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    Brother Bob's Blog
          My blog will contain poetry God has inspired me to write plus some personal reflections!

    Tue, May 29th - 12:09PM


    When you leave this world of sorrow,

    And cross old Jordan’s swelling tide,

    There will be a grand reunion,

    Over on the other side!

    There you’ll meet with friends,

    And loved ones,

    Who you’ve wanted so much to see!

    If I’m missing at that gathering,

    Look for me.

    You have been a source of comfort,

    As we journeyed here below.

    When I needed a word of kindness,

    I knew just where to go.

    But, now that I am old and feeble,

    Soon Christ will set my Spirit free,

    Then, I’ll be waiting by the river,

    Look for me!

    Look for me by the river of life,

    In a land where there’s no heartache,

    Pain, and strife.

    I’ll be kneeling in God’s presence,

    That’s where I’ve always longed to be!

    So, in that land of no more parting,

    Oh my friend, please look for me.

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

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    Thu, May 24th - 3:24PM


    Folks are turning back on the left and right,

    Because they don’t believe Holy livin’ is worth the fight.

    But, as for “Yours Truly,”

    I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.

    I’ll stay on the path that’s tried and true!

    You see, our forefathers preached, and prayed, and sang,

    Though they were called “Holy Rollers,”

    And “The Old Tongue Gang.”

    But, when they gathered together,

    The Holy Ghost would fall,

    And that silly name calling,

    Just didn’t matter at all!

    They worked in the fields from mornin’ ‘til night.

    Then asked God to bless their food by kerosene light.

    And they wouldn’t even think of “calling it a day,”

    Before they had read God’s word and knelt to pray.

    They often fasted, sometimes for a week.

    Their hearts were pure.

    So the Holy Ghost would speak!

    He would tell of Christ’s returning,

    How the hour was late,

    And that they must keep their lamps burning,

    And not hesitate,

    To go out into the world,

    No matter the cost, and spread the gospel,

    To those who were lost.

    Friend, they labored for years,

    With blood, sweat, and tears,

    So that a Holiness heritage they could leave us.

    Then, one by one they welcomed death,

    And with their very last breath,

    They whispered the name of Jesus!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

    Comment (1)

    Tue, May 22nd - 11:14AM

    Remembering Brother Cook

    I am thinking tonight,
    Of some dear friends I've known,
    And the wonderful light,
    On my pathway they've shown!

    The first one to come to mind,
    Is dear Brother Cook!
    He was so good and kind,
    For he lived by "The Book!"

    He would occasionally drop by,
    The little church where we went,
    And we could not deny,
    That he was God sent!

    A message he would bring,
    Delivered with love!
    It sure had the "true ring!"
    It was from God up above!

    Our souls were always stirred,
    By the things he wuld say!
    When he prophesied God's word,
    'Twas a glad happy day!

    Oh, sweet memories so dear,
    Of those precious days of yore,
    I like to keep near,
    And rehearse them o'er and o'er!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

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    Thu, May 17th - 12:36PM


    The portion of father’s goods,

    That fell to me,

    I took from his hand,

    As my heart fluttered with glee!

    I barely said,

    A swift goodbye,

    As I left his presence,

    With my head held high.

    I had obeyed his commands,

    For much too long.

    Now all I had on my mind,

    Was wine, women, and song!

    When I had bidden farewell,

    To my mother earlier in the day,

    Her face showed much pain,

    And she had little to say.

    But, she held me close to her,

    As her eyes filled with tears.

    That tender scene, my Friend,

    Will haunt me for years.

    Well, as long as I had money,

    I was never without a friend.

    But, once I’d wasted it all,

    Our friendship came to an end.

    Now I’m feeding hogs,

    And it’s a disgraceful chore.

    I sure don’t remember,

    Ever being this hungry before.

    Even the husks from the corn,

    Look appealing to me.

    A way out of this mess,

    I certainly can’t see.

    The stench from the hog pen,

    Is making me feel sick.

    One thing for sure,

    I must do something quick.

    I wasn’t meant to be a hog farmer,

    This I surely know.

    So, with my last bit of strength,

    To my father I will go.

    “Father, I have sinned,”

    To him I will say,

    “I’ll do all I can,”

    “My debt to repay.”

