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    Regina Maietta's Blog
          "I Don't Want to be a Christian!"

    Sat, Apr 18th - 1:50AM

    "I Don't Want to be a Christian!" (If it means someone telling me what to do...)

    Well, whether you're a Christian or not, we've all been at this particular place in our lives. You know, the old "This is my life & NO ONE is going to tell me how to live it", stage?

    But lets face it ,folks: When we were kids & we wanted to touch that hot stove, we got mad when we were told no by our parent. But now we look back on it as adults and we're happy even grateful we didn't touch that stove! Most of us realize that even though we're adults now, we still DO NOT know everything. (Even if we rarely admit to it; & notice I said "most of us"?)   So, why is it we all agree there is good & evil, but there seem to be so many shades of gray when it comes to a CAUSE of good & evil???  Does anyone (other than myself) find it odd that no matter who you ask anywhere on this planet, they will tell you there are only 3 sources for good & evil? God, people or Satan.  Why as adults do we NOT question how or why their are ONLY 3 potential sources for this good or evil?  Why not 5 or 10? So you say you don't want to be Christian because it's too much like being told what to do???  Number 1 if you're going to base your lifestyle on whether or not someone is telling you what to do, the first thing you want to do is STOP being human today or go into complete seclusion for the rest of your life!!!

    My, how quickly we forget....

    "Cross on the green not in between,"

    "Can I see your ID for that beer?"

    "Pay your bill or we're shutting off your lights,"

    And last but not least, "If you can do what I say for a week, I will give you sex dear!"

    Now that we've gotten the notion that we have complete control over our lives out of our heads, let's move along, shall we?  Do you want to know the difference between being lead by God & lead by Satan?  God will ASK you to do something....  Satan will TELL you to do something, then make you believe it was ALL you! Ok, so by now you're saying "But what about freewill?" Yes, we do have freewill.   The only problem with that is, the options we are CONSTANTLY presented with are either good or evil!!! Don't believe me?  Put it to the test for the nex few days.   The REAL question we all need to be asking ourselves is ,"In a world where no matter what, I will always be told what to do,

    ; would I rather KNOWINGLY serve a God who is a good parent & knows what's best for me?"  OR   "Would I rather INADVERTANTLY serve Satan, who after I do something wrong is not ONLY going to make sure I acknowledge it was me who did it; but is also going to make sure I feel like the BIGGEST PILE of DOGGIE-POO when he's done with me!?"    People of the world...   LEARN TO TAKE INSTRUCTION! It could be the difference between LIFE & DEATH!!!!!!

    French Poet Baudelaire:   "The Devil's greatest trick is to persuade you he doesn't exist!"

    Satan: One who opposes or accuses; an adversary.

    John 10:10 - The thief comes only to steal, kill & destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.

    Romans 1:28- And even as they refused to have God in their knowledge, God gave them up to a reprobate mind to do things not fitting.


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    About Me: Hi,room. My name is demonknight. i am 33 & married w/2 kids. I have been married for 4 yrs. and my husband is very sweet,but he does not want anything to do with God... Hopefully,he will look at all the things the Lord has done in my life, and see ... more

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