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          General chat about my faith,some poetry i have written.Some thing of me and my life.

    Sat, May 17th - 6:57AM

    Wrath of god.

    The next super power China is suffering a lot at present and my heart goes out to the people may god help them. As if an earthquake is not enough they now have to deal with a burst dam meaning water will probably flood into the area where the people are working hard to try to get people out of the rubble making it double as hard for them.

    . Burma is in a bad way too with a cyclone having destroyed so much and left people with nothing, many having lost there children and familys. 0nce again my heart goes out to these people may god help them. But i feel deeply this is all part of gods plan.

     The far east as been involved in many things that have destroyed gods creation the treatment of animals as been disgusting by some and i am a believer that animals are given to us to see how we deal with them, in other words do we care for them or use and abuse them, and the far east as abused animals. Any one who trys to block the christian church also will suffer the wrath of god.

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    Fri, May 16th - 7:23AM

    0n the edge.

    Pastors have found themselves in a desperate posision over the years,with the decline of people going to church and chapels,and churches becoming more and more empty. Planning a sermon that might take all week to perhaps give out to two people who have drifted into church with no where else to go on sunday morning. 

     Any one who finds themself desperate like this should be careful the devil does not lead them away from christ and take away the kingdom of god in exchange for cheap worldly satisfaction. This plight is the devils work to draw us away from gods promise.

     We want people to love our lord as we do and we some times can go too far in our effort to make others follow him too and we can be flogging a dead horse so to speak and infact moving furthur away from our lord ourselves in the process. Even as a pastor when we feel harf hearted about attending church with our sermon knowing eaither no one will be there or nobody is really listning to us we are falling into the devils hands again for if we are low in spirit and depressed he likes it and he is winning.

    When churches appear on tv what a difference we see sudddenly the church is packed full of people trying to give the impression to there friends that they are church goers. Pastors have had to meet the public harf way almost setting aside there beliefs to encourage people into the church,advertizing themselves in any way they can that appeals to the public,come and join us,encouraging people in and keeping them is different. 

     Going to church and being a true believer,born again, is different. There are people who paddle on the edge but never go into the sea so to speak,they do not want any more than a paddle they see no need for christ in there life,they have every think they need and all there friends and family support them,christ to them is something they only harf believe in and do not feel the need for. 

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    Mon, May 12th - 7:34AM

    The rainforests.

    I am pleased about my yellow roses photograph introducing my blog,those flowers are in my garden, a photograph i took last year, they are such a beautiful  sight in the middle of summer, they are in pride of place.

     I do love my plants and i thank god for the world he created of which is in itself very beautiful. Which brings me to concerns about the destruction of the rainforests,we so need the trees and plants for a healthy existance.

     We need them to purify the air we breath reaching for many thousands of miles,we need the plants for medicines. There is the destruction of animal life, creatures losing there homes, becoming exstinct, our children will never see many of these wonderful creatures god created.

    Many of the forest people are getting a living now from the land themselves but will things ever be the same. Was this not a paradise on earth destroyed and will we pay heavy for it in the long term,is this not a disastor for the human race?. 

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    Mon, May 12th - 7:14AM

    True friends.

    Some people are followed by many for whatever reason they are popular but are all these followers true friends or are some following because its the thing to do and they can not bare to be an outsider,they must be the same as every one else.

     Even jesus had among him people who were harf hearted about him,they called themselves friends or disciples but where were they when he really needed them, when  his fears were at there greatest and he needed them most they slept.

    Thomas doubted him and Judas kissed him before he betrayed him,and the rest of them said they did not know him when they were called upon to face up to what they were. It really shows that little as changed. is it  perhaps better to have one good loyal friend than dozons of followers?

    Matthew 26.

    verse 21.

    verily i say unto you one of you will betray me.

    verse 40.

    could ye not watch with me one hour.

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    Sat, May 10th - 7:25AM



    _flowers.png flowers image by yukilovelight

    Why so much sadness,why so much pain,there really is nothing to gain.

    0ne day your life will be over and whatever you fought others for

    will be gone forever,so whats it all for.

    If they choose to fight you do not be afraid,tell the lord about it,he

    will bring justice and peace,where now is disaster and pain.

    by jg

    Comment (2)

    Thu, May 8th - 11:17AM

    Life of riley.

    Life can be pretty scary at times as time goes on it gets harder to know who we can trust. There are people prepared to do anything in broad daylight, criminals do not wait for dark anymore, many do not even care if they get caught,why should they, jail  is not exactly punishment,when some one says but they lose there freedom,what freedom does a victim of crime have except to suffer pain and loss for the rest of there life.

     We on the out side must pay our way in the world ,a prisoner as four meals a day and no rent to pay, a bed to lie on and all his needs taken care of,these needs many of us honist folk on the out side fight to get dealt with. What freedom is there for an old person dumped in a home and forgot or a child nobody loves. 

    It is not a case of just how many wars will start before the time of the end but how much worse will our morels get,how much less careing for others,how much less will some refushe to do for the sake of mankind without large amounts of money they do not even need.

    So often we hear,its not my job, once we lived in a world where if a job needed doing you did it, now every one complains its not there job so we have dirty hospitals full of dirt and germs getting worse just because nobody wants to do a job. Things being left instead of dealt with.

    We have America worrying about who will win the election colour or genda as though it matters as long as the job is done well wether it be by a woman a man black or white. It is all meaningless and petty,why can people not learn to live and let live and just do what they know is right.

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    Wed, May 7th - 12:56PM

    So sad.

