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    Walking in His Amazing Grace
          A blog about my journey in God's Amazing Grace

    Thu, Jan 1st - 2:38PM

    Prayer for 2009

    We had a blast with Josh and all last night! So much laughter! Felt good and sounded good after the last 3 months we have had (actually, after the last 2 ½ yrs we have had!)...

    We got in bed around 12:30 this morning … I got up at 2:30 … sat in Rick's chair and slept some until 6:30 … now up …

    More pain than I can remember having in a long time – heart racing – mind couldn't rest …

    Wondering what these 365 days will see in our lives …

    O God – our Father in Heaven … the clocks may change, the calendar pages turn, the year changes a digit – but, you never change. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. And your promises are forever and sure. Help me hold on to that!

    God, I know that I have sinned against you and fallen short of your glory. I confess my sin.

    Search me and know my heart.

    Try me and know my thoughts.

    See what wicked ways are within me.

    What keeps us from walking and talking in fellowship?

    Is there anything that causes you grief and pain?

    Anything that causes you to turn away from me? Or raise your hand against me?

    O God! Father in Heaven!

    Forgive me of my sins and cleanse me from all unrighteousness.

    Wash me in the blood of Jesus … here in the shadow of the cross.

    I John 1:9 … Isaiah 1:18 … God, you know how far the east is from the west -

    Will you help me to forgive myself, and all others?

    And will you take the fight from here? You deal with the ghosts of regret and guilt … the hauntings and chasings of my mind and memory … the sorrow and shame that I feel when I look back …

    Please help me to not look back with longing – not to be as Lot's wife.

    Help me to look to Jesus – the author and finisher of my faith!

    Not because of who I am – but because of what you have done.

    Not because of what I have done – but because of who you are!

    God, our Father – whatever I am, all that I have, and all the hopes – dreams – wonderings for this year and the rest of our lives … I am Yours. Your will be done, your plans be accomplished. Jeremiah 29:11

    You alone are worthy of praise, honor and glory. You alone are worthy of trust.

    Help me to not keep that which you are worthy of.

    Father, you know all the prayers and petitions of my heart …

    My "wish" for 2009...

    I guess this time of year always brings thoughts of the past, present and future into more clarity than any other time of the year.

    God, in no way do I look at you as "Santa Claus" – to grant all my wishes and dreams.

    But … the Word tells me that "With God, all things are possible" … and "I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me" …

    So, with this in mind …

    My hopes, my "wishes", my dreams, my prayers for 2009 …

    Rick. He will really take responsibility for his health – and he will work at eating better, exercising more; and his blood pressure and blood sugar will become more "normal" – even to the point of getting off the medication, if not off all of it, then off most of it. He needs to lose about 80 lbs …

    A job that will satisfy him, yet challenge him. One that will work his mind as well as his body. One that he will have a vision for. One that will in some way be a ministry – to him, to us, and to all others about us. Wisdom and direction not only on where to look – but to know what his place is in finding a job. What part do you have for him right now? To go out and beat the bushes? Or to wait on you? … Also that he will be able to deal with the mental and emotional side of being unemployed, until he is employed once again.

    Wisdom and direction to know what to do with the old house in SS … as well as here in the Stephenville area.

    Me. No more periods. I'm done. On the "other" side. (Please!)

    I need to lose about 100 lbs ... 

    I would like to find out what is going on with my left leg – but I am scared. Same way with the left side (at least it doesn't hurt right now).

    A home. A place that is truly "mine". One that I can decorate and "do" as my heart desires.

    Wisdom and understanding to be Rick's wife while he is unemployed.

    >>Our bills caught up … paid off as much as possible. We have never been the best stewards that we should have been, nor that we could have been. Please grant us forgiveness, and wisdom to do better.

    >>To get caught up on all that I have run behind on for so long – filing, writing school (finish and do something with it), genealogy, photos, organize the computer stuff, make the dvd's and cd's …

    >>Kamelot Enterprises?

    >>Hand of Grace, House of Hope?

    >>School for web design?

    >>My websites now?

    Roger and Mandy. They will make peace with Trey moving to his mom's. Roger's job will be secure and strong. Mandy will continue to enjoy her teaching job. She will excel in her school work. Their finances will greatly improve. They will have wisdom in all ways. Roger to be saved – open his mind and his heart, draw him to you.

    Joshua and Dessie. The lawsuit will be settled and early in the year. They will have wisdom and understanding in how to deal with the money – what to do with it, how to spend it, how to save it, how to make it work for your glory and their good.

    >>All 3 marriages will be strong and full of love, laughter and joy. A mirror image of Christ and His bride – the church. A witness, encouragement, and strength to those around us.







    >> Psalm 91 and Ephesians 6 for each of these "chicks" under my wings!

    >>Salvation for each of the grandkids … open their hearts and their minds to you – who you are, who they are to you.

    >>>All of us will be in health thru-out the year.

    >>All the grandkids will excel in school. Make good friends. Stay out of trouble. Enjoy life. Laugh, love, live.

    Family. Jimmy and Mary Lou doing good – physically, financially, emotionally, mentally, in every way – good.

    Help us to be better family to our family. God, there is so much "dysfunction" within the walls of our family! Help us to overcome all the past mistakes and failures, as well as the misunderstandings and preconceived ideas…

    Friends. Ric in health, his tests all to come back good and "normal", yet let the drs be able to find out what is causing the pain and problems and be able to "fix" it. Jeri in much better health, grant her peace of mind and strength in her spirit. Wrap your arms around her and draw her close to you. 

    Help us to better friends to our friends. To get back in touch with them, and be strong against all the excuses for not keeping in touch.

    Church. Double N – a building, an arena … strong in the Lord. Teaching all those that come in the truth of the Word. Jimmy and Tracey. All the leaders – now and those that will be in leadership places this coming year. The members. Those that even now you are stirring within to come on Sunday and see what the tent is all about.

    Nation. God, bless America yet again!

    God, I know that your ways are not our ways. Your thoughts are not our thoughts. What appears to us as a blessing – you know the truth. And what appears to us as if you have turned away, you know you haven't. God, in this new year – grant us the serenity to accept all those things that we can neither change nor do. Grant us the courage to change and to do all that we can. And your wisdom to know the differences.

    That we will live as Yours

    All to Jesus, we surrender.

    All in His name, we pray.

    Thank you.

    I love you!!!

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    Sat, Aug 16th - 7:17AM

    Amazing Grace

    My song shall ever be ...

    Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace, How sweet the sound
    That saved a wretch like me!
    I once was lost, but now am found,
    Was blind, but now I see.

    Twas grace that taught my heart to fear,
    And grace my fears relieved;
    How precious did that grace appear,
    The hour I first believed!

    Thro' many dangers, toils and snares,
    I have already come;
    Tis grace has brought me safe thus far,
    And grace will lead me home.

    The Lord has promised good to me.
    His word my hope secures;
    He will my shield and portion be,
    As long as life endures.

    Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail,
    And mortal life shall cease;
    I shall profess, within the vail,
    A life of joy and peace.

    The earth shall soon dissolve like snow,
    The sun forbear to shine;
    But God, who called me here below,
    Will be forever mine.

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