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    Latifa's Poetry
          Prayer Changes Things

    Sat, Mar 25th - 2:06PM

    Foolish Woman

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    Every wise woman builds her own house,
    but the foolish allow destruction by spouse.
    She need to cry, Father give me the srength,
    and give me some room of focal length.
    She is a women, a women to adore,
    this is a women not of hard core.
    Her spouse is destructive, tare all that she build,
    this foolish women is truly unskilled.
    Skills come from the Father, the Father alone,
    she'll go through this till she has grown.
    There will come a day, when she has grown,
    and happy that she's all alone.
    When that day comes, and the destruction has end,
    the Father will start the work to mend.

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    Sat, Mar 18th - 5:09PM

    The Cross


    The Cross

    For those who don't know, and those unsure,
    let me teach the cross once more.
    This is what I'll present,
    what the cross represent.
    The (C) stands for Christ and Calary,
    it's easy for the eyes to see.
    The (r) is for He rose, and this He did do,
    for some of you think, this is not true.
    (o) is for on, He was stuck in the middle,
    this made Him feel, very little.
    (s) is for Sunday, the day that He rose,
    this is a day everyone knows.
    We come to the last letter, which is another (s),
    this letter means sabbath, it's time to rest.
    Now that we've got this perfectly clear,
    the most important message, SALVATION's here.

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    Mon, Mar 13th - 1:04PM

    Around God's Throne

    saint st patrick's day 2006

    Around God's Throne

    As I sat around God's throne,
    I was happy and amaze I wasn't alone.
    Around His throne sat elders in white,
    the glory unpon them, oh, so bright.
    Out of the throne came a thundering voice,
     everything around, began to rejoice.
    We sang, Holy! Holy! all power on high,
    when we were done, we waited a reply.
    The reply was quick, the reply was sharp,
    His wonderful voice sounds like a harp.
    We all fell down, and worshiped once more,
    for now we know, what God adore.

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    Thu, Mar 9th - 11:24AM


    st patrick's day images


    Sanctification is what will go through,
    this is what makes our Spirit anew.
    Let's look at these letters, and see what we find,
    is there something we can unwind.

    (S) We become "saints" a Godly person,
    now our condition in a sum won't worsen.

    (a) We become the "anoined" body of christ,
    with a high value, that's worth the price.

    (n) Our "name" change, now we're adopted,
    this changed happened, when He co-opted.

    (C) In comes the "comforter" the Holy Spirit,
    with all of the gifts that we have inherit.

    (t) We become "teachers" of the word,
    something unbelievers never heard.

    (i) We're "inspired" which leaves no doubt,
    we can now tell, what it's all about.

    (f) Our "faith" in Christ, we rest on His authory,
    this becomes our main priority.

    (i) "Intrecessors" of others, pleading in their behalf,
    we now become, cheif of staff.

    (c) We become "counsellors" given sound advice,
    with facts that are true, perfect and precise.

    (a) We become "apostles" perfectly selected,
    and with the intimacy, we are protected.

    (t) Lovers of "truth" in every way,
    we must stay focussed or we will stray.

    (i) "I AM, THAT I AM" that's who He is,
    being sanctified and free, make you His.

    (o) We're "over coming" things of the past,
    and not holding on, to things that won't last.

    (n) Now we're a "new" creature, santified and free,
    we must make flesh, come to agree.

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    Mon, Mar 6th - 10:54AM




    Father, send your Holy Spirit into our hearts,
    to direct and rule us according to your will,
    to comfort us in all our afflictions, to defend
    us from all error, and to lead us into all truth
    through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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    Sat, Mar 4th - 11:34AM

    Armor Of God


    Armor Of God           

       We're putting on the whole armor of God.
    We wrestle not against flesh and blood,
    but the powers of wickedness that comes like a flood.
    We're standing with our loins girt with truth,
    and breastplate of righteousness, with powers that dilute.
    Our feet shod with the gospel of peace,
    hoping and praying this warfare will cease.
    We're taking now the helmet of salvation,
    knowing that, we have revalation.
    Last of all, but not the least,
    the sword of the Spirit, that gives us peace.
    The sword of the Spirit, which is the word,
    is for those, whom have just heard.

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    Thu, Mar 2nd - 1:48PM

    The Ten Commendments


    The Ten Commendments 

    God gave us some commands that we must know,
    in order for us to spiritually grow.
    He wrote them down, one by one,
    and showed us how, through His Son.
    When living these commands, be aware,
    these are God's commands so live them in fear.

    1. Have no other God before me,
    for I am a jealious God, you see.
    2. Thou shalt not have any idols,
    for this will lead to spiritual suicidal.
    3. Take not God's name in vain,
    for to do so, what would you gain.
    4. Remember the sabbath, and keep it Holy,
    for this is a day, to take slowly.
    5. Honor thy father, and thy mother,
    love them both one to another.
    6-7. Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal,
    for if you do. God will reveal.
    8. Thou shalt not have extramarital sex,
    for if you do your soul becomes vexed.
    9. Thou shalt not bare false testimony,
    by telling things untrue, and being a fony.
    10. Thou shalt not want what others possess,
    for this will lead you to transgress.

    So live these commands and be asure,
    that God won't let, danger to lure.

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