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    Babs blogs
          Sharing union with other believers.

    Sun, Oct 30th - 12:19AM

    Being United

    Psalms 133

    Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down on the beard, the beard of Aaron, running down on the edge of his garments. It is like the dew of Hermon descending upon the mountains of Zion; for there the Lord commanded the blessing - Life forevermore.

    This scripture makes my heart sing! Unity means to be in union, or to be with other believers. We christians are never so happy and complete as when we are with other christians.

    Allow our Father God and Jesus the Christ to anoint each of you and receive it the way that it is given. Freely and with grace. Seek out other christians, pray with each other and strengthen your faith by sharing with others. Study with each other. This is what it means to dwell together in unity.

    My prayers are with you all. God Bless you. Remember, the best is yet to come.


    Comment (3)

    Fri, Oct 28th - 11:54PM


    Can I talk about myself? Again?? :)  There are so many things going on in our lives right now. I dont keep a written journal, so I will include it in my blog.

    I come from a family that never had a great deal financially. For the most part I didnt notice. I had a mother who did everything she could to see that we had what we needed. Including our faith. I left home at 18 to make my way in the world. I behaved much like the prodigal. I partied and lived the high life and when things came crashing down, I came home. It's been a long time since I returned but it seems like yesterday. I was a 23 year old pregnant child with no husband, no job and no place to live. When I discovered I was pregnant, I had didn't hesitate to call my mom and give her the bad news. I could not call my dad, I was so very ashamed. I was the oldest child, the one he hoped would make something of my life. I asked mom to go into town to tell him. (my folks had been divorced for 12 years) Surprisingly my Dad didnt turn his back on me. He was so incredibly supportive (I still got my hind quarters chewed) I say surprisingly because my Dad was a weekend Dad. He was not a bad father, but he was a product of the 50's. Men were the bread winners not the nurturers.

    About the time that I was 6 months pregnant I found out that I was having twins. Great, no job, living with my mom, and 2 children I hadn't wanted in the first place on the way! As a christian, it never occured to me to have an abortion. I certainly was not going to give them up. I made the mistake, I would take care of the babies. (does that make some of you angry?)

    I went back to work about the time the boys were 2 months old. I moved into a nice little apartment when they were a year old. We lived there 12 years, until I got married. In my earlier blogs I made mention that my marriage didnt last long. So again with no job, no car, no home, the boys and I moved home.

    We have now been in our little old rental house for just over a year. I do mean old. This house was built in 1905. It has never been renovated. It is a cold house :) I am happy, content with the things God blesses us with.

    It is true that when you ask for things, God gives them to you. The boys and I started looking to buy a home of our own. Money is tight and we couldnt afford much. I asked God to provide a nice little home that wouldn't kill us to heat. I wasn't looking for anything fancy or big. My ideal was 4 bedrooms and 2 bath. If you have children you will understand the 2 bath wish!

    I started looking in earnest in August. As of this week the concrete has been poured on our new home. I just wanted a home. God gave us a new home. We decided to study scripture, write them down, and put them in little mason jars to bury under the house so that we are built on scripture.

    Last month (as mentioned earlier) I got involved in our churches puppet ministry with the high school youth group. It is such a blessing to work with these kids. My sons are puppeteets and dont seem to mind that mom had joined up as assistant director.

    My dream for many years has been to go to Africa to minister. My best friend wants the same thing. We decided that when my sons graduated, we were going to go. About a week after I joined the puppet team I found out that we have the opportunity to go to Africa. WOW! Whats up with that?

    Said best friend and I just started doing the 40 days of purpose study. I would really love if God sat at my kitchen table and laid out my exact purpose in life. Wouldn't it be nice to know what your future had coming? Maybe not. :)

    At study this week, I mentioned my desire to own my own christian coffee shop. ( I am a barista) While we were dreaming big, I said it would be cool to buy the local christian book store and incorporate the 2. I work in a book store slash coffee shop now but would love to have my own to control the content of what is sold.

