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    Lee Herron's Blog
          A thought provoking message that warns against taking God for granted.

    Mon, Jan 16th - 11:42PM

    " The Stupidity Of Xmas"

    Year after year i see(as do many others),the results of those who feel it's their mission in life to rid the world of their most hated  adversary...Jesus Christ.there is this never ending effort to remove any,and all references to his name from every area of society.the most idiotic to me is the attempt celebrate Christmas without Christ.Just for a moment,i want you to think of all the birthday parties you have ever attended in your life.afriend of a friend,your friend,your church member,your boss just to name a few.lets say you didn't know the person being celebrated.you were told that this person is 85 years of age today.you have no way of knowing,or proving this.But the fact that you're there indicates that you accept this,and therefore proceed to celebrate this persons birthday.Now common sense tells you that without this persons involvement,there wouldn't be a celebration.so how can that same common sense convince that you would not be celebrating this birthday if  it were not for the 85 year old person present.How can that same common sense convince you that you can celebrate Christs birthday without him? Maybe you say "i dont know if Jesus was really born during the Christmas season."no truer words were ever spoken.but remember,you could not swear to the birthday of the 85 year old person.and yet you celebrated it.you never said not one time,i can't participate in this,because i dont know for sure when this person was born.you even told this person "happy birthday."Man has chosen to say instead,"happy holidays."Lets go back to the common sense  area for just a moment.When you say to someone "happy holiday."what do you say if  they were to ask you "what holiday are we celebrating"? how do you say Christmas,without saying Christ?How do you go all year long calling on his name for help in the time of trouble,and yet in the month of December you can't say the name."can you really see the stupitidity of it all?Granted,as i forestated  we dont know the exact date of his birth.But there is one undeniable fact.just like the 85 year old person was born and exists....so does JESUS CHRIST. Therefore,it doesn't matter how many x's you place before "mas" it will not replace or take the name of JESUS CHRIST out of Christmas. think about it....Merry Christmas.

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    Tue, Nov 22nd - 12:28AM

    Why Should God Bless America?

    For as long as i can remember,i have heard the statement being thrown around."God bless America."and I am among the first to declare that God truly has been good to America.when we look at all of the confusion,and chaos around the world,and all the catastrophes that are taking place,one can't help but be honest with his/herself that God truly loves,and cares about us.but if we are just as honest,we must admit that while we have given God plenty of reasons to be pleased with America,we have also given just as many reasons,or more for God to be displeased with us.which in turn asks,"why should God bless America"?we take words like "love your neighbor,as yourself,"along with "do unto others,as you would have them do unto you." have mercy,show compassion,be kind one to another.these are merely words throw around in attempting to make ourselves look good.there is in this country an all time,all out effort ressurect old ideas andfeelings of bigotry,of blatent hatered,and prejudice.and much of it is being promoted by poloticans.and now that there is a president in office who(as one racially motivated person said----he doesn't look like any of the past presidents).i've watched as certain poloticans(namely republicans)have vowed never to work with the president,but rather,work against him.they have in turn fanned the flames of hatered,and severce ignorance,and stupidity among the american public.and yet we ask God to bless america.question: just exactly which american are you speaking of? whats truly sad,is that many of these same people sit in church every sunday,professing through songs,and statements that we truly love God.Question:why are you treating God as if he's some brain dead looser? the Bible says that"The eyes of the lord go to and fro,in all the earth,beholding the evil and the good."(read:proverbs 15:3).everytime you go through the motion of praying to God,or honoring his name,while your heart is full of anger,hatered,malice,bigotry,prejudice.I can tell you for sure,God does not hear you.and this is only a small sample of ills that need to be corrected.not to mention" child abuse,elderly abuse,slander,murder,unforgiveness,false accusations,just to name a few more.when we look around today,one has to admit that our world is in "intensive care mode."and God is the only one that is fully able to heal this land.it's not too late.God is able to turn your life completely around,change your outlook,or perspective on life and people.if we refuse call on him in sincerity for help,we will be faced with trying to answer the question that looms larger than life over this country,"why should God bless america"?

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    Mon, Nov 21st - 10:02PM

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    About Me

    Name: Lee Herron
    ChristiansUnite ID: fisherman777
    Member Since: 2011-11-21
    Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
    Denomination: non-denomination
    About Me: My goal,or assignment in life i truly believe is to touch, affect,and possibly make a posotive difference,in as many lives as possible.

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