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    this world is not my home
          blessed are the pure in heart;for they shall see GOD

    Sat, Mar 22nd - 3:03PM

    what a day tomorrow is. the anniversary of the resurrection of christ. his triumph over death and hell. thats enough to make a baptist shout.while the  other leaders of different religions are dead and buried, glory to god, the tomb is empty. he`s alive forever more.

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    Tue, Mar 18th - 8:58AM

    1.   I got up on Sunday morning, went to the church at ten,
    I listened to the words that I'd heard time and time again;
    The preacher spoke of sinful lives, it seemed he spoke of mine,
    But I was young, I had plenty of time.


    Plenty of time to decide where I'm bound,
    to eternal darkness or to a heavenly crown.;
    I'm just a young man, not yet in my prime,
    So I'll just wait, I've got plenty of time.

    2. I walked on down life's pathway, living as I wished to live;
    Out to beat the other fellow, out to get what life could give;
    Making money is not sinful, having fun is not a crime,
    So I'll just wait, I've got plenty of time.


    Plenty of time to decide where I'm bound,
    to eternal darkness or to a heavenly crown;
    I'm just a young man, not yet in my prime,
    So I'll just wait, I've got plenty of time.

    3. Before I knew what had happened life's scenes had passed away,
    And millions stood before God's throne for it was judgment day;
    Now eternal darkness beckons, and the name it calls is mine,
    But I thought I had plenty of time.


    Eternity waits, I've got plenty of time,
    to think of all the days Christ could have been mine;
    My chance is over, earth's days are left behind,
    And here am I, I've got plenty of time.

    Tag: Now I've got nothing but plenty of time.

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    Sat, Mar 15th - 3:20PM

    personally, i think that it is kind of ironic that people will go to extremes to prevent someone from stealing things like their cars. they spend hundreds on theft deterrent devices, meanwhile they cannot even see that satan is stealing their soul. the cars and things will be left behind, but your soul will not. in todays world, hell is brushed aside or it is given as just a hot place to live with the devil. well let me tell you, hell is real . you hear people say that they are going to be satans right hand man in hell. well, satan is not going to be ruling in hell. he is going to be suffering the torments right with those who end up there. it is not going to be some kind of party. it will be unquenching fire with gnashing of teeth, continual screaming and the like. i wish nobody had to go, but there are too many on the way. i pray that people will wake up and start protecting what is truly important.

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    Sat, Mar 1st - 8:22PM

    i have to thank the lord for the preachers he has blessed me to hear. fortunately, about all the preachers i have gotten aquainted with are not afraid to preach the truth. they do not change the word of god to suit anyone. they do not water it down or sugar coat it. if you feel offended by it, well i would just have to say that the holy spirit is convicting you. it is just too bad that there are preachers who serve their own agenda as to that of the lord. but i for one thank the lord for the preachers that will hold to the truths of god`s word.

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    Fri, Feb 1st - 1:06PM

    I Wonder How Long It Will Be Before God Will Withhold His Blessings From This Nation. We Have Forced Him Out Of Just About Everything. He Has Even Been Forced Out Of Some Churches. The Moral Decline Of This Country Seems To Follow Suit Of A Falling Away From God. And Until That Changes, It Will Only Get Worse. There Was A Time Where Our Leaders Used To Look Toward God For His Guidance. Now They Look To Man To Find Out What The Majority Think. We Neglect Our Elderly, Our Poor ,And Anyone Else That May Be In Need. We Allow Same Sex Marriages And Gays In The Pulpit. Eventually God Is Going To Say Enough, And This Country Is Really Going To Suffer. It Is Time That This Country Decides To Get Back To God, Before It Is Too Late...

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