    The next day a woman from my church came in looking for a book. While I was looking she commented that I should by the christian book store. Wow, I told her what Gayle and I had discussed the night before. What a coincidence. I didnt know at the time that the book store was even for sale. She enlightened me to that fact. So again, gee if I had a million dollars....

    1/2 an hour later, I am back behind my counter when I see a person walk in that generally does not shop in our store. Believing that surely that couldnt be who I thought it was, I walked back around the corner and sought out the person I saw come in. Yep, it was her. The owner of our local christian book store! We chatted briefly and she thought the idea of having a coffee shop in the store would be wonderful. She invited me to come and talk to her and her husband after the holidays. Maybe something could be worked out.

    Now I ask you, what was that all about?????? I threw the idea out there and less than 12 hours later I find out the place is for sale. God, what do you want me to do????? I dont have the money to open my own business. I have 2 children to provide for. I can't be without benefits. I just started building a house. I can't quit my job to open a business that may fail! I would be crazy!! Or would I?

    So this is where I am at. God knows my situation. I am not going to claim the business. If someone came and offered my dear friends the money to sell tomorrow, I would want them to do it. As it is, if God wants me in this place, he is going to have to put me there. I am so at peace with this whole thing. Why? Because God has a purpose for my life. Is it to own a business that allows me to worship in the open everyday 7 days a week? I mean can you imagine being able to have your bible open on your counter all the time? Being able to witness with out worrying about being fired? Wow again! I dont know what my purpose is, other than to spend my time on earth giving glory to God. We were made for that. All of us. Amen? Praise God!

    If anyone has a message from the big Guy, please share it with me. I think once I get some of this out of my system my blogs will be shorter :D    And less about me!  Thanks Christian United for giving me a place to throw my thoughts out there.

    May the peace of our Lord be with you all.

    Comment (2)

    Thu, Oct 27th - 10:18PM

    Take Action pt. 2

    Wow, thank you to all who responded to my blogs. I didn't expect anyone to read this!! Praise God!


    We as christians are held to a higher standard, we have a loftier goal ahead and the time we spend on earth is a way to attain that goal. We do this by following God, helping others, sharing our faith, studying the Word, praising God and prayer, always prayer.

    Being a christian is not a passive way of life, it is action, it is movement, it is setting a course. Our way can be hard and there are many obstacles for believers. But to be an "active christian" is a dance, it is a song, it is joy. Regardless of frustrations, of the hurts, of the dark times, it is JOY!

    Action, choices, joy... all of these words are words of movement, of dance, of expression, they are not passive words. The are alive, electric, and chaotic. To feel them, to do them is a confirmation of the love of our Father, of the active joy He takes in his creation and that we take in being followers of Him.

    The actions you take in life can either be positive or negative. Negative actions will possibly destroy the fragile faith of new believers around you. The can cause a stumbling block for seasoned believers and can lead perspective believers to veer away from becoming a christian because they don't want to be like you. Positive actions are a light to others around you; they draw people in and fill them with a desire to have what you have.

    Taking action does not mean you have to go out and evangalize. It doesn't mean you give lots of money to charity. You dont have to volunteer at a soup kitchen or half way house to save the world. You don't have have a quota of non believers to save etc. What it does mean is that in your everyday life, live the way God wants you to live. Actively serve others when you can, pray for others when they can't, be there for friends in need and take time to help a stranger. Hold other christians accountable and be accountable yourself.

    Take a close look at your actions, ask God to show you where your actions are less than he would want for you. Trust me, he will show you! Think about what is said here by me and by the others who speak. In every talk you hear on the weekend, there is something there for you personally. Listen with an open heart and you will find what it is God is communicating to you.

    Are you proud of the actions you take? Do your actions show others who you put first in your life? Are your choices made knowing God sees your every action? Are you at all concerned about your actions? Do you know who else is watching?

    When you leave here, take action!

    In closing I wish you the love of the Father, of your families and friends. I wish you unspeakable joy. I encourage you to pray, to sing, to praise and most of all to dance.

