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    Big Buck's Blog-Extravaganza

    Fri, Oct 20th - 6:57PM

    God's Ministry is Expanding!

    Hello Brothers & Sisters in the Lord,

    My dear friend Chris "Crush" Rusher is planting a new division of STAND Ministries in West Virginia. This move is an effort to cover the south east area of the United States. Chris "Crush" Rusher is a professional International Highland Games Competitor, 1985 NAIA Shotput Champion, 1995 North American Power Lifting Champion, Crush also starred in the movie "Finish Line".

    Crush was also a Pastor two churches in the Metro-Detroit area, he truly is a gifted and anointed speaker.

    Please pray for Crush as he is submitting to the Lord by faith as a missionary to Reach the Youth and Families of America.

    To schedule your School, Church, Fair, Prison, or Youth Assembly today. You can email Crush at; crush@standstrengthteam.org or call our office at (586) 997 6378.

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    Thu, Oct 19th - 8:06AM

    Facing the Giants

    Facing the Giants!!

    I have spent some time reviewing the movie and study guide.
    If you are a Christian, non-Christian, Adult, Youth, or Child this is a must see movie! It opened September 29 - October 1, 2006. Check the website for times, listings, promotions and even youth study guides!  Many times a movie like this wont get into the main stream  but our churches could find a way to get it.
    Check to see if this movie is playing near you; http://www.facingthegiants.com/news.php?id=21
        God Bless,
        Big Buck

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    Mon, Oct 16th - 7:52PM

    Christians I need your help!

    Christians, I need your help. The picture in this post is a sample of a VIP Pass, when we visit public schools and hold an assembly we hand them out to everyone at the end of the program, to invite their whole family to the church where we hold an evening event. On the back of every VIP Pass is directions & event times to the hosting church. Each child that attends the evening program will get a free full color poster autographed by the team members. We see huge turn-out from public schools; on a typical 5 day crusade a medumim size church will see from 300 to 800 un-churched people from their community every night!



    This is a great way to get un-churched folks into your church while participating in the great commission; going out to the world, preach the Gospel & evangelize! We see whole families coming to Christ thru this ministry & a partnering church, to God be the glory. This is a hugh opportunity for your church to evanglize and the follow-up process is awesome.


    We want to come to your community, to your church and partner with you to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. If I may brag in the Lord, our ministry witnessed to tens of thousands of people across America. In 2005 we saw 15,000 decisions for Jesus Christ, this year we have a vision to reach even more souls.


    We are booking 3 & 5 day crusades now for January, February, March, April & May 2007. I need your help to get my contact information to your pastors. I can be reached at;


    (586) 997-6378 - Please leave a message for Buck


    e-mail at; bigbuck@standstrengthteam.org


    Visit web-site at; www.standstrengthteam.org


    Visit our team blog at; www.standstrengthteam.blogspot.com/  


    I promise to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours


    Thank You and God Bless,


    Because of Him!

    Big Buck Balabuch

    John 3:16

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    Mon, Oct 16th - 9:37AM

    All Strong Holds Stop at the Cross!

    Dear Friends,


    All strong holds stop at the cross! In one of our feats of strength we use a baseball bat to illustrate problems you may have in your life. You may have a drug or alcohol problem our Lord is bigger than that problem. You may struggle with depression, low self esteem or anger, Dr Phil, Oprah or a physiatrist won’t help, and lithium or Prozac won’t either. Only Jesus can break those strong holds in your life.


    Pictured below is Scott “Bulldog” Miller; 1 year ago he was diagnosed with a life threatening sickness. Scott’s vital signs were all bad; his blood count was very low, his liver & kidney functions were poor, Scott was very sick. The doctor gave him grave news that he was not going to live over 6 months. Scott would have left behind his beautiful wife Alison and 1 year old daughter Alexandria (my God-daughter).



    After many prayers to our Lord, Scott “Bulldog” Miller went back for a check-up. The doctor drew his blood for more tests; the doctor report came back and he was amazed. Everything became normal again, the doctor was perplexed not knowing what had happen with Scott’s health, and he was supposed to die! Scott “Bulldog” Miller is in great health today and an awesome athlete with the STAND Strength Team www.standstrengthteam.org . (By the way, Scott & Alison are expecting their second child soon). God puts doctors into our life to help us but have you called on the Great Physician?  


