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    Thu, Jan 24th - 6:11AM

    First post

    Hello, I may not know you but anyway. This page will be a mixture of my thought. I wish to express here what I feel. My experience with Cafés Philo is recent. The following remarks are those of a novice, notes on the margins of the experience: naivety, enthusiasm... They evoke a reality, perhaps also possibilities. Philosopher's Cafés are a symptom, a response - modest and very symbolic - to a worrying social reality that I will summarize briefly. First: today's world is first and foremost the triumph of Economics and Technology. The world situation is characterized by the Economic War with its attendant corruption, glaring inequalities, precariousness and misery for millions of people, which continues to widen the gap between a minority of the rich and a majority of the poor. Homo economicus is characterized by fierce individualism, selfishness and greed, with little concern for the consequences of a suicidal race for growth. It is based on the accelerated development of technosciences multiplying specialized knowledge whose understanding is increasingly escaping the honest man. The economic-technological imposes its law by linking three objectives: To have, to know, to be able. Second: the production of objects intended for consumption is reflected in the production of torrential and anarchic information by the media industry. It favours the sensational, flatters the most elementary tastes, and serves the only "language" of interest to the economic sphere: advertising. Faced with the omnipotence of television and computers, the written press of opinion and analysis is finding it increasingly difficult to survive. Another privileged sector of our media: sport, glorifying the spirit of competition that drives the economic world. Thirdly: the old Capitalism - Communism polarity, that of the Cold War, has been replaced by a new world polarity, the North, rich and dominant against the South, dominated and miserable. The economic war has given birth to a war of civilization. The aggressiveness of the North is matched by the violence of the South, often linked to religious fundamentalism, which opposes a dogmatic and simplifying obscurantism to the "Enlightenment" of the West. This rather dark and overly schematic painting only aims to evoke the contours of a dreamed and more serene counter-world: a world where the fury of economic war would give way to a more measured life together, that of happy sobriety, where everyone would open up to the Other in a word of sharing, a world where the media fair would yield to the need for analysis and serene lucidity, where the exacerbation of fears and hatred would cease in favour of a new understanding among men. It seems to me that what is being played out in Cafés philo is not totally foreign to this utopia. The Café Philo is this space where three layers are superimposed: that of a Board Game, that of an Exercise of Reflection and that of a Propaedeutic to an Ethics.

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