    Thats it guys. I gave this message just over a year ago. At the time I wrote it I had been separated from my husband for just over a year. As of today divorce papers have been filed. I have had 2 years to heal and have the Lord lead me in a new direction. God is good! Oh so very good! I currently am in ministry with a group of incredible young people who do puppets for God. We have the opportunity to go over seas on a mission. They are an incredible group of kids. God has blessed us with a beautiful home (not yet moved into) and with a possible path in a new direction with a new ministry. Pray for me please!

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy days to comment on my blogs. Bless you!

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    Thu, Oct 27th - 12:35AM

    Thank you

    Thank you to all who responded to my first blog!

    Comment (0)

    Thu, Oct 27th - 12:34AM

    Part of a talk I gave at a retreat

    Taking Action!

    Action is not a passive word, when we think of action we think of movement of doing, of setting a course. To take action is to achieve, attain, accomplish, complete, carry out, reach, conquer, construct, raise, assemble, and on and on and on!... all these words mean to do something to get up and get moving, get the blood pumping!

    In preparing for this talk the word that kept coming to my mind was choices. Why Choices? What does choice have to do with action? I thought about where my life has led me in the last year. And all of a sudden I understood why this word kept coming back to me as I prepared for my talk. Choices are actions. We actively choose the decisions in our lives. Sometimes other people's actions affect the choices we make.

    I chose to get married in December of 2002. My new husband and I had been talking about the things we wanted to do when we got married. We knew the path that was set before us. Not necessarily the obstacles we would encounter, but we knew where we wanted our path to go. We both knew that God had something he wanted us to do. We had prayed and studied and had set some goals we wanted to achieve. (There is one of those action words.)

    Not to terribly long after we got married, Mark chose another path. My path stayed the same as we had discussed and prayed about. It created a great deal of hardship but I persevered and prayed and bllieved that things would work out the way I wanted them to. (Notice that nasty I word.) It was the beginning of the end of my marriage.

    Now why would I bring this up and what does it have to do with this talk on taking action?

    It is of great bearing on the actions I took. During the last few months I was with Mark I kept asking the Lord what I had done wrong. Where had I gotten off track and why was He punishing me? I prayed and studied and asked many friends and family to pray for Mark and myself. In the end I moved back to Montana with my sons. I had lost my home, my business, my stepchildren and my husband. What had I done so wrong that the Lord felt I needed to lose all that I loved?

    When I got home to Montana I was angry. I had never been so hurt in my life. The rage I felt was all consuming. I felt I had taken a mortal wound to both my heart and to my beliefs. All I knew at that point was that I wanted someone to hurt in return. I was bitter and my faith was shaken. Let's be honest, my faith was gone! It didn't make sense. I had prayed before I got married, about my decision, and the Lord repeatedly showed me that Mark and I were on the right track. So why did He do this to me?

    When it all fell apart, I figured that our lives are random, stuff happens and there is no God. The God I believed in all my life was a joke. The God my parents and grandparents had taught me about, the God my pastor had talked with me about couldn't exist. He would never do anything so hateful as to destroy everything I loved. For the first time in my life, I couldn't pray. I was alone. I took the pain and the anger and pulled it deep inside and kept it for myself. The loss of my marriage was devestating but the loss of my faith was death.

    What actions did I take? Besides choosing to be angry? Besides choosing to let my faith take a flying leap out the window? How did my actions affect those around me? First, I stopped going to church. I didn't make my children go to church. We stopped praying together and I tended to get a bit testy when someone mentioned church. I was anxious, grouchy and all in all not a great deal of fun to be around. I worked a lot, stayed busy, kept moving, anything to avoid thinking or listening. This hurt my children, it hurt my Mom, it hurt my friends and ulitmately it hurt my relationship with God. But that wasn't a big deal because God was a joke, remember?

