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    Single Christian Parenting
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    Wed, Nov 4th - 7:50PM

    Hello There Bloggers!

    I am back!  Its only been a few years...LOL.  I needed to have the time to blog again and I have a bit now.  I am still an ever single mom to an almost 15 year old.  Being single is God designed.  Its not easy to be a single anything, but God has given me His words from Isaiah about Him being my husband and to set my heart on other things.

    Why dont they tell you have a baby that someday it will turn into a teenager???

    Food for thought.   

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    Thu, Feb 2nd - 8:49AM

    Good Morning Bloggers!!


    I wanted to tell you that this is my last blog and after today I will delete the whole thing out of the system.  Its been nice getting to know some new friends!!  I just feel that I need to focus my energies other places at this time. 

    God Bless you all and Goodbye!! 

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    Wed, Feb 1st - 10:36AM

    Good Morning Bloggers!!

    I have had so much positive and wonderful messages from those who were inspired to write me a message about "Waiting on God".  This is such a good subject as I think we all face it at some point.  And like I said to someone who posted a comment to the blog,  we live in such a microwave soceity that everyone including myself, want's it now!!

    This world is so messed up.  I am so thankful that I have the knowledge that I do (and if I don't, I know where to look).  We live in such a lost and dying world, but I want to fight for every corner, with every fiber of my being to bring more people to the knowledge of the truth!!  

    I thought that I might give you all some Maura past history.  This is not the easiest thing to hear or to write about.  But if it brings someone a little bit of help with their own struggles and where to find help, then I am all for the telling.  

    I came from a very mentally abusive childhood.  I do not remember anytime when I could smile or have joy in my life as a child.  I lived in constant fear.  It was my father that was the abusive one. He was abused by his parents.  This is not to let him off the hook for what he did, but it explains how he thought he had a "right" to treat me harshly.  My mother then died of Cancer in front of me at the age of  17 which left me with alone with my abuser.  My sisters left home very shortly.  This left me alone with my two younger brothers and who needed my dad at the time.  He only came home on the weekends.  ( sometimes there would be no food in the house)In a way it was good.  In a way it was tragic.  My brothers were 11 and 13.  To hide there pain they would bring any drug they could home and stick it on the kitchen table.  They were never sober after that.  I tried to tell my dad.  He did'nt care.  During this time, I felt the calling indwelling of God.  Even though all the pain and turmoil.  I lived on the edge of existance.  I married the first man that looked twice at me to get out.  I am ashamed of this, but I think I was in survival mode.  I lived with him for 18 years.  He was never supposed to be the man for me.  (He was mentally abusive, just like my dad). In all of this God used situations to make me the person that I am now.  You would think by looking at me that I lived a "charmed life".  I look well and not hardened by life.  This is God.  He has made me soft-hearted for all those in pain.  To want to bring Christ to all those that need Him(everyone).  I was not allowed to go to church when I was a kid.  Look at me now!  I teach the word of God everyother Sunday!!  Amazing!!

    Waiting...yes I am waiting...for Christ to come back and kick some butt to all those children with fear in their eyes  and who dread the next day and for all those saints that long to see his face.  I am so happy to be able to be in the company of Christians around this planet!!  I feel for those that are imprisoned for their faith and blessed that I can be in a country that lets me have the freedom to be a Christian.  God that pain should produce Character and hopefully a little wisdom and understanding.  Not as man understands, but as He does.

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    Tue, Jan 31st - 7:19PM

    An original Poem from someone who is waiting....


    Waiting.           Patience.


    For God to do His best for me.

    Challange spirits who usually rely

     on their own economy.

    Know that the waiting makes you strong

    and teaches realiance of the purest kind.

    God keeps his promices and they come

     just in perfect time!!

    God Bless the Waiting Christians!!    Love, Maura Hart

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    Tue, Jan 31st - 5:33PM

    Thanks to everyone for all the support.  Waiting and Patience our something that is a Spirit gift and not the easiest things to do.  When you are lonley, hurting and feeling poor.  Waiting seems that much the harder to do.  But I just wanted to acknowledge those friends that have given my their wisdom and encoragement.


    Thanks again!!

    Your friend,


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