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    The Lord's Treasure
          Sharing the love of the Lord with others!
          Through poetry,mini-devotionals,prayers,photography,recipes,ramblings of my thoughts on God.

    Sun, Jan 18th - 12:42AM

    Butterflower animation

    I'm thinking Spring... we've had such chilling temperatures lately... a little bit of snow fell this evening.. only enough to lightly cover the streets. 

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    Sun, Jan 18th - 12:33AM


    I'm always trying my hand at animation... but the inspiration for this came from hearing firecrackers go off in our neighborhood one afternoon...it kinda drove me crazy.    This animation says how frustrated I was.   2006 by mary

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    Sun, Jan 18th - 12:13AM

    New Life

    Looks can be deceiving

    On the outside, people see us getting older and frailer.   But looks are deceiving.   As Christians, we constantly build our belief, if we walk consistently with God.   We're growing deeper in faith, being spiritually renewed everyday.   God's glory lies ahead of us, as on earth we learn to appreciate His love and compassion.  Undaunted, we look ahead to eternity and a new body, made perfect by our Savior.

    Therefore we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.   2 Cor. 4:16

    From Spiritual Refreshment for Women; Everyday Encouragement, published by Barbour Publishing, Inc.  used by permission.

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    Sat, Jan 17th - 11:50PM

       This was made to be a drawing page for the kids at school.. to draw only outlines...so the kids could color it in...but it was not to be. :O)    I enjoy making coloring pages. 

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    Sat, Jan 17th - 11:36PM

    Candle Business

      Tender Heart Treasures is the name of my candle business.   I started my business in July of '08.  Actually it started like a hobby first.. then it grew from there.   I recently did a fund raiser at our church..and it went really well.    What I really like about Soy is the fact that I can burn them without having it cause problems with my asthma.   Soy burns cleanly.  Doesn't put out that black soot, like you'd find in petroleum based candles.    The sizes I pour are: 16oz. and 8oz. jars.. tart packs; tealights; smelly jellies and hand sewn sachets... all my fragrances used are 100% fragrance oils.    The smelly jellies are really nice for offices as you don't burn these.  Just set them out.  

    Just wanted to share about my business...  I've seen how the Lord works in this...and in every area of my life.  :)  mary

    God Bless!

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    Sat, Jan 17th - 10:39PM

       photo by Mary

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    Sat, Jan 17th - 10:33PM


    Photo taken with my Black Jack II

    Sunset out of car window

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 9:41PM

    just some rambles

    Sometimes it is easy to doubt God working in our lives.... When we don't see instant results to our prayers.  But that is the time to keep trusting and keeping our faith!!  Keep our eyes steady on the LORD!   He will not fail us!

    So if you are going through difficult times,  keep trusting have faith in Jesus!  And wait on HIS promises!

    I've been praying about something...a healing to take place.   And I start to focus on the part that I don't see being healed...then the doubt comes... then I remind myself to Trust in the one doing the healing...Jesus!     So, be encouraged dear brothers and sisters in Christ.     Look upon the Lord for all your needs...then give him your praise!


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    Thu, Jan 15th - 9:21PM

    Follow the Lord

    Follow the Lord at all times!   Don't give in to false teachers.  Follow the Lord!  Follow the Lord.   He is worthy to be praised - He is worthy to be praised.

    A message given to me in prayer...   ~mary~

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 9:13PM

    Designer Line

    Prayer is always in style.

    It is tailored for specific requests and is of breathable material conforming to small desires, medium concerns, large cares, and extra large agonies.

    Its elastic stretches around the widest doubt;

    its colors blend with whatever and anything.  Fitting for all occasions for all the saints,

    prayer's threads of perseverance are tightly woven and interfaced with praise.  Those who wear it inside and outside the closet wear it well,  confident that the pull of distress cannot tear apart what God has designed and sewn in the heart.

    by Sherri Langton

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 9:03PM

    Shine On

    The Lord will give me songs to sing, often during my prayer time.    So here is a song he gave me...probably 12 years ago.

    Shine On

    Shine on, your love-

    Shine on!   Bring in peace,  bring in love, bring in joy,   praises above.

    Shine on Glory,  glory-- to our Father above! 

    Mary :)

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 8:55PM

    Encouraging Word

    Bring all your needs to God.  Don't be fooled in thinking that you're not worthy, only satan would have you to believe this!  The enemy sneaks around, looking for anyone to latch onto.   Don't be fooled!    Give all your cares to Jesus.   He is the Light!   

    Let Jesus fill you with His Holy Spirit!  Jesus is always with you,  Call upon His Name-Call upon His Name!

    The world would have you think that GOD is too big, dull, and overburdened with world problems.   This is a lie of satan.   The enemy would have you think and dwell on this.

    Take hold of GOD's Promises!    Wait on JESUS!   Be encouraged!

    This message was laid upon my heart while in prayer.   1997   ~mary~

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 2:25PM


       Here's an image of a hummingbird I made, then animated the colors.    I must be thinking Spring!

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 2:12PM

    about 5 mins....

    ...thats about all the time I have left before going back to work...  its so very cold here... we just haven't seen that much snow so far... but I'm okay with that..just as long we don't get the icy stuff!   Well...please do make yourselves at home.. the name of this blog reflects what you might find in a treasure box...filled with all kinds of goodies....thoughts, recipes, devotions, and some of my own ramblings...in a Christian centered theme.

    see you all later.... :) mary

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    Thu, Jan 15th - 1:18PM

    Welcome to my Blog!

    Welcome to my blog here on ChristianUnite!   This is a banner I made a few years back.     I'm not totally familiar with this kind of blog program...so if this banner doesn't stay up top.... I'm not sure what to do... I'll figure this out one day I'm sure.   Anyway...have a super day...and thanks for stopping in.  :O) Mary

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