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    Redeemed Hippies' Place for the Remnant of God
          This site is dedicated to all who want truth at any cost. All are welcome here. But, I will not sugar-coat anything here. I will not give a cotton candy gospel here. I will not walk on eggshells with you. If you do not have a desire for truth you will not like this site and I suggest you find other ways to preoccupy your time.

          I will speak the truth in regard to no man, teacher or preacher within the body of Christ who do not speak the truth. That does not mean that all their ducks have to line up with mine. It just means that there will be no lies taught or preached here. Darkness will be exposed here. Deceptions at the last hour will not be tolerated here.

          False teachers, false preachers and false pastors do not teach the truth. The truth is the cross upon which Jesus died upon. But they deny this truth when they either add to or take away from the Word of God. Their teachings are an abomination to the truth. They deceive you.

          Some may not like this site. They may even hate it. They may even accuse me of being divisive, rebellious, unteachable, religious and even guilty of having a Jezebel spirit. That would be nothing new to me and your accusations mean nothing to me. I am not here to pamper your idols. I would say unto you, why are YOU not testing things? Are you afraid something you have believed in may come tumbling to the ground? Then so be it. It is better that your idols would come crashing down than to lose your soul following heretics and apostates. I would ask you, are you more concerned about what man thinks of you, rather than God? For shame!

          No man died for you and no man ever will! Even if so, he would never raise from the dead for you! Let alone be able to pay the penalty for your sin!

          There will be no sacred cows here. If you do not want your idols touched, then do not come here. You may keep your delusions but as for me, I do not want them. I desire to see the yokes come off of many that were thrown upon them by false teachers and doctrines.

          "For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. 2 TOMOTHY 4: 3-4

    Wed, Aug 20th - 3:33PM

    HERETIC: Patricia King Occult Gospel

    Once again PK shows her true colors. That of one being a witch.

    She goes into a bookstore. She is talking with a man who tells her his dream about a UFO. There was a man in the UFO. She tells him she believes the man a representation of Jesus or an angel. She said it was to to show him things to come.

    She teaches no repentence, gives him no gospel. She actually reaffirms his belief in the occult by not teaching him the truth.

    “If you know the commandments of God…God can use you,” she tells him. WHAT! All we have to do is know the commandments??? What about knowing Jesus, PK! You deny the very One you claim to be an ambassador for!

    She tells him God as being a “source.” Source for what, PK??? For power? Is that all God is to you? A means to a source of power?!

    And that he, the man can “know the source in a personal way.” Not unless he comes through Jesus, for their is no other way. Or do you not believe this? Actually you do not!

    “He can give you more.” Yes, it is all about God just giving more and more, isn’t it?! You are a deceiver Patricia King and you know it, don’t you. For how can one proclaim to know the Word as well as you do and NOT know it!

    She tells the man God is a “God of all power but He only reveals it to certain people.” Oh yes, appeal to his importance, appeal to his pride, appeal to his flesh! I know exactly what you do. You are actually saying, “Look at me. I am of the elect. You can be one too. Follow me and I will teach you more of the things I know. Deep and strange things of God.” That is exactly what you and your people are doing. You are recruiting for this New Breed to help usher in anti-christ! And there is no truth in you!

    She tells the man she wants to pray for him. He asks why. Could he even be discerning something? He lets her.

    She tells him he can have a connection to God. But does not tell him how!

    She gives him nothing. No cross, no conviction, no repentence. And then she has the nerve to say, “God has great plans for you.” LIAR! Why o why did you not tell him that unless he came to to the cross, he is damned forever!


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    Tue, Aug 19th - 5:54PM

    Heresy: The Breasts of God

    Let the wicked forsake his way,
    and the unrighteous man his thoughts;
    Let him return to the Lord,
    and He will have mercy on him; And to our God,
    for He will abundantly pardon.
    -ISAIAH 55: 7-

    I apologise ahead of time for this video. It is so disgustuing I had to ask myself whether or not to allow it on my blog. I put it here for one reason only. Perhaps someone involved with the heretical movement within the church will be so sickened that they will have to stop and think about who and what they are follwing. For this truly is who and what you are following when you do not test the spirits.

    These false one, these liars, these heretics, these apostates have created a Jesus in their own wicked and evil image! Just as there surely is a movement that is bowing to this Jesus, there is another movement; one of rising up and calling things as they are and proclaiming “We will NOT follow the Jesus you are creating for us to worship!”

    Be forewarned this video is obscene to the real Jesus. There is no nudity, but the suggestion at what is taking place is greatly dramatized.

    If ONE person can truly look at it and have their eyes opened to what they are follwing, then is not worth putting here?

    I do apologise if this offends anyone, as it should to anyone with any kind of discernment. Please know my aim is not to shock or make you disgusted. My aim is to expose the heresies within the church. Sometimes, it just ain’t real pretty. There is no way to sugar-coat it. And I never will!


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    Sun, Aug 17th - 9:27AM

    A Special Message to Tod Bentley Followers

     Your blessed guru who you have followed and heralded as the new revivalist has bit the dust. I try not to gloat, but there are many of us that are rejoicing right now. Not because a marriage has gone wrong. Not because many have been hurt. But because this false lying prophet/teacher/evangelist is going down with all his lies and heresies. And we thank God that he has been exposed as the fake he is. He and his co-horts have brought reproach to the truth. The truth is not in them. So we rejoice that the wiles of the enemy has been exposed, and as of now, no longer able to deceive the masses as they had been doing with this revival.

    Tod Bentley was just a pawn used by a movement that demands we all worship their image of Jesus. They, just like the devil, will continue to try and milk him of everything he may be worth to them to advance their kingdom. If and when he should become useless to them, they will find another great one to bring their teachings and delusions.