    This wasn't getting me anywhere. I was miserable and those around me were miserable. I decided to act in a different way, to fake it, to pretend that my faith was still intact. What this means is even though I doubted the truth of my faith, I decided to pretend I still believed. Not for the benefit of others. I wasn't pretending to be a Christian to snow anyone. I decided to pretend to believe like I always had in hopes that somewhere along the way I would rediscover the God of my childhood. So I prayed, and started to study. Somewhere deep inside an ember remained. A small voice quietly reminded me, when I took the time to listen, that yes there is a God and He cares about me.

    Choices are the pathes we opt to take throughout lilfe. We have a path that we set our feet on at the time that we are conscious of our ability to choose. We have one path from that moment on. Unfortuantely we are human and the most precious gift god gave us, besides His Son, is the ability to choose. Mark chose a path that as a christian I would not follow so his path went off in another direction from mine.

    Throughout the las 8 months I have learned new things. This first being the result of actions performed both by me and those around me, the importance of choice. And the second and probably most important was that God hadn't punished me. The loss of my marriage was not done to me by God, but done to Mark, myself and our family because of poor choices that were made.

    The one thing I find most comforting is that God can break us and scatter us to the four winds only to allow us to coalesce, to join together into something stronger and better able to fill the role he has for us. I think differently now. I hope this experience has matured me, strengthened my christian walk and will help with choices in the future.

    God could have created us to do exactly what he wanted us to do but for whatever reason He chose to allow us to think for ourselves and to dicide within ourselves to dedicate our lives to Him, to chose to love Him. It would be easier for Him to just say "You will love Me and you will follow Me." But that's not how it went. He gave us the option to choose Him.

    Our God is a God of action. He gave us two commands, two courses of action. #1 To love Him with all of our hearts, all of our minds, and all of our souls. #2 To love others as He has loved us.

    Two very simple actions. In return He gave us an entire book of promises that he would actively do for us.

    Who and what we are, is defined by our actions and choices in our lives. To say one thing with our mouths and to act the opposite is being a hypocrite. To attend retreats and behave as though our entire being is dedicated to Christ, then leave here and act less then christian is wrong and it says a great deal about our faith or lack thereof.

    Christianity is not a club. You don't have to act cool or say the right thing to be included. You are not better than those around you. Being a christian does not guarantee that you will not have harship. Being a christian is an active choice you made to follow the author of our faith in hope that in the end you will be blessed enough to be called to His supper table.

    I will leave the rest of this talk for tomorrow. I gave this talk just over a year ago. A great deal has happened since then. Bear with me and I will post where I am now after I complete the remainder of this talk.

    God bless you and keep watch over you.


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    Wed, Oct 26th - 1:02AM

    First time blogger

    Hello to those who read here at Christians Unite. I have been fortunate to be a speaker at several christian functions and was looking for a way to continue during my down time. Today I thought, "Hey how about trying my hand at blogging!" so here I am.

    I hope that I am able to reach other christians in this way, to share my faith and the hiccups I run into on my path.

    I am currently studying in the new testament. I just finished Acts and am now on to Romans. I enjoy Paul writing so very much. What an incredible disciple!

    I just returned from a christian retreat, and had something come to me while there. Bear with me a bit and I will get to the point but first I have to give a bit of my background.

    I have been raised a christian my entire life. I have gone and done my own thing from time to time but alway return to my upbringing. I have found, over the last few years, that I am an incredibly selfish person. I tend to think of me first and others later. My most precious heavenly Father has shown me that I need to change this way of thinking. Now I want Him to teach me to have a servants heart. Hence the name here.

    When I am on retreats I enjoy being the one to serve but am resistant to having others serve me. I can be quite stubborn about that particular thing. I am able to care for myself so why have others serve me? Again, a word from God... we as servants must allow others to serve us or we fall into a self pity issue and get hung up on "I serve everyone all the time, poor me." So listen up other servants... allow others to serve, or if you dont like that word, allow others to minister to you!

    I am going to follow this string for awhile with study and with blogging. If you read this and have a personal opionion, I would love to hear it.

    Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

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