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    GOD'S WORD IS TRUTH (Rev. Joseph E. Mahabir)
          The Glorious Appearing is a book on prophecy that points out unscriptural teaching of many authors and Bible teachers on the Second Coming of Jesus, the resurrection, the Rapture, the Tribulation (Daniel's prophecy, chapter 9), the Day of Judgment, the Day of the Lord, Israel and the Church, "the chosen people", the Sabbath, Ezekiel's temple, the lights of Isaiah (chapter 30), the Millennium, the end of this present heaven and earth and the commencement of eternity.


    Mon, Jul 30th - 10:29PM



    With all the confusion within Christianity relative to the rapture and the millennium it is refreshing to see an evangelical pastor who pointedly states:  We accept the theory that is consistent with the Word of God.  I emphasize the word consistent. Too many theories have been advanced which are based on selected passages from Scripture.This is poor hermeneutics. The Rev. Mahabir sifts concisely through the many teachings and on the basis of the entire word of God refutes the incorrect ones (much as the biblical scholars of the Reformation era). He pointedly comes down on the eschatological truths of Scripture which the vast majority of Christendom espoused until the 19th century.    

    This little book is substantive in urging those caught up in the Left Behind series, premillennialism, postmillennialism and dispensationalism to evaluate their position.

    While my Lutheran understanding of Scripture would lead to some disagreements on a few comments, the principal focus of the book which leads to affirming the historic and biblical view of amillennialism is irrevocably proved. It's a good book to have in your library.


     Reverend James E. Shaw, Georgetown, Texas



     No better introduction to the modern study of the teaching of Jesus about the future could be imagined within so small a compass. Joseph Mahabir gives us the main conclusions of Scripture about the critical and historical problems of New Testament eschatology. He concludes that the Rapture and the Second Coming of our Lord are a single event. Many critics today reject the inspiration of Scripture and therefore distort Scripture and cause disunity within the majority of the Church


    Mahabir seems to me to be saying two vital things. First, the consummation is always at hand, for the relation of time to eternity is one of continuous immediacy. Second, the vision of the Son of Man in his glory symbolizes the triumph of Christ and his saints; the utter defeat of evil, the wiping away of all tears of the redeemed, and life – full and eternal in the final and perfected Kingdom of God. 

    Rev. Dr. John A. Robertson (D.D.),

    Mount Olive Ministries, Toronto




    There is so much debate and confusion among believers concerning the Rapture and the Millennium. This is exacerbated whenever people try to explain every new event in the Middle East or the European Economic Community in the light of the  soon return  of Christ. So much so that some believers have decided that to have no opinion on these events is safe. Here is a thought-provoking book that gives a scriptural view minus the confusion and it is certain to cause some searching and discussion of the Scriptures. Great job!

    Rev. Lennox S. John, Faith Alive Christian Centre, Toronto




    Rev. Mahabir's book goes the distance in clearing up an issue that has befuddled many adherents of Christianity and theologians as well. Rev. Mahabir's acute insight into exegesis helped settle the confusion over this subject due to the many previous books that have been published on it in the past few years. This book is written not from personal opinion, but completely from the doctrine laid out in the Bible. I highly recommend this book to all Christians; so they may become aware of what is truly to come in the "End Times".


    Rev. Philip Badolato, Manchester, Maryland



    Many authors, denominations and Bible Colleges teach a millennial kingdom following the judgment at the Second Coming in which people will have children and carry out the routines of life in which we are engaged at the present time.


    If all believers, dead and living, put on immortality at the appearing of Jesus, at the last day, at the last trumpet, at the end of the age (John 6: 39 – 40; 1 Cor. 15: 50-54; Luke 20: 34 – 36; Phil. 3: 20 – 21; 1 Thess. 4: 16 - 17) and all unbelievers are punished with everlasting destruction (2 Thess. 1: 6-10), from where will people come in natural (physical) bodies to go into a millennium and have children?



    Some teach that after the Day of Judgment the earth will be desolate for a thousand years. But the Scripture teaches that this present heaven and earth will be burned up on the Day of Judgment and God will create a new heaven and a new earth (2 Peter 3: 7-13).       


    The doctrine of a millennium after the judgment at the Second Coming is not supported by Scripture.



    Please listen to my videos. They are very short and to the point. They will be a blessing to you.        










     The book (The Glorious Appearing)  (ISBN - 155306805X) will be a blessing to you.  (Please note: All royalty from the book will be used for the support of missionaries). 


    The book is available from the following Websites. If you wish to get a copy, please click on the website in your area and enter the title - The Glorious Appearing  When you get the list, please scroll for the Title and author. Click on . 



    IN THE U.S.A:




    IN THE U.K. : www.amazon.co.uk


    IN FRANCE: www.amazon.fr


    IN GERMANY: www.amazon.de


    IN JAPAN: www.amazon.co.jp


    IN THE NETHERLANDS: www.abc.nl


    IN AUSTRALIA: www.boomerangbooks.com










    IN SOUTH AFRICA: www.kalahari.net


    IN KOREA: www.tmecca.com 





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