnel, now I'm afraid,
    I'm starting to feel, I've been betrayed.

    I cry, Father! Father! Where are you now!
    There is nothing, not a sound.

    A force pushed me from the womb,
    into a crowed, and unknown room.

    I opened my eyes, and knew no more,
    of the one my Soul calls Lord.

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    Fri, Jan 6th - 8:25PM


    There's many denominations, which one should I chose,
    with many traditions, and point of views.

    I search, and search, none do I find,
    there'll come a day, they'll be of one mind.

    Until that day, the church is divided,
    Christ will come, and they'll all be coincided.

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    Fri, Jan 6th - 7:30PM

    No Limit Soldier


    Are you a soldier standing tall?
    always waiting to be called.

    A no limit soldier, stands by,
    waiting for instructions, from almighty high.

    A no limit soldier does all it takes,
    to get the job done, with little mistakes.

    A no limit soldier mighty, and brave,
    they won't be taken, they won't be enslaved.

    A no limit soldier defends the gosple,
    this is what makes, revolution apostles.

    A no limit soldier always in training,
    they'll never be mumuring, or complaining.

    A no limit soldier, does God's will,
    for this call, you must stand still.

    Comment (2)

    Fri, Jan 6th - 12:28PM

    Miss Me, But Let Me Go!


    I would like to share this poem with you, for closeure
    of a dear cousin that was fighting a long battle with AIDs.
    She was very close to my heart. As we paid our last respects
    to her 1/5/06, a poem came to my heart, called "Miss Me, But Let Me Go"

    As I soar around my flesh,
    I took a look at the mess.

    As my flesh lie, full of disease,
    why are you sad, I have appeased.

    "Miss Me, But Let Me Go"
    for flesh and Spirit are spiritual foes,

    "Miss Me, But Let Me Go"
    free and unbound my Spirit flow

    "Miss Me, But Let Me Go"
    this isn't the time to cry or woe

    "Miss Me, But Let Me Go"

    Be happy for me, because I'm free,
    again my Spirit, you will see.

    Miss Me, But Let Me Go!

    Comment (4)

    Thu, Jan 5th - 10:06PM


     I cry out to you Lord, I know not much,
    but what I do know, I love you such.

    My enermies appoach me all day lone,
    it's hard for me to stay strong.

    I watch like an owl, all alone,
    for the things I see, you don't condone.

    So hear my cry, my cry of distress,
     come and take me out of this mess. 

    Comment (2)

    Thu, Jan 5th - 9:39PM

    Prayer For Inner Growth


    This is a prayer straight from the word,
    a prayer I hope, everyone's heard.

    Great me faith according to your glory,
    teach me how to tell your story.

    Strengthen in might my inner man,
    tell me the secrets of your master plan.

    Dwell in my heart, and ground me in love,
    so by faith I may believe, I came from above.

    Teach me Father, the love of Christ,
    and how important it was to pay the price.

    To you that is able, to do all things,
    allow me to find out, what salvation brings.

    Comment (0)

    Thu, Jan 5th - 7:53PM



    There's something about salvation,
    God planned, way back at creation.

    He set up a plan, of mercy, and grace,
    this is a plan we all must embrace.

    It also include, Jesus dieing on the cross,
    for Jesus must pay salvation's cost.

    With true salvation, repentance begin,
    that's what make the light within.

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    Thu, Jan 5th - 7:25PM

    TOPIC: God's Offspring


    Do you know, you have God's DNA?

    When we are bore again, there is an eternal change
    that takes place. Receiving Jesus not only change one outside
    look, but it also transform our internal make up, and composition.
    When Jesus called us His offspring, there was a revelation revealed.
    Just like we have features and attributes from our parents, so we have
    features and attributes from Christ!

                   God Bless You

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    Thu, Jan 5th - 7:09PM

    Walk It Out


    He's given you a vision, that's in is master plan,
    to walk it out, through out the land.

    It won't be easy, it will be tough,
    but you so do, as you must.

    The plan He gave, will come true,
    if you just, walk it through.

    Don't be discouraged, or be dismayed,
    this plan He gave, won't be delayed.

    Comment (0)

    Thu, Jan 5th - 6:55PM

    Spiritual Gifts


    There's different gifts God wish to birth,
    that will fulfill His plan on earth.

    These spiritual gifts that He will award,
    we must not forget they come from the Lord.

    We must seek them, one, by one,
    until His master plan is done.

    For some He has given, the spirit of wisdom,
    sometimes we must ask, who is them.

    To others He gave, the gift of healing,
    only if, they are willing.

    To another miracles, and another tongues,
    these are the gifts, that are in great sums.