    “I’ve put my foolish pride,”

    “Up on a shelf.”

    “For back there in that hog pen,”

    “I finally came to myself.”

    I’ll say, “Let me be your servant.”

    “I’m not worthy to be your son.”

    “I want to make amends,”

    “For the terrible things I’ve done.”

    Ah, but my father is hugging and kissing me.

    It is such a touching sight,

    As he readily assures me,

    That everything is all right!

    Now I’m rejoicing!

    I’m back where I belong!

    I’ve peace in my soul,

    And in my heart is a song!

    As I see the welcoming smile,

    On my father’s face,

    I have finally learned,

    The meaning of grace!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

    Comment (1)

    Fri, May 11th - 2:08PM


    I thank God for the influence my precious mother has had
    on my life.
    She gave her heart to God when I was just a small boy many years ago.
    I never saw her smoke a cigarette or heard her swear.
    Life wasn’t easy being a tenant farmer’s wife.
    But, she relied on God!
    When her children were sick she would ask God to heal them
    . We didn’t have the finer things in life.
    However, there was never a question in my mind that my mother loved me.
    Since we live many miles apart,
    I don’t get to see her very often.
    However, my love for her has never diminished.

    The blessed truth,

    I learned in my youth,

    Sustains me yet today!

    For I was taught,

    I must be blood-bought,

    And walk the Straight and Narrow Way!

    My precious mother,

    More than any other,

    Was a positive influence on me.

    In a world of sin and strife,

    Her Godly life,

    Was plain for all to see!

    She was always there,

    With intercessory prayer,

    When she knew I was in need!

    When my faith grew weak,

    The Holy Ghost would speak,

    With a message I must heed!

    Many years have gone by,

    But I still rely,

    On the prayers she prays for me!

    Her desire still today,

    Is that in every way,

    I’ll be the man God wants me to be!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

    Comment (2)

    Fri, May 4th - 9:19AM


    I can't see the burdens you carry,

    As I greet you every day.

    I haven't seen the tears you cried,

    Along life's rugged way.

    I don't know how many nights,

    You have felt alone and blue,

    When you longed within your heart,

    For someone to comfort you.

    But, I too have had some heartaches.

    Yes, of trouble I've had my share.

    And I've experienced lonely moments,

    When noone seemed to care.

    But, since I've met the Master,

    When things get sad and grim,

    I just whisper His precious name,

    As I share my thoughts with Him!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

    Comment (1)

    Wed, May 2nd - 12:15PM


    The lovely daffodill
    Usually will,
    Be blooming when Easter draws near!
    The arrival of Spring,
    Makes my heart want to sing,
    Thank God for this time of year!
    The fragrance of a rose,
    Is pleasant to one's nose.
    Its beauty is especially rare!
    Quite often a bouquet,
    Is sent to say,
    I miss you and I still care!
    Carnations in pink, red, and white,
    Are a beautiful sight!
    I've even enjoyed them in yellow, green, and blue!
    They sure brighten your day,
    When you've had a hospital stay,
    And there isn't much you can do!
    Now I've often heard,
    A picture is worth a thousand words.
    But, Friend please take note.
    When there's a message to convey,
    In a special way,
    Flowers get my vote!

    Robert F. Dotson© 2007

    Comment (1)

    Tue, May 1st - 11:38AM


    Lord, I’m not asking,

    For wealth, honor, or fame,

    Or a flashing marquee,

    Displaying my name.

    If I know my own heart,

    My greatest desire,

    Is to have my cup running over,

    With Holy Ghost fire!

    Now, some folks may laugh,

    And call me a fool,

    And say with disdain,

    “He’s from the old school.”

    But, if I can feel Your presence,

    Each time that I pray,

    They will hear me rejoicing,

    As I go on my way!

    Robert F. Dotson © 2007

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    Name: Bob Dotson
    ChristiansUnite ID: brobob1
    Member Since: 2007-04-12
    Location: Moraine, Ohio, United States
    Denomination: Holiness
    About Me: I am a born again Christian who loves God! I also love to write poetry and read! I am 68 years old. I am happily married for 47 years! I have 5 grandchildren!

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