    We have an awesome God that is bigger and stronger than anything in the universe. Who do you trust in today? Are you trusting in a doctor, physiatrist, medication, drugs, alcohol or your self? Only our Lord and savior Jesus Christ can help YOU break the strong holds in your life, TRUST HIM!


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    Fri, Oct 13th - 8:30PM

    STAND Ministries Visit to Focus on the Family

    Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    Your friend Big Buck Balabuch here to give you a praise report of what God has been doing thru STAND Ministries aka the STAND Strength Team www.standstrengthteam.org

    I wanted to pass on a picture taken at the Focus on the Family campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We ministered to the Focus staff, family and friends (over 2,600) at their annual family picknic. We had a great time ripping phone books, bending steel bars, flipping 700 pound tires but most of all, exalting our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Pictured from left to right are Tom "Big Buck" Balabuch, Brian "Ironman" Dorsey, Dr. James Dobson, Terry "Shrek" Nalian & son Srug, John "The Mountain" Penley and Jim Daley President of Focus on the Family. Many rose and accepted the Lord during an alter call, glory be to our God. It was wonderful meeting Dr. Dobson & his staff, visit them on the web; http://www.family.org/

    Coming soon the STAND Strength Team will be featured in the teen magazine Break Away from Focus on the Family. Please pray for STAND and Focus on the Family as we hope to partner with each other on reaching the youth and families across America thru a grassroots evangelism effort, partenering with local churches.

    Please take time to visit us on the web at; www.standstrengthteam.org we would love to visit your school, church or business. To talk to me direct please call (586) 997-6378 to plan a crusade or school assembly. I also can be reached by official STAND e-mail at; bigbuck@standstrengthteam.org

    God Bless & Bye 4 Now,

    Big Buck Balabuch

    Eph 6:10

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    Fri, Oct 13th - 9:33AM

    Hello Friends!

    My name is Tom "Big Buck" Balabuch a athlete/ evangelist/minister for the STAND Strength Team. STAND Ministries website can be viewed at; www.standstrengthteam.org we also have a team blog site at; www.standstrengthteam.blogspot.com/

    Please visit to see what our mission is all about, to encourage, edify & bless the youth and families of America. When you visit www.standstrengthteam.org you will meet our athletes; Terry "Shredder" Nalian, Brian "Ironman" Dorsey, John "Mountain" Penley, Scott "Bulldog" Miller, John "The Bull" Lewis, Chris "Crush" Rusher, Steve "Dr. Steel" Frasher, Nate "Nitro" Faulkner and Luther Elliss (2 time NFL Pro Bowl), it's a must see.

    We would like to visit your church, school, town or business, I can be contacted at out office (586)997-6378. To the glory of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ over 15,000 decisions for Christ were counted thru our ministry last year, God is good! We are the #1 school assembly program (secular & Christian) in the nation! If you wish to e-mail me for more details; bigbuck@standstrengthteam.org

    If you have any special prayer request or need to talk to someone in confidance, we have a help line at; www.standstrengthteam.org you can also view our 2 miniute video of the team in action.


    ^This picture was taken on 10/12/06 at Childrens home of Detroit, most of the kids here are un-wanted by their families and have no where to go. The two boys (ex gang bangers) in the picture are taking a ride on the dream bar. Some of them are sexually abused and have no hope of ever returning to family life. The STAND Strength Team ministered to them thru personal testimony giving them hope, power & encouragement thru the life saving message of Jesus Christ. Out of 55 kids present, 27 of them gave their hearts to our Lord, praise his holy name!

    ^ I wanted to add this picture to show how disarming our ministry really is (after comments of our intimidating looks), the young lady helping us rip this phone book (we helped her). Her face is bloted out because of security purposes but her father sexually abused her and her mother don't want her because of problems from the whole situation, she's 15 with no where to go. This girl, along with 20 + other girls gave their heart to the Lord Jesus Christ that night. All the other girls in the room all had some kind of abuse in their lives and are un wanted by their families. But our Lord and savior Jesus Christ accepted them just as they are.

    After the program, many of the girls came to talk to us and thanked us (un-intimidated) but we give all the glory to the Lord! Some were crying while telling us about their own testimony. Please pray for all the kids at the Childrens Home of Detroit. You can view all the pictures taken there at a great ministry we work with at; www.incarceratedyouthministries.org Incarcerated Youth Ministries ministers to our troubled youth.

    God Bless,

    Big Buck Balabuch - John 3:16


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