    For all these gifts, we must stand still,
    until He gives, as He will.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 9:37PM

    Spiritual Body


    There is something you must know,
    that God created long ago.

    He gave us two bodies, two bodies indeed,
    one of these bodies, do not bleed.

    Our natural body, helps us on earth,
    this is the body that comes at birth.

    Our spiritual body, goes back to God,
    this takes place after we've died.

    There's comming a day, we'll all be changed,
    this has been, prearranged.

    Our spiritual bodies, all not the same,
    for when we're changed, some will be shamed.

    Our works for the Lord, give us our glow,
    this is what spiritual bodies will show.

    So work hard for the Lord, to shine your glory,
    this will tell your earthly story.


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    Wed, Jan 4th - 9:09PM

    Answer Me Lord


    Was there ever a thing, you've asked the Lord about,
    you knew He heard, without a doubt.

    You cry answer me Lord, answer me please!
    then you got, down on your knees.

    You search the scriptures, you say, give me a word,
    but there was nothing to be heard.

    You give up, it's not in His will,
    a year or two later, your prayer was fulfilled.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 8:46PM

    The Comming Of The Lord


    The comming of the Lord is oh, so near,
    this is a day unbelievers will fear.

    He said, He's comming like a thief in the night,
    and He will make everything right.

    So do your works, to the glory of God,
    and in that day, you won't run and hide.

    For there will be no hidden place,
    the mountians will move, and you'll leave a trace.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 7:32PM

    Waiting On The Lord


    My Spirit is waiting day, and night,
    on the Lord with delight.

    My flesh continues to leave each day,
    trying to lead my Spirit astray.

    My Spirit, and the Lord are on one acore,
    my Spirit is waiting it is asured.

    Waiting sometimes can be a struggle,
    flesh and Spirit, it's a constent tuggle.

    I'll wait, and wait until the end,
    by waiting I know my Spirit will win.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 3:38PM

    A Simple Prayer


    I love you God.

    Thank you God for loving me.
    I give thanks to you cause you are good,
    your love endures forever.
    I love because you first loved me,
    I love you my God with all my heart, mind,
    body, and soul. God your inside me, and
    you give me strength, God your inside me and
    give me love, God your inside me and you attract
    blessings to yourself, and me.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 2:47PM

    Little Children


    Suffer little children, forbid them not unto me,
    for this is how, I would like you to be.

    They are unknowing, and unaware,
    don't you harm them, don't you dare!

    When they are sad, they have my attention,
    I will deal with in my dimension.

    Show them the way, they should go,
    watch how great they will grow.

    Spare not the rod, the rod of correction,
    this will lead to spiritual perfection.

    So hear my good, hear me clear,
    all of these little ones, are so dear.


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    Wed, Jan 4th - 1:41PM


    Power is a source we all need,
    this source is from God He sends in a seed.

    The seed is placed in the inner man,
    it was placed before the world began.

    This power enables to speak for the Lord,
    We are connected to a power cord.

    This power helps us to withstand Satan,
    this is the power, he's be haten.

    There is so much this power can do,
    if this power is flowing through.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 12:09PM

    Foolish Woman


    Every wise woman builds her own house,
    but the foolish allows, destruction caused by spouse.

    She needs to cry, Father! give me the strength,
    and give me some room, of focal length.

    She is a woman, a woman to adore,
    this is a woman, not of hard core.

    Her spouse is destructive, tare all that she build,
    this foolish woman is truly unskilled.

    Skills come from the Father, the Father alone,
    she'll go through this, till she has grown.

    There will come a day, when she has grown,
    and happy that she's all alone.

    This is only when, the destruction has end,
    the Father will start the work to mend.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 11:52AM

    God's Love


    I am your God, your Lord, and Master,
    without my love it would be a disaster.

    My love for you is oh, so great,
    this is a love I could not create.

    The knowledge of my love, is deep within,
    it only show, when true repentance begin.

    There is no love compare to mine,
    for the love I have is not of this time.

    The love of this time, your able to see,
    the love of my time, it's all of me.

    you feel my love, when you cry.


    Comment (1)

    Wed, Jan 4th - 11:17AM

    Topic: Winning Souls


    There is no trouble too great,
    no humiliation too deep,
    no suffering too severe,
    no love too strong,
    no labor too hard,
    no expense too large,
    but it is worth it, if it is spent
    in the effort to win a soul.

    God loves the Soul more than all creation.
    He fashioned it after His own image, and made
    it like Himself. Every Soul has departed from God,
    and gone astray, and God has bought every Soul back
    again with a price. That price was in, and through, and
    by Jesus Christ. God said, he that winneth Souls is wise.
           (Proverbs 11:30)

    Comment (1)

    Wed, Jan 4th - 11:00AM

    Where Are My People?