    After a marriage break up and a move to another part of the world things changed i did not go to church any more,my church was too far away. I still believed and god was with me but i felt empty, i missed the children i taught in sunday school,i missed planning each week what i would do for them to make the lessons interesting on the following sunday.

     I even missed the smell of the church,i had loved arranging flowers in the church,planning events,harvest festival,childrens partys, garden partys in summer when we gathered all the books etc. we had read to sell,made jam and cakes,god how i missed it all and i still long for it.

    But i am no longer a part of any church and one can not just walk into any church and say i want to teach your children, i want to belong here. I was at home there they were all my friends. I was almost in love with my little baptist Church that is now boarded up and derelect and every one as gone away some where,its so sad.

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    Tue, May 6th - 12:10PM

    Gods Judgment.

    It will not be just a straight forward walk in to gods kingdom just because we believe in him as some people seem to think,yes all we have to do is believe in him good works alone are not enough-but-.

    As christians we will be judged first and our mistakes call them what you will,even our thoughts will be judged by god and we will be repremanded like children, of which we will become  before god,like a child.

    How ever powerful some one  might be  in this world will count for nothing in gods eyes. Every one is equel in the eyes of god, his servents humble before him, simply human vessels waiting to filled with the love of god.

    It will not be the school headmaster judging us but god himself we stand before. Now is a good time to ask ourselves if we can stand before god knowing we have done the right things as much as possible in our lives,have we lied?,deceived any one?,have we been unfair?, do we owe any one any thing?. We should be able to say no to these questions and any others like them.

     God knows our hearts he cares nothing for what is on the outside he wants us to be as pure as is possible inside, he does not want to know about our achievments in this life only our ability to know and love him. You can not lie to god you would not want to lie to god he knows you maybe better than you know yourself. Do not insult god by thinking you can fool him it would be a terrible mistake.

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    Tue, May 6th - 11:21AM

    faith_enemiespeace.jpg enemiespeace image by 1-n-only-me

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    Mon, May 5th - 7:56AM

    PETER 2.


    verse 8.

    But beloved,be not ignorant of this one thing,that one day is with the lord as a thousand years and a thousand years one day.

    This verse tells us that god will choose his time and nothing we do will change that,we must learn to be patiant. But when he does come it will have been worth waiting for i know, i have glimsed into that paradise, god blessed me with a vision and i long to be there forever i have never known any where so beautiful,there is no evil there,no evil deeds,or evil minds,no hate,only love of the purest kind,pure hearts and minds.

     It is possible for any one to have this vision if they prepare themselves before god but only by purification from god,only by repenting,only by believing and rising up from this life and this world and looking far behond it,only by setting aside that ego. You will feel yourself change and your face will take upon itself a glow that is quite mystical. You will be drained of everything like an empty vessel before god that he will fill with glory. God bless you.

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    Sun, May 4th - 8:30AM

    Gods War.

    Am i afraid of what i have seen yes of course but i know this will manifest itself when god is ready. The war i have seen and described is not a man made war it is gods war against mankind, of which we will all suffer the wrath of god.

    Long before  any one of us see paradise we will experience gods fury and it will be some thing that will shake the earth. Forget things being anything like now because they will not be, not in the slightest,forget god coming first in peace he will not, he will  first come with a fury i do not know how to describe.

    We will have horrendous wars and troubles that are already happening and getting worse, then we will have gods war before any one sees Jesus or paradise forever. God will take back Israel in a devestating way and create a new jerusalem for all to see but no one to enter, at least not until god calls his people.

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    Sat, May 3rd - 7:20AM


    Each day i want to remind myself of another dream i had,i call them dreams but they are too real for dreams and i am always semi conscious.

     The dream i love to remind myself of began when i had been to church and people talked about what jesus had said, there are many mansions where he would prepare a place for those who were to follow him,others said how sure they were there was a place for them,i kept quiet, i suppose i had never thought about it before.

     I asked myself why god would want me, did we not have to be some thing special, and all my life i had never been special,given away by my real mother and rejected by my foster mother. I felt a bit ashamed that i could not really believe god had a place for me and others were so sure.

     That night i had a wonderful dream, i saw a bunch of happy smilling faces black and white beckoning me, i moved in closer and a figure like a bright light told me to come, with that thundering voice. I went forward and as i walked a light shone from the figure drawring me close it was warm and gentle light and i felt free from all the worlds troubles.

     I wrote a poem soon after about this, it was more of an experience than a dream.


    Smilling faces black and white led me to

    the brightest light.

    A figure shone like solid gold and a voice

    like thunder drew me to the fold.

    A warm light fell upon me as a gentle breeze

    blew gods hand was upon me that i knew.

    The peace and joy that awaits me is yours if

     you believe.

     by jg

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    Fri, May 2nd - 7:50AM

    Not as we know.

    What comes from me may not be highly educated words i do not profess to be smart or clever,i am a simple soul giving a true version of what i have seen in a dream that i know came from god ,how do i know, i know because of my experience of knowing god..I also know it can only be a sign of the end,believe it or not is your choice. Hey! not too simple a soul.lol.

    When Christs shadow is upon the earth it will shake and turn everything upside down,people will run for there lives not knowing where they are going to or careing, they will be so afraid for there own skins nothing more, the fear will be like nothing ever known before.. Fear will be with us all because we will have seen nothing like it before but gods chosen ones will be safe. The dead will rise up and gods chosen ones among them will also be safe. The earth will be not the earth we know now and christ will not manifest in the flesh not as we now see him, but we neaither will be as we are now.

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