    Many are saying right now we need to forgive and work together as brothers and sisters. I will continue in my stance; ever diligent to speak what I believe God calls me to speak. I will not work alongside of those apostates and heretics who deceive and tell lies through their witchcraft.

    I will call none of these false ones brother or sister for the sake of peace. I see no truth in them that would justify me calling them true children of God. IF they were, they would begin to repent for their harlotries and witchcraft.

    My compassion goes to those who have been greatly hurt during this. I would hope that you would continue to seek the TRUE God through the Word of God. Not by chasing man-made illusions and lies. Seek the One Who gave his life for you. Seek Him for who He is. Not for all you can get from Him. May we all learn to pick up our cross and follow the one and only true Jesus.

    It has been proven over and over what a fake this whole charade has been. Will you still not use your brain and test ALL things before the next big delusion comes? For it will surely come. I suggest you use this time to seek the Lord while He may be found. Lest you become part of a greater delusion.


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    Tue, Aug 12th - 7:27PM

    HERETIC Alert: Worshipping with the Planets (Part 1)

    This really ought to open up the eyes of the followers of the occult movement within the church. But no doubt, it still will not be enough! As they just love anything and everything that will not point them to godliness or repentance! They keep going back to their anointed ones to be taught heresy after heresy.

    For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness,
    than having known it, to turn from
    the holy commandment delievered to them.
    But it has happened to them according to the true proverb:
    A dog returns to his own vomit,
    and a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire.
    -2 PETER 2: 21,22-

    This is nothing more than a pagan-new-age-bewitched style of worship that has infiltrated the church!


    TRANSCRIPT for those of you who may find it hard to listen to this hellish and abominable racket: The speaker says, “The earth will echo the sounds of the heavens. And something will be released in the heavenly realm.” I say to that, yep, something will be released alright. But not what you think!

    “Let’s begin with the sounds of the sun.” NOTICE his eyes right at when he says that! Pause it at 34 or 34 or 35. You can not miss it! Looks like something out of a Stephen King movie. I kid you not!

    “Every star has it’s own song.” I suppose that may be true. As the Word does teach that everything that has breath will praise God. But does a planet have breath? Besides, what is the point? I don’t think God wants me spending time worshipping with the suns and planets. Is not God more concerned about his truth being taught rather than desiring man to make up their own gospel!

    “Let’s listen to another one. Let that penetrate your spirit.” Yeah, foolish ones, LET it penetrate your spirits. Let it go right to the very core of your being! Embrace the delusion even more so! Rather RUN, FLEE from the wrath to come!

    “Do you feel your spirit resonating with the praise of the stars?” All I feel is a terrible and awesome judgment coming. Do you not feel that!

    “My favorite is Saturn.” He would chose one of the creepiest.

    “Let that stir your spirit and let your spirit respond.” WHERE is that in the Word of God? SOMEONE please tell me. Because it just ain’t in my Bible. Let’s think about what that means.

    “Give an answering blast of praise. Shofars join in.” It’s a blast alright. Reminds me in the book of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar made a decree that at the sound of music, everyone had to worship an image he CREATED. (This will be explained further in Part 2)

    That is coming, church! Do not think it is not. These false ones are helping to usher in their “Jesus.” But it is not the real Jesus. We must chose NOW Who we will serve!

    Then a horrible sound begins as they all play their instruments in one unholy accord.
    Such grating sounds and noise. How can God Almighty be in this chaos! He isn’t!

    “It’s the sound of heaven invading the earth.” Sounds more like the sounds of hell!

    “The gates of the heavens are open. So, let’s declare the gates of the heaven are open. Lord we declare that a gate has been opened…” These people actually think they have the power to do what???

    “...for the angelic hosts to be released in a new level, in a new measure, in a new anointing of God has fallen.” IF they have opened up anything, all they have done is invite DEMONS down in their midst!

    “And God wants you to know as you leave this place that there are allies from the heavenly realms, there’s the power of God released to you.” Uh uh. Demons. And they are going home with you right after the meeting.

    I for one, will not be fellowshipping or worshipping with the planets or with these particular hosts of heaven.

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    Tue, Aug 12th - 7:26PM

    HERETIC Alert: Worshipping with the Planets AND With LUCIFER (part 2)

     No doubt witches and occultists have invaded the church! They are wanting to take over and they are getting by with it as long as the remnant does not speak out. These false ones are forming in ranks to bring something far more wicked than we have ever seen in this lifetime or could imagine. Their wicked agenda is to spread this delusion. If you thought Part one was bad, then prepare yourself for this. I have great reason to believe that this is nothing more than worshipping with Lucifer. And I believe I can prove it. Whenever you read the words such as ‘sound’ or ‘song,’ know it is Lucifer. He was in charge of music before he was cast out of heaven. What greater way for him to glorify himself than what he is best at. Music and sound!

    Nebuchadnezzar the king made an image of gold…
    that at the time you hear the sound
    of the horn, flute, harp, lyre, and psaltery,
    in symphony with all kinds of music,
    you shall fall down and worship the gold image…
    -DANIEL 3:1-6-

    WAKE UP Bride of Christ! WAKE UP lest you fall on your knees and worship an image made by man!


    TRANSCRIPT: Chuck Pierce, “Some of you feel your body moving. Let it move with the sound (Lucifer) of heaven. Some of your organs will come alive in a new way.” Satan is a Liar!

    Someone begins singing these words, “The sounds of heaven…” This is the same spirit of Jim Morrison! Anyone familiar with the Doors should be able to pick up on it.

    Chuck Pierce: “I see highways forming. Ways are being made for my people (the devils’ people)… The waves of sound are creating the way you will go in the season ahead.”

    Singing, “The sound creates a highway.” This is Lucifer they bear witness