    As I search to, and fro,
    where are my people? I do not know.

    Come Out! Come Out! This I command,
    Come Out! Come Out! Take over the land.

      I gave you instructions for you to follow,
     why is the land, oh so hollow?

    The time is short, it will be quick,
    must I chastise with my swordstick.

    I gave you POWER to do my will,
    why is the land oh, so still?

    Those whom are working, you'll have you reward,
    I'm pleased you chose me, as your Lord.

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    Wed, Jan 4th - 10:43AM

    Bread Of Life

    myspaceJesus said, I'm the Bread Of Life,
    this caused confusion, and even some strife.

    He said, come to me, you'll never thirst,
    He wants us even, at our worst.

    All that the Father giveth to Him,
    he will be Lord, and Master over them.

    So come and eat of the Bread Of Life,
    this will stop confusion, and even some strife.


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    Wed, Jan 4th - 9:56AM

    Spiritual Food


    God gave me a job, and a job indeed,
    to teach you about your spiritual need.

    Your Spirit need food as well as you,
    this is what you must do.

    Open God's word, and start to read,
    then your Spirit will begin to feed.

    The word of God is all it can eat,
    do yourself a favor, give it a treat.

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    Tue, Jan 3rd - 9:21PM

    From The Womb To The Tomb


    Jesus jouryed from the womb,
    to the cross, to the tomb.

    What a mighty joury this was,
    but He had a probable cause.

    He had the evidence to warrent Satan's arrest,
    and to take everything, he posessed.

    He stripped him from all his powers,
    and did it in fourty eight hours.

    Now that Satan has only tricks,
    we must be careful, not to intermix.

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    Tue, Jan 3rd - 8:50PM



    We all know how addictions begin,
    this addiction comes, from within.

    When your addicted nothing else matter,
    all your friends begin to scatter.

    That's how it is when your addicted to Christ,
    this addiction comes, with a great price.

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    Tue, Jan 3rd - 8:07PM

    Christ and His Bride

    Do you as a believer know who you are?
    In Christ eyes, your His shinning star.

    He placed His love so deep within,
    He looks at us, and don't see sin.

    He's coming back, one day for His bride,
    in that day, don't run and hide.

    He see us now, through His blood,
    to Him we're like a flower bud.

    Our sins are covered, why do you fear?
    We won't be perfected until He appear.

    We did not choose Christ, He choose His bride,
    He wants His bride to walk with pride.



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    Tue, Jan 3rd - 3:32PM

    Different Contrast


      As I study God's holy book,
    I had to take a second look.
    The things I've studied in the past,
    is now the extent of a different contrast.
    I asked the Holy Spirit, what could this be,
    what is it, He wanted me to see.
    The things I saw in God's holy book,
    I couldn't stop reading I was Hooked.
    So the next time you study, beware,
    ask for a different contrast, in your prayer.

    Comment (1)

    Tue, Jan 3rd - 3:09PM

    Crying Worrier


     Some of us have a crying worrirer inside,
    because of our pride, we try to hide.
    When we sleep our Spirit soar,
    seeking things that faith will cure.
    Our Spirit search, things to intercede for,
    the things in life we seem to ingnore.
    A crying worrier, cry in their sleep,
    this is a cry, not a weep.
    A cry that comes from the pit of your gut,
    a cry I know will spiritually cut.
    This gift of crying, comes from the Lord,
    this is a gift, only He can award.

    Comment (1)

    Tue, Jan 3rd - 1:48PM

    The Resurrection Of Christ


     Behold an earthquake, oh so great,
    it had to be done, it could not wait.
    An angel desend, and roll back the stone,
    this had to be done, for Him to atone.
    He appeared in His glorly with a heavenly glow,
    " was this our Jesus" we wanted to know.
    Jesus then spoke, said be not dismayed,
    I said I'll would be back, be not afraid.
    We all fell down, and worshiped our Lord,
    and all worshiped on one acord.
    He came out of the tomb with all power in hand,
    and gave to us, to use in the land.

    Comment (1)

    Tue, Jan 3rd - 12:37PM

    A Mother's Prayer

    Father, Father, hear my prayer,
    let not these words get lost in the air.

    I thank you for what you have done,
    you've saved them all, one, by one.

    You said be patient, you said be still,
    you would save them it's in your will.

    You are a God, a God of your word,
    things that you do, is a time you prefer.

    Now their saved, and you've placed your Spirit,
    their protected, if Satan goes near it.

    So I thank you Father, I thank you once more,
    for now they have an open door.

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