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    Beth Townsend: Merry Christ-less in September!
          Christian writer & speaker specializing in lifestyle interviews with passionate, well-known Christian men and women throughout the USA

    Sun, Sep 2nd - 5:31PM

    Merry Christ-less in September! So many things seem a bit off these days. Politics for instance, is there anyone that is just looking out for the people? Look on either side of the political spectrum to find anyone you know for sure that really puts the needs of the people of this country above their own re-election. Morality is another example, is our country in a moral decline? Yes would be my answer, especially considering the decisions my two pre teen children will face during their teen years with so much influence from the media and television. What about global warming. Is it real or not? I can’t even answer that question because the facts are almost always presented by someone who has political gain in the outcome of my belief. These things among others bother me. Do they bother you? Now that you have an answer in your head, ask yourself one looming question. When we watch and read the news and get heebie jeebies about the state of the world, what do we do to change it? By the way, this we I’m referring to are Christians, after all we are the majority, right? A big whopping nothing is my own personal answer. Perhaps whine, moan, have coffee and talk about how things should be different. But when it comes to action, I need more than caffeine and ginseng to get me doing something more that moan and groan. For me what’s needed is passion and a reason to stand for something for which I feel strongly. This newfound sense of action all started when my husband sent me an email in response a question that came up while helping our ten year old son with homework. The reference to time came up as BCE and CE (Before Common Era and Common Era). What happened to BC and AD (Before Christ and Anno Domini- Year of the Lord)? Good question, surprising answer. Many secularists who believe time should have no reference to Christ are slowly but surely winning the battle to remove any reference to God and certainly Jesus from our calendar. I for one didn’t even realize it, shame on me. Worse, if we do realize it, are we just letting it happen? We should pay attention to what is happening in the world, not because we are patriotic citizens, but because we are called to care about the cause of Christ. It’s time to take a stand. My goal is not to take on politics; I won’t pretend to have enough passion or knowledge for that. Moral decline? My husband and I are going to raise two God fearing children and I will do my best to have a positive impact on my little world. Global warming? I just know God created the world and only God can destroy it in the end. I’ll take care of my little part. For what should we stand? Christmas. With your help, we can save Christmas. CHRISTmas is being stolen little by little, year after year, and we can stop it, beginning this year. If Christians can’t come together on taking Christmas back for Christians, then let’s have a national day of whining to talk about how things should be different, but let’s leave it on the coffee table and become professional whiners. Christmas is the birth of my savior, our savior, the Son of the Almighty God and it needs the glory and grandeur it deserves. I’m tired of Merry Christmas being politically incorrect. You can keep Happy Hanukah, you can keep Happy Holidays, the goal is not to make anyone else forced to believe what I believe. But you can’t take what I believe and turn it into nothing more than an economic boom for our countries retailers. So what should we do? The only thing that will work, force an economic hit on this countries retailers starting this very day. Bill O’Reilly has made this an issue on Fox news, but it needs to have a personal impact in all Christian homes in America. Today is September 2, and soon Christmas will be in the air in hopes of record sales. Is that what Christmas has become? I say no, absolutely not. We will keep this simple and doable, so that we can join hearts to represent our Lord as one body. With His help, we can get a message across. Christmas is CHRISTmas, not just some Happy Holiday. First, do your research on stores and their advertising. If they will not say Merry Christmas in their ads or in their windows, don’t shop there, it’s just that simple. Not even if they have a great deal! Second, if you believe Christmas is about the birth of the Son of God, show it by putting a nativity scene in your yard so others can see. That can be an outward sign that we as Christians are in one accord, we are proud to be believers. I could end by saying simplify your Christmas this year, slow down and enjoy those loved ones in your life while rushing less and making fewer lists. But let’s take this one step at a time. An economic impact is what our country hears. Let’s speak loudly, together, and show our nativity scenes so that Merry Christmas is back, and our savior can be celebrated with joy and volume. Merry CHRISTmas in September! Beth Townsend www.bethtownsend.com findbethtownsend@yahoo.com

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    Sun, Sep 2nd - 5:20PM

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