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    Clark Thompson's Blog study
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    Fri, Jan 29th - 7:50AM

    Mark 4:24; Job 6:29-30

    Mark 4:24 King James Version (KJV) 
    24 And he said unto them, Take heed what ye hear: with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you: and unto you that hear shall more be given.

    Mark 4:24 Contemporary English Version (CEV) 

     24 Listen carefully to what you hear! The way you treat others will be the way you will be treated—and even worse. 

    Contemporary English Version (CEV) Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society 

    These are my thoughts. 
    We should only treat as we want them to treat us but treat them as the Lord treats us, with love.


    Job 6:29-30 King James Version (KJV)

    29 Return, I pray you, let it not be iniquity; yea, return again, my righteousness is in it.

    30 Is there iniquity in my tongue? cannot my taste discern perverse things?


    Job 6:29-30 Good News Translation (GNT)


    29 You have gone far enough. Stop being unjust.
     Don't condemn me. I'm in the right.
    30 But you think I am lying—
     you think I can't tell right from wrong.


    Good News Translation (GNT) Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts, please share yours.


    29 Job was repeating what they were telling him. They wanted him to have the right life for the Lord but they did not check to see his sin they were just blaming him, Job was not perfect even though he may have thought he was. Sometimes you have to convince people that they sin so they can see their need for Jesus but you are never to just break them down as Job’s friends were for him, Job followed God and he would have not needed to be told of his sins, we as Christians often times don’t need to be told our sins but the Spirit tells us. Job was walking with the Lord this made him right, and thru Christ and our walk with Him we are made right.


    30 They did not believe Job because bad things had happened to him but this idea is not biblical so of the most successful people are that way because they mistreated others, our rewards are not in this life but in the one in His glory. Job followed the Lord so he knew right from wrong if he did not the Lord would put conviction on him.

    Keep our eyes on Jesus. 

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    Wed, Jan 20th - 7:49AM

    Mark 4:23; Job 6:27-28


    Mark 4:23 King James Version (KJV)

    23 If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.


    Mark 4:23 Contemporary English Version (CEV)


    23 If you have ears, pay attention!


    Contemporary English Version (CEV) Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts.

    We are to listen to God’s word and just not hear it. 

    Job 6:27-28 King James Version (KJV)

    27 Yea, ye overwhelm the fatherless, and ye dig a pit for your friend.

    28 Now therefore be content, look upon me; for it is evident unto you if I lie.


    Job 6:27-28Good News Translation (GNT)


    27 You would even roll dice for orphan slaves
     and make yourselves rich off your closest friends!
    28 Look me in the face. I won't lie.


    Good News Translation (GNT) Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts, please share yours.


    27 He is referring to them making profit off of others pain and misfortune. Roll dice refers to gambling. These men Job was talking to were His closest friends.


    28 Job was being truthful the entire time; they chose not to believe Him because of the state He was now in.

    Keep our eyes on Jesus. 

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    Thu, Jan 14th - 7:30PM

    Mark 4:22; Job 6:24-26


    Mark 4:22 King James Version (KJV)

    22 For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad.

    Mark 4:22 Contemporary English Version (CEV)

    22 There is nothing hidden that will not be made public. There is no secret that will not be well known.

    Contemporary English Versio(CEV)Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts.

    The things we think we have hidden can not be hidden from the Lord. 

    Job 6:24-26 King James Version (KJV)

    24 Teach me, and I will hold my tongue: and cause me to understand wherein I have erred.

    25 How forcible are right words! but what doth your arguing reprove?

    26 Do ye imagine to reprove words, and the speeches of one that is desperate, which are as wind?

    Job 6:24-26Good News Translation (GNT)


    24 All right, teach me; tell me my faults.
     I will be quiet and listen to you.
    25 Honest words are convincing,
     but you are talking nonsense.
    26 You think I am talking nothing but wind;
     then why do you answer my words of despair?


    Good News Translation (GNT)Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts, please share yours.


    24 Job was beginning to be upset with his friends. Job was telling them if I sinned then tells me, Job being a godly man would have repented if they told him something he was doing wrong. It was doing Job no could for them simply to tell him how bad he is.


    25 Those of the world never truly make sense when it comes to the matters of God and this is what his friends were doing. We are best not to listen to advice from those of the world but rather go to the word and Christian friends but no matter what trust in the Lord.


    26 They are just blowing hot air. Them beating Job down was not what he needed, he needed encouragement and love in a time he was feeling any, we as Christians are to teach what is wrong but let God knock people down we are to point them always to Him.

    Keep our eyes on Jesus. 

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    Thu, Jan 7th - 7:41AM

    Mark 4:21; Job 6:21-23


    Mark 4:21 King James Version (KJV)

    21 And he said unto them, Is a candle brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed? and not to be set on a candlestick?


    Mark 4:21 Contemporary English Version (CEV)



    21 Jesus also said: You don’t light a lamp and put it under a clay pot or under a bed. Don’t you put a lamp on a lampstand?


    Contemporary English Version(CEV) Copyright © 1995 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts.

    We are to let His light shine thru us. 

    Job 6:21-23 King James Version (KJV)

    21 For now ye are nothing; ye see my casting down, and are afraid.

    22 Did I say, Bring unto me? or, Give a reward for me of your substance?

    23 Or, Deliver me from the enemy's hand? or, Redeem me from the hand of the mighty?


    Job 6:21-23 Good News Translation (GNT)

    21 You are like those streams to me,
     you see my fate and draw back in fear.
    22 Have I asked you to give me a gift

     or to bribe someone on my behalf
    23  or to save me from some enemy or tyrant?


    Good News Translation (GNT) Copyright © 1992 by American Bible Society


    These are my thoughts, please share yours.


    21 Job is most likely referring back to the three friends gathered around him telling him how much sin he had to have this happen to him. The words were like empty streams when he was thirsty they were useless he needed better advice and encouragement not to be told how bad he had been. People who are down if even their sin brought them there needed not to be beaten down more but shown love. Job knew he was in a bad spot he did not need them to tell him.


    22 Job had not asked them for anything. You think as his friends they would be helping him figure out what to do now to continue his life, they would help him pick up the few pieces that remain and help him go on but they did not ever offer this but just complained to him. It is easy to beat someone down when things are not there way but love is helping them get to somewhere better.


    23 Job knew in the back of his mind this was a result of the enemy but the problem with Job was he was making God into his enemy rather than trusting Him thru it. We should know who are enemy is and trust God because He can allow us to overcome. 

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