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    B Musings
          Day to day activities and musings.

    Sun, Feb 15th - 5:05PM

    The Writer's Prompt Tray for Feb. 2009

    The Writer's Prompt Tray for Feb. 2009

    The "tray":
        Quilted table runner with heart patterns in various patches (the concession to Valentine's Day)

    •    Small Tupperware scoop (translucent white)
    •    Blue book light (battery powered; folding, clip-on; looks a bit like half a UFO)
    •    JVC remote control
    •    Child's board book – Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Pictures by Clement Hurd
    •    Coleman lensatic compass
    •    Playing cards, double deck in green soft plastic holder; German (kings are K, but queens are D and the jacks are B)
    •    Three "tree ornaments" made from clay using cookie cutters and painted – Robin Hood, Will Scarlet (or Alan-A-Dale, he's wearing read, but has a musical instrument), and Friar Tuck

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    Wed, Jan 14th - 5:23PM

    Long Dry Spell

    --but here I am. We are already halfway into the first month of the new year. I haven't made any resolutions. I learned long ago that I don't keep them, so why discourage myself by setting a goal I know I will feel bad about not reaching. I do better at surprising myself by what I DO accomplish.

    I have taken on the task of teaching others to knit and crochet. There is a small shop in the neighborhood that sells all sorts of craft supplies. They offer various classes – anyone want to learn to make soap? Or make bobbin lace? Or how to can foods? When I saw they didn't have anyone teaching knitting and crochet, I offered my services. Helps them. Helps me. People learn something new. Everyone's happy.

    My monthly writer's group (Louisville Christian Writers) has asked me to bring a "writer's prompt" tray to each meeting. The idea is a tray of various connected – or unconnected – items to stimulate creative thinking for a story. As you will see, I decided NOT to shlep a tray around, and have changed the "rules" to make the carrier part of the display. Some like to try to include all the items in a story. Others get inspired by one item and write about it. Others just use some piece as a springboard for some idea (a model bridge leads to an article on relationships, for example). Anyway, I thought it might be of interest to make a list of the items each month and include it in my blog. At least I will write something once a month! The list won't be the same as seeing and holding, but maybe that will add a different twist. You can imagine some things. So, to bring you up to date, here are the lists for Dec. 08 and Jan. 09. Have fun.

    Writer's Prompt Tray Dec. 2008
    This month's "tray" is: Terry hand towel: wine red, embroidered with 3 blocks J O Y
    On it are:
    • Hallmark tree ornament: Spock in Transporter (I have always thought it was Spock, but looking at it, it may be Bones (Doc)!
    • Book: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, gift-size
    • Coffee Insulator: cardboard, Bean Street Café label
    • Match box: Label reads: "Diamond brand, 32 count, strike on box matches", (empty)
    • Chopsticks: black lacquer with red tips and red outline design
    • Sculpture: about 1 ½" x 2" x ¼", impressions of 2 pair of bare feet facing each other, color: sand with gold tones
    • Wooden chain: hand-carved, 15 links, each about 1" long, hook at each end, "1-7-92" hand written on one link, printed paper label on other link: "Mr. Floyd E. Hicks – 1 Whicks Lane – Corydon, IN 47112"
    • Box: about 4 ½ or 5" long and 1" wide, covered in blue silky cloth, with padded top, red velvet lining
    • Box contents: one wooden recorder (musical instrument) (yes, it works, very high pitch)

    Writing Tray Prompts Jan. 2009
    This month the "tray" is a cedar box, about 6"X3"X3".
    • Zip-style plastic baggie with yarn scraps, fingering/sock weight, various colors
    • Paper: crumpled, white, 3"X5" with 5725 penciled in one corner
    • Goblet: stemmed, wooden, about 3" high, label on bottom reads "souvenir of Tell City Indiana" and has drawing of an apple with an arrow through it
    • Rock: very light weight, probably fire remains, black with very rough texture, dusty
    • Dental Floss: white, tooth-shaped plastic box, label reads "Dr. Fresh - waxed – 12.5 yards"
    • Drawstring bag: blue denim color (but much lighter weight material), contents: 16 coin-shaped wooden disks, blank on one side – on other side each contains one of the following words hand-printed in ink: happy, awed, excited, annoyed, arrogant, bored, shy, anxious, depressed, angry, humiliated, interested, impatient, suspicious, sad, afraid
    • Chess piece: unfinished wood, queen, about 2 1/2" high
    • Chess piece: pawn (obviously from same set as above)
    • Money: Bank of Scotland, 10 pounds sterling
    • Statue: old man, about 6" tall, smiling, hands in pockets of dark green overcoat, black pants and black shoes, black hat, brown base, ceramic, hand-painted

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    Fri, Nov 28th - 7:38PM

    Where have I been?

    Strange how time slips away, and before you know it, months have gone by.  I just checked my niece's blog (which hasn't been updated in forever) and was about to make a comment on her site, fussing about her lack of new entries when I realized I had no room to talk.  So instead of commenting on her site, I came here to do some catching up.

    I have had a series of medical tests.  October and November were "annual check up month" with all the various drs. I have seemed to accumulate.  Found out I am now anemic and had to do tests re: the cause of it.  (Don't know yet.)  Also had another breast biopsy.  I feels like an annual event.  So what with feeling sorry for myself and running to dr. apointments in Louisville, I haven't gotten back to my blog.  Excuses, I know, but nevertheless . . .

    Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day and we had dinner at my older sister's house -- about 20 of us.  It was wonderful as always.  We played Apples and Apples (think that's the name  -- or is it to Apples?) in the afternoon and that was fun.  My youngest nephew called me a hobbit.  He likes to tease me about my height (or rather lack thereof).  This is the same nephew (collage-age) who told me he had registered a gift list at Walmart and then sent me a link that went to a page on their site advertizing diapers!  I should get him some just to get even.  : )

    I have knitting projects galore.  Two I want to finish for Christmas.  I may even make it, if I don't read too many books and spend too much time on the other knitting projects.  Plus I have to do the REST of my Christmas shopping.  I haven't a clue what to get for some of the gifts.  I hope I don't end up doing last minute rush buying.  That is never very successful.  And there is still next year's quilting project which isn't "off the ground" yet. 

    So, til next time . . .

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    Wed, Oct 15th - 10:33PM

    Bonnie L. Abraham's Facebook profile

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    Sat, Oct 11th - 11:54AM

    Books and Things

        So . . . It has been a while. What have I been doing with myself? I read two books The Harvester by Gene Stratton-Porter (which I recommend if you like long descriptions of the outdoors – and romance literature as meant by the old use of the word) and The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. The latter is a tale of several women whose lives become knitted together (pun intended) as they meet together to knit – and find themselves sharing their lives. My opinion: these women need God, and they don't have Him. So you can guess that their lives are rather messed up. And in spite of the author's "women overcoming/sisterhood" slant, they remain messed up, although the "world" will say they have it all together at the end. To me, what was meant to inspire and be up-beat was sadly depressing.
        I finished another pair of socks for myself and have started a pair for my great-niece (who has outgrown already the last pair I made her). I still need to go back to the yarn shop for black sock yarn. Christmas is drawing nearer every day.
        My ideas for the next quilt challenge are simmering on the back burner of my mind (anyone smell smoke?). A friend suggested a Twenty-third psalm theme (think I mentioned that already?) and I am looking for the right quilt blocks with that idea in mind. I have a tree block, a house block (which doesn't really fit, in my opinion), and "sun over the mountain" block. I'm considering an appliqué sheep block (can't find a pieced one). Which brings me back to the house – what to replace it with? Still thinking. Maybe a "path" block of some sort, or a cup overflowing?
        The rest of this month is "dr. apt." month! Why do they all hit at about the same time? All just regular check up type, thankfully.
        Tonight is writer's group in Louisville. : )

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    Name: Bonnie Abraham
    ChristiansUnite ID: auntb
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    Location: Corydon, Indiana, United States
    Denomination: Baptist
    About Me: I am a writer. (Devotions, short stories, and working on a fantasy novel) I enjoy knitting, reading and being with family. I teach a Sunday school class and a Bible study and help with the church drama team.

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