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    Babs blogs
          Sharing union with other believers.

    Sun, Nov 20th - 12:43AM

    Random thoughts

    For the last few months God has been directing me to study on unity. I love Paul's letters to the different churches. He strongly encourages us to be united. Its part of what drew me to Christians Unite. The website name says it all! We cannot be solitary christians. We need the affirmation and accountability other christians offer us. We were not put on this earth to be alone.

    Find a body that you can learn with. A church, a study group, a prayer group, something, anything that allows you to be with other believers. My personal preference is all the above. After many years of hit and miss attendance at churches, I have learned that no matter what else is going on in my life I have to be part of a body of believers. I take an active role in my church and in my prayer/study group. I have spent most of my life as a passive believer. Not anymore.

    Does anyone else feel this sense of urgency? A sense that we have to be actively doing something with our faith? I have never been an evangelist prefering instead to just sit back and quietly do my own thing. Why? So as not to stand out in a crowd of course! I dont want to be one of those "religious freaks". I want others to like me. This falls in with being politically correct. God doesnt want us to be politically correct! The bible says that if we turn away from God in embarrassment, he will do the same. Shame on us!

    Jesus the Christ, the only son of God died for me. That I might come into the inheritence of His Father when I die. I have struggled with doubts and fears all my life. What if there is nothing else? What if the story of Jesus was just that, a story? What if this Jesus was a "religious freak" not really the Son of God?

    During prayer this week a thought process occured, would a religious fraud actually go to the extreme of dying the way Jesus did? I don't think so! Doubts may come upon me from time to time but if I am to mature in my faith it is time to put aside doubts and just accept. This is what faith is all about, right?

    God loves me, God loves you and He has a home prepared for us with him. Amen?

    Love and peace to you all.


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    Thu, Nov 17th - 1:32AM

    I need help!

    Hey all, I have been trying to find something in the Bible that instructs us on how to fast. I have hit everything the concordance has to offer but havent found anything difinitive. Does anyone know of a good book or website etc. that instructs on how to do this and why?



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    Thu, Nov 17th - 1:22AM

    Back again!

    Do ever feel that you are so far down that you would have to be a contortionist just to look up? The last few weeks have been very rough. In the past when things get this bad, I cut and run. I mean hey I can be this miserable on my own, why throw God into the mix?

    My thinking on whats happening is this, as I said I usually throw in the towel and live the way "I" want. I stop attending church, my prayer life goes down the crapper and I tend to taper off on my study. Not this time! I figure maybe God is waiting to see if I take a powder. Call it a training session in faith. No matter what happens in life, God is in control. I am finding God in the most mundane things everyday. No money? Pray! Lousy day at work? Pray! Kids giving you grief? Pray! Put it all on the Lord's shoulders. Because of this, God has continued to bless us even when things are bad.

    I meet every week with a friend to do study. Our time together is building on the message God has given me on the importance of unity. With our love we are nothing. With out hope we are nothing. God says he will provide our every need. My little family and I may be getting by without a lot, but what we have is sufficient. I think about 3rd world countries, and even our own, and I know that even when times are rough I still have more than many do.

    So anyway, I am just saying that you need to have faith. Stick it out and every thing will turn out ok. Our Father in Heaven will see to it!

    Keep the faith my friends and if I dont get back here before Thanksgiving, remember who provides and be sure to give thanks!

    Bless you all.

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    Wed, Nov 2nd - 2:12AM

    Hang in there Baby!

    1st Corinthians says that God will never burden us with more than we can endure. Take heart when times are tough, God will equipe us to handle the rough seas. 

    I have been listening to the young people I minister with. The angst and anger and worry. I wish that we could empart the wisdom we gain as we get older to these kids. I wish they could understand that turmoil they feel today is fleeting.

    I have had such a sense of urgency where my sons are concerned, such a need to prepare them for what lies ahead. Let's face it, (i remember my parents saying this!) things are harder for todays youth than what I faced at their age. Drugs are more prevelant, we load them up with cars, cell phones, money... but do we prepare them for the responsibility?

    We live in an age of "If it feels good then it must be good." Why are we not teaching a more strict code of living? My sons do not understand why I tell them they can't see certain movies, why they can't play certain games, why they can just go hang out in shopping malls etc. I am the bad guy.

    God has entrusted us, as parents, with a most precious gift. So why are we so concerned with being their friends rather than their parents? Guess what folks? We can be their friends when they are adults!

    Don't get me wrong, as a general rule I treat my boys as if they were adults. Granted, adults with restrictions :) They are young men now and at times we have a relationship that would be more like friendship than parent and child. But they still know that when I say no, I am doing it as a parent. I thank God everyday that he blessed me with two wonderful sons who, generally, are good boys. But that does not mean that my job as a parent is over. I have such a short time left with them that I feel I have to cram all the right morals and beliefs I can down their throats.

    My boys are twins and as different as night and day. One is tender and gentle and the other is a rough and tumble "I can take care of myself" type. The first is always quick to tell me he loves me. The second not so much. A few days ago the second just walked into the livingroom and said "I love you guys." He was just passing thru and felt the need to let his brother and I know he loved us. So for all my worries for my sons, God shows me that so far we are doing ok.

    I guess God has equiped me to endure their teenage years.

    Take heart parents, we can endure!

    God Bless.


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