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    Grammyluv's Quiet Place
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    Sat, Aug 4th - 2:36PM

    Where Are You?

    Where Are You?

    Lord, I know you’re there

    But where?

    I need you badly

    Would accept your help gladly

    I’m searching but can’t find

    Lord, I’m in a bind

    I’m feeling insecure

    Need your help to procure

    Patience, hope and knowing

    That this is part of growing.

    Life on earth can be so trying

    Temptations, frustrations

    And now I’m whining

    Lord, will you meet me here?

    Let me know that you’re near

    Set my heart right

    Believing with all my might

    That You’ll take my hand

    And that You know the plan

    That, though in this life

    I may face some strife

    You have promised to always be

    Forever, near me!


    Yvette Bainter


    Comment (4)

    Sun, Jul 22nd - 1:27PM

    Just a Fool

    Just A Fool

    I know that what you see here, is a fool
    But thank you for looking with love too!
    So many mistakes I make each day
    I praise you for not making me pay!
    With constant, air-headed consistency
    I continually find myself in difficulty!
    No matter how hard I try not to 
    I always do what I don't want to!
    Will I ever learn, will it ever come easy
    To do Your will, unwittingly?
    Such a conscious effort it takes 
    And still I make the same mistakes!
    I praise You for Your wonderful grace
    Not once have you thrown it back in my face!
    You always give me love and forgiveness
    Washing me clean again, and sinless!
    And so I'll start over, all fresh and new
    To do my best to please only You!
    Please guide me and help me along
    To do what is right, and to remain strong!
    Yvette Bainter

    Comment (11)

    Sat, Jul 21st - 11:19AM

    My Children are all grown now.  I wrote this a couple of years ago when I was thinking about the fun we had camping when they were just little!

    My Little Girls

    My precious little girls

    With their baby-hair curls

    Tired and sleepy-eyed

    From a long day’s ride

    Cozy, pink and napping

    From a weekend of camping

    Days spent swimming and racing

    Jumping and playing

    Catching tadpoles and frogs

    Roasting marshmallows and hotdogs

    Then with laughing and fright

    And long into the night

    Around the campfire we’d spend

    Finishing stories with—

    “They all died.  The End!”

    I love them so much

    My heart they do touch

    My precious little girls

    With their baby-hair curls

    Love, Mama


    I tried everything I could to those two lines to not be Bold, and to line up; but I give up!



    Comment (12)

    Wed, Jul 11th - 10:06PM

    Just written today.

    You Touched My Shoulder


    I’m changed and new

    Because of you

    You saw me struggle

    Trying to juggle

    With lies and sin

    Oh! The mess I was in!

    You touched my shoulder

    Said, “Give me that boulder.”

    “I’ll take that load and

    Show you another road.”

     “Go straight, follow me,

    And you will see

    This road is sweeter

    Let Me be your leader.

    This way leads home

    For you are My own.”

    Comment (4)

    Sat, Jul 7th - 10:03AM

    Another Poem by Grammyluv

    What Did You See In Me?

    What did You see in me

    That You’d want to draw near?

    What made You calm me

    That I would not fear?

    What made You love me first

    That before I knew it

    For Your love I would thirst?

    What did You do

    And how great is Your wisdom

    That would make me brand new

    And part of Your kingdom?

    What is it about You

    That makes my heart glad

    That lifts me up

    When I’m feeling sad?

    What made You send Your Son

    That not now, and no longer

    Would I feel the need to run

    But could stay still and grow stronger?

    What made You have such mercy

    That You’d grant me forgiveness

    What made You give clemency

    That I could experience newness?

    What makes You pick me up

    And know when I’m down

    Your arms You open up

    Put a smile, where once was a frown?

    What is it about me

    That You’d want my love so?

    Is it because;

    You couldn’t just let me be

    Your love to never know?

    Comment (6)

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    Name: Yvette Bainter
    ChristiansUnite ID: grammyluv
    Member Since: 2007-07-06
    Location: Bellevue, Washington, United States
    Denomination: Nondenominational
    About Me: I'm a hip 50 year old, single, grandma who loves camping and the outdoors. I like to sew, crochet, write poetry, play Frogger on the computer, spend as much time as I can with my grandson, read and day dream, among so many other things! Nothing dull... more

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