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    Anna Winter's Blog
          Mistakes Happen

    Sun, Jan 6th - 9:42PM

    Hi,I pray everybody is doing well.I finally was blessed with a new laptop..Yeh!!!anywho,i have been really busy with family and all.I will be changing my blog to another name but i will let you know first.THank You for the people who kept an eye on me.I Love You All,In Jesus Holy Name,Amen...Faith.

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    Mon, Oct 8th - 8:43PM

    Dear Pat,Thank you for writting me,I had two other people writting me,we wrote for quite some time.They,Brother Doyle and his wife w. ere some trouble with health,I been trying to let them Istill care,but they might be busy.He is still blogging,I hope you enjoy The ChrisitiansUnite.Alot of people dont write back..They do read.Yes my name is Anna,I also enjoy Faith,Thank you again..In Jesus Name...Faith

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    Tue, Oct 2nd - 11:10PM

    Oct.3,12 I have been very busy. My family have been going thrrough alot.They all have been excellent,now everybody has been dealing with the enemy.I telling my family pray to give everything to God without Him they will not be able to conqure by themselves as of I. I am praying for all people,near and far the animals too.God Bless You All,In Jesus Name and The Holy Spirit,Amen.....Faith

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    Wed, Apr 25th - 9:53PM

    SepterI have read everybodys blog on the right,sorry I havent read everybodys blogs,I will read everybodys,Thanks...Faith                                             Hi,Ihave been injured,resting alot,also have been fighting mental anguish.I am tired,tarting to get back on my feet,please pray for me,God Bless....Faith.... Two days ago E.M.T came to me though stress and now I need to ues my electric wheelchair,I just wrote a long message,I lost it,Heres a short one. Brother Doyle When Iwas writing,You wrote Me.I Have been praying studying.God Bless....Faith People please unite with me.             May 7,12  Brother Doyle, please dont think I am not in the NOW with GOD,JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT.I am there 24/7,I have been going trials,I am enduring everything.Look At JOB HE went through devilish trials and never gave up..that is Faith yes he has been rewarded.Iam and have allways been aBeliver.I have had rough times,jest like everybody,I am still alive for a reason.The Heavens Above and The world,and my word.God Bless All....Dont be afraid,Unite with me.... Faith.                 5/10/12  Good morning all,I have been praying....Besides Brother Doyle I receved one other comment,Itried posting to some people, who want to talk,no response.My personal thought,there is cliche which should not be on christian blog.No matter what Religon we as belivers shouldnt be so seperate.Faith            Brother Doyle there was a cancellation I got my x- rays yesterday.My neck vertabres are collapesd,four are right ontop no cushion,no surgery can be done.One lucky thing my nerves have been saved,THankYOu LORD JESUS,some how my nerves did not get pinch,so its shots and neck brace for now,thenlater when needed.GOD BLESS EVERYBODY.THANK THE LORD FOR KEEPING ME GOING.......Faith                                                                                    5/17/12,Hi,its me,some like me some dont. When people get confussed they should step up and ask is what I am thinking correct or wrong.I have questioned others,99 percent dont answer.Everybody can write Scriptures,thats great,if your afraid to answer,how much of the Holy Spirit is in.The process is pressing on and stepping up and asking.If you do not ask,You will not know if your right or wrong.I am far from perpect asis everybody.Corraspond,Thats The HeavenlyFather wants us to do.God Bless inJesus Name......Faith                                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Thursday June 14,12  Thank you Brother Doyle and Bro for your concern and commitment to keeping in touch with me and praying that I come back to respond.Brother Doyle I having been praying for your wife.I hope she recovers quickly,I also pray,if needed your wife only needs one or two more surgerys, she will know God will tell her.Bro Larry,Thank you for thoughts and prayers,what you write is from your heart.You and Brother Doyle and a few others are excellent,your are exact.I have been doing some preaching,talking in a manner that is from words from the Bible,Thanking The Lord Jesus,His Almighty Father andThe Holy Spirit For being In Me.I have been doing well,been busy.I have been reading a few blogs,but not all.I did read all,awhile back like i said I would.Thank you for those who pray for me,I feel it,GOD              BLESS............FAITH.                                                                                                                                                                       

    September 19,2012  I  pray everybody  is  doing  fine.  Sorry i   havent  written ,  my  screen  on my  computer   went  blank.I have  been  without.Brother Doyle,I pray you and your wife are  doing  well.I am doing as expected,Alive,Thank You  Lord  Jesus,His Father THe Almighty and The  Holy  Spirit. Bro  Larry it is good to see  your Teaching,Please write GOD  BLESS  IN JESUS NAME,AMEN..............FAITH       I am sorry alot of you didnt   have enough  Faith,you have blogged  me out

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    Tue, Apr 24th - 10:00AM

    Yesterday,I left a message,IT ended up my comment instead of my page.I came something out of  reality.I pray I was able to fix someones misunderstanding.God bless everybody,I need to pray.This person upset me,Faith                                    Good Morning To All,I did alot soul searching yesterday and this moring.There are times people misunderstand each other,if you take the time you pray and forgive as we all should.      For the last year I have been denounced by a person I love so much and die for.This is a family member.I thought this would never happen.Well never say never,Today After all the praying and waiting,all the lying that has been to me,I have been in shock,no more.It is and will be in Gods Hands.I have to let go and continue on.During this process another family member and I have never seen eye to eye.this is how God works while one relationship was excellent,the other was not.I have been praying for many years to be close to this other family member.Since the one relation seems to be at a distant,the long lost oneis now where we both should be.   Dear God I thank you for everything,the things that through strife everything will be fine.Thank you,we can do nothing without you.For the Fear of God,His Son Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit,AMEN......Forever Yours,Faith

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    Name: Anna Winter
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    About Me: Ibeleive,Italk to The Family above all the time,Pray,Sing.Study the Bible,have to go back quite a bit. I love horses,all animals,swimming.Learing to forgive,thats hard,people.Sometimes Ican walk,sometimes not.I thank God,Jesus and The Holy Spirit f... more

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