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    Grace Hour Enterprises's Blog

    Sun, Mar 23rd - 2:15AM


    Farming is a divine call to worshipful stewardship. As I mentioned in my earlier post, fertile soil is to farming what blood is to man. A farmer who does not invest in soil fertility is committing productivity suicide. Such a farmer cannot expect a good harvest. Fortunately, God is the best farmer. He created plants with a unique ability to replenish used soil fertility through dead plant matter. This approach uses plant decomposition to break down dead plant parts into organic manure. This is a process called NATURAL COMPOSTING. The process can be adopted and used by a farmer through a simple plan in the home. The basic requirements are: (1) Identify a good site under a shade (2) Measure it up and divide it into three equal parts (3) Collect kitchen and farm waste and arrange in the first part- we'll discuss this in our next post (4) Manage it well- we'll show you how to do this in the methods of composting post. CHALLENGE: Will you be able to compost and farm today?

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    Thu, Feb 27th - 2:25PM


    Jehovah begun His Farm Management plan by identifying and investing in a very fertile land. The garden of Eden lay at the crescent of four permanent rivers. This made it to benefit from siltation. It had adequate balance of plants and animals which enabled natural biomass factoring into the soil. This is now called ORGANIC FARMING in a permacultural set up. Organic farming is the best option if you can keep the rule of starting with a fertile land and committing yourself to always keep it fertile. We will post on Principles of Good Organic Farming later. Permaculture is a lost farming approach that you will do yourself much good to learn about. It will help you to adopt Good Agricultural Practices that will enable you to translate your garden not farm into a food and nutritional security net with potential to generate for you incomes throughout the year. These two farming approaches promote working with nature to sustain soil fertility. Plant and animal waste make the best and safe fertility builders.

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    Wed, Feb 26th - 10:58AM

    EDEN: God's model of food and nutrional security.

    It is amazing how God's wisdom can never be challenged easily. The book of Genesis 1-3 outlines the divine hands in creation work. After six days of creating all of the universe as we know it today, God chose to place the first family- Adam and his wife in a small garden called Eden. He made very worthy environmental considerations before setting up a simple garden. The seven important considerations that He made were:
    1. The availability of a fertile land to start with.
    2. A bio-diversified environment that can sustain its resilience and potential.
    3. A Working team of man and wife.
    4. An available water reservoir for irrigation.
    5. A family life plan for modeling and mentoring.
    6. A prophetic mandate to pursue.
    7. A work-plan for start-up, growth and expansion.
    Unfortunately, the nations of the world- political leaders, the academicians, the policy-makers and related have failed to read and replicate this simple model. It is workable. It is fundable. It is profitable. It can help us achieve the Millennium Development Goals by enabling every person to worshipfully be a profit-making steward.

    We at Grace Hour Enterprises have worked with very resource poor families to pilot the concepts above and we know the Bible-way is sure. Will you join hands with us today to help promote poverty reduction, food and nutritional security and income generation in the Spirit of Christ.

    Together, we can. The Eden model is sure.

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    Sun, Jan 26th - 12:26AM


    Worship and stewardship are the two duties of man. God's interest in your life is to have you worship Him and to serve Him. This is why He took the pains to create you in His own image and His likeness. The image of God in you is His magnetic pull that enables you to worship Him. Each time you fail to do so, you find yourself empty, dry and wanting within you. This is a void that you cannot fill up on your own. His likeness in you enables you to serve Him with creativity, passion and innovation. These brings lasting fulfillment to your life and enables to meet all of your earthly needs.

    Any wise person who chooses to be a worshipful steward finds it easy to fill God's mission statement for all people in Genesis 2:28. They become fruitful multipliers who are able to fill the earth and both subdue and rule over it. Nothing satisfies you better that to know that you are excellently fruitful and multiplying with the ability to subdue and to rule within your area of niche.

    We at Grace Hour Enterprises feel that God has called us to be an enabler to worshipful stewards to realize their potential. We are therefore a commercial intermediary specializing in consultancy, counseling.\, media work and commissions agency. We serve you to enable you to excel.

    It is our most humble pleasure to serve you. Together,we can grow up together into fruitful multipliers who can both subdue and rule over the nations. Mshamba is a  Kiswahili word for Gardener. We will post worthy tips on Farming -As-A-Business while posting on farm based opportunities for your benefit.
    Karibu sana.

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    About Me: Grace Hour Enterprises is a Kenyan business specializing in consultancy, client counselling, commissions agency and media services. Mshamba Shambani is our Farm Management consultancy service delivered through outsourcing of our skills, staff, concep... more

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