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    just cross my mind
          a thought of a man who longs so much for his God and keep trying to understand his God using his own perspective...even with his fantasy...(http://adjieminds.blogspot.com)

    Fri, Aug 15th - 6:37PM


    The account of Jesus Christ's ascension from the dead, had startled His disciples. And even when they were still in confusion, Jesus came to them in His new glorious body, in order to assure them. Though He was ready to go to heaven with this new body, yet He decided to consume a broiled fish. This He did, with the purpose of helping His disciples in realizing that it wasn't a ghost who came to them (LUKE 24:36-43). For Jesus Himself, this small act wouldn't taint His sanctity. But we could learn a lesson from there, that Jesus cared more for the continuity of His disciples' faith in Him (as a form of His holy love towards them), rather than occupying Himself with bodily sanctity.

    The event of Jesus' birth was supposed to be surrounded with sacredness, yet instead it was followed by the bloodshed of many innocent babies. Jesus did not prevent this incident from happening, nor did He punish the Magi (as they were the ones who came to King Herod to ask for the whereabouts of baby Jesus, which resulted in King Herod's jealousy and thus the bloodshed). Jesus saw what the Magi did was the product of imperfect sacredness of men's love towards their God.

    And this imperfection of man's sacredness in loving his God still continued on the event of Jesus' crucifixion. This event was not a "God's scenario which was forced to men"; thus making Judas, the betrayer, became "a hero" in crucifying Lord Jesus. Here, the love of money had tainted the sacredness of man's love for his God. This also led to the need of Holy Christ to savor "a broiled fish" in the forms of humiliation, torture and crucifixion.

    Then, can we become holy? No, we can't - not by ourselves, anyway. When we remember what the Lord has said, "Be holy, for I am holy" (1 PETER 1:16), this has a meaning that He asks us to receive His holy love. Lest God consume another "broiled fish" again. We need to receive Him in every situation, even when things turn out to be bad. Believing that there isn't anything that could hinder the love of God, no matter what happens, because He cares more for us, His creations. We'll always be in His love that is pure and holy, forever.

    Always preparing Jesus' kind of diet on our menu, which is "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work" (JOHN 4:43). We, who could not become holy on our own, but in receiving Christ, we could then become holy, since Christ would come in and dine with us.

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    Sat, Dec 1st - 12:05AM

    Heaven Love Story

    Have we ever wondered why God create us and even consider us as preciously honored? Maybe this thought also slightly occurred in angels' mind; did angels less worship or even less obedient to God? It is impossible for angels living in heaven to have an evil thought. But curiosity urged Lucifer to proof that God was wrong to love such weak human. And the incident in the Garden of Eden has proofed that Lucifer was right. Human were punished due to their weaknesses, but how disappoint Lucifer was to find out that God also punished him.

    No wonder Lucifer furiously hate human so he continually pours suffering in human's life and draw human even farther from God. Like a timid sheep following his shepherd, human always choose to conduct sins and unable to free themselves from Lucifer.

    God doesn't want human to spend forever as the target of Lucifer's jealousy. His longing for human brought Him to the decision of emptying Himself to be human. Let us picture the process; God has to be born as a helpless little fragile baby. We could envisage how thirsty Jesus was as a youth to absorb all the holy bibles as like Jesus want to regain "His Godly Mind". And finally Jesus as an adult human, has achieved His Perfection.

    Lucifer still couldn't believe in God’s existence in this world in the form of human being. That's why Lucifer wanted to proof Him in the desert. Based on the knowledge of human weaknesses, Lucifer tempted Jesus. This time Lucifer was unable to deliver "human" towards sin. I don't know how Lucifer felt when he found out that God really love human and even humble Himself as human.

    When Jesus was about to leave the earth, He prayed so wherever Jesus is, human will always be with Him. Christmas is not about celebrating the birth of a fragile boy. Christmas is the proof of God's love towards mankind. Jesus went down to earth only to die for you; will you go to Jesus just for a few minute?

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    Tue, Nov 6th - 11:40AM

    The Unspoken Thought of Jesus

    Jesus' first miracle is on the wedding at Cana of Galilee. When the mother of Jesus said to him about the wine ran out, Jesus only answered "Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come." Have we ever thought it as Jesus' polite way of rejecting his mother's request? But Mary knew that Jesus was not an ordinary human, so it's normal if Mary asked for help (miracle) to Jesus. Obviously Jesus, who is full of love, would grant her request. It didn't happen only to Mary but to everyone. Even great crowds accompanied Jesus and He said unto them, "Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple."

    We often see Jesus as God, not as human. Isn't Jesus 100% God and 100% human, why don't we respect the human side of Jesus? God's intention to be human is so we can see Him as human, the living God's Words in human. Jesus is our way to be prefect human; unfortunately we often focus on His Miracles. It doesn't mean that I underestimate miracles; I also enjoy miracles. But the most important thing so we could be close to miracles is to be perfect human who is close to God.

    As the rich one surrounded by his friends, however his friends left him after his bankruptcy. See the reality when Jesus did nothing (or so called as bankruptcy of miracles) during His Crucifixion and His disciples confusedly left Him. How stupid they were. Didn't they remember the lessons about Jesus' love they received during the discipleship? This reality may happen to us; we become numb when no miracle happens; we become like ones who don't know God at all. This wastes God's sacrifice by descending to earth to be human.

    This probably made Jesus in an agony more earnestly praying and his sweats became like great drops of blood falling down to the ground of Gethsemane. Yes, Jesus already knew the great plan of Abba Father; Jesus even supported the plan by telling the disciples three times about the crucifixion. But when the time came, why did Jesus suddenly be in an agony? I doubt it. Even if we see Jesus through His human side, Jesus is not an ordinary man, He is the role model of perfect human with no sin, and how could we exclaim Jesus as weak and scared human?

    The combination of 100% God and 100% human in Jesus is one magic phenomenon that would never happen again. God could just overlap the baby-growing process, just like the moment when He created Adam. I mean, it's legal for Jesus to show up as a grown-up human like Adam. I believe no one would protest Him, hehehe. But through the baby birth process and Jesus' condition as 100% human created a certain bond or in other words, this lit Jesus' spirit to make "Plan B" from the great plan! In Gethsemane, Jesus prayed, saying "My Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as you will." This prayer indicates that there was "Plan B" in the thought of Jesus; Jesus knew that the crucifixion process was too difficult for human although He will release The Holy Spirit later on. Jesus' desire at that time was His Enthusiasms to give direct teaching and impartation for human a bit longer until He feels enough which is when human is able to do all His Words under any condition.

    Eventually God still chose to conduct His Great Plan. God may consider that human would stay the same and only repent because of His Great Plan. And His Great Plan still continues; there will be antichrist, rapture and all kind of tortures as written in the book of Revelation. Enjoy it.

    If only all human deal to earnestly learn from the love of Jesus, we may touch the heart of Abba Father to make "Plan C"!! Hehehe it's just cross my mind.

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    Sat, Sep 29th - 1:44PM

    Like Father Like Son

    God so loved the father figure, He even wants to be the Father for human which is His Creation. Recalling what is written in Matthew 19:16-26, we find the young man has kept all the commandments from his youth up and asked Jesus what he still lacked. Jesus said to him, "If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me." The young man went away sorrowful from Jesus because he couldn't afford to do that. For God, being Father is to close with His children so Father can love His Children fully.

    There's time when a father can't fully escort his grown-up child. But a child can still feel the father's presence through similar behaviors and thoughts, yes like father like son. Just as what happened to Isaac in Gerar, Isaac did exactly what Abraham did; claiming his wife as his sister when King Abimelech was fond of Rebekah. This is a contrary; they (Abraham and Isaac) had deep experiences with God, like the moment when Abraham demanded to give Isaac as a burnt offering for the Lord. Isn't it supposed that Isaac's faith increased stronger and Isaac should believe that God would help though the King of Philistines insisted to take Rebekah? Either by reflect or not, Isaac remembered more of what his father Abraham did than of what God did.

    After God solved his quandary with Abimelech in peace, Isaac then followed every God's words; Isaac even became so patient when the herdsmen of Gerar strove with him and took over his wells one by one. Maybe this is the reason of why God wants to be our Father, so we can have similarities with Him.

    Try to notice that Jesus always claimed that all things He did were of His Father's Will. In other words, it shows the similarities between Father and Son; moreover Jesus also emphasis that He and the Father are one. How about us? Are we the children who become more like Father?

    Abraham, known as father of all nations, was not a person who was similar to Heavenly Father. Remember that Abraham agreed with his wife to have child from his slave than to wait upon God's promise. But God was not angry to Abraham. There we can see how our Heavenly Father unfailingly loves His children though they have committed wrong things; God even amazes us by sacrificing His Only Child to redeem our faults.

    So becoming similar with Father isn't measured by our ability to obey all God's words. But be like the little child who adores the father and wants to be like him, whether we could accomplish it or not, but we are always encouraged to achieve it.

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    Thu, Aug 9th - 1:18PM


    For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow. If we are not careful, we could probably harm ourselves by using the word of God.

    Each time we use the "Forgiveness" Sword Stance, we always state on "how Jesus is very kind to forgive all sins of human". But do we realize that deliberately or not the sword has injured our "forgiveness joint" so like joint-less bone we are not able (nor willing) to forgive. We let only Jesus to do all the merciful forgiving. Does this case also occur in other stances?

    Actually we have talents in the swordsmanship; don't we have such a sharp tongue so that could hurt other people's heart? It's a pity if we only use this talent to hurt others. If we want, we could improve our sword art so even the evil could be harmed.

    As God's Words becoming man, why don't we unite with His Words? But be doers of The Word, not hearers only. Thus, His Words will not harm us anymore because we have united with Him in harmony and smooth to follow His Movement upon our life.

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