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    The Mighty God We Serve
          The Trials and Tribulations of My Life and How God Saw Me Through.

    Sun, Mar 15th - 12:55AM

    The Mighty God We Serve

    Saturday March 15, 2009

    Well, the good Lord above blessed me with a great singing voice.  People love to hear me sing.  When I was around four and five years old, my uncle would give me a quarter to sing "You Are My Sunshine". Lord Momma would get so mad. She so wanted me to shut up and disappear.  The uncle was my daddy's brother. He was an alcoholic, too.  It kinda runs in the family. He spent most of his adult life in Prison.  He was in about 4 different prisons, before his death in October of 1966. He was buried on Halloween, and that was right after I graduated in June. he never did any really bad.  I think it was mostly theft.  Quess who got the quarter everytime?  Momma.

    Anyway I also was taught to play the guitar at age of twelve or thirteen. My sister Brenda also was taught to play the guitar, and boy could she play. She was great.  She really had an ear for music.  when I say we were taught I mean we were showed the cords, and we started playing. We had that God given built in talent.  So, along with my other two older sisters, Hazel and LeVon, we started singing in church. We were known as the Williams Sisters. Their was a man at this particular church we went to that played the guitar.  We picked it up from him. His name was Floyd Ogles, and he could make a guitar talk. He could not even read.   Isn't it amazing how people have these talents to hear and play music and can't even read. He had other brothers also talented, but not like Floyd. He was great. Sometimes some one would come to church and could play the piano. We just had a real old piano in this little church. Anyway they would start playing and Floyd could find them on the guitar and play right along with them. You could ask Floyd what cord were they in an he didn't even know. He had no idea what it was called, but he sure could play it.  I could sing good, but all I could play was rhythm.  That's when you kinda just play, struming the guitar, you don't actually pick.  Well you'd have to know what I was talking about.  Brenda even went on an played the piano,and again she just sit down and played. Ain't God good..

    We did That all my teenage years, well almost. The preacher at that llittle church was Artis Allen. He was a wonderful man of God.  He bought a tent, and in the summer we had tent revivals. Just right around Clayton and Fulton Counties.  One time we had a three week revival in LaGrange, Georgia.   I think that was as far as we went in distance.  He had a beautiful wife that went with us that time. She did not live a christain life, she was a smoker, and that held her back. She just could not quit that bad habit, and serve the Lord.  Brother Allen died December 5, 1968. He had a job of putting in floors. In a building in Atlanta, they were putting down a floor and the floor of the buildinbg cought fire. He and another man went out the window. They held on as long as they could.  They both fell from about forty floors, and were killed.  It was just awful. One of the worst days of my life.  I wish my children could have known him. He had five boys.  You would have thaught one of us Williams sisters would have married one of his sons.  I guess it wasn't in the plans of God.

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    Sat, Mar 14th - 4:28AM

    My 1st Miracle age 8

    March 14, 2009.    My 1st Miracle

    I was born hard of hearing. Problem #1 for me. 

    I thank the Almighty God that my mother took us to a Pentecostal Church. 

    I was also raised in an abusive situation.  My daddy was an alcoholic. Just a plain and simple alcoholic, but my daddy never shyed away from responsibility. He was a week-end drinker. Come Monday morning he was on the job.  He fought in WWII, and it simple help mess up his mind.  He was oh, so, such a gentle soul.  He suffered from depression very badly.

    On the other hand my mother was a  very bitter, and cold woman.  She plain had a mean strick in her a mile wide. Plain and simple.

    I have 4  sisters. I had 5, but my oldest sister died March 12, 2002.  No brothers and that is sad. I think my daddy may have been better off had their been a son. I don't truly know this, far only God knows.

    My mother,  from time that I can remember told me everyday. "I can kill you if I want to. I brought you into this world and I can take you out when ever I want." I guess along with the beatings she gave me for nothing. Just because she wanted too, why wouldn't she kill me.

    Well, call me stupid, but I believed her. I really thought she could kill me.  At any time.  I was always very nieve. I mean very nieve. I guess it was because I couldn't hear. I never really new much of  anything.

    Well, when I was in the 3rd grade I got an F on my report card. I was scared to death. I thought this was surely the day I would die.  She screamed at me for about 2 hours, about how stupid I was and what she would do to me if I didn't get it off the report card.

    Well all I new to do was to fast and pray. And that's just what I did. I would go to a back bedroom get on my knees and open the bible and pray. I did this off and on, ( mostly on), till the end of the quarter.  I was already doing the very best I could on my own.

    Well I'm sitting there in the classroom waiting to take the test for the end of the quarter.  Well low and behold the teach Mrs. Carter says " Gail you don't have to take the test today, your average is 97. I like to have fell out of my chair. No one was as shocked as I was.  The other kids got so mad.

    I just sat their and Praised the God. Silently of course, but I felt like shouting it from the roof top.

    Let me tell you God did that. God. God did that for me at age 8. So I new at an early age we are serving a mighty God.

    And now, these poor children today don't even learn to read the bible and pray in school.  I feel sad about this, but it's just proof we're in the last days. They don't know anything about God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  Thank God while my mother was abusing me she took me to a God fearing, Bible believing church. That taught me to Fast and Pray.........Try it.

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    Denomination: Pentecostal
    About Me: I'm married. I have 2 kids and 3 grandkids. I injured by back in 1991. In a fall. I get out very little. I strongly love the Lord. I'm thankful for all he's done for me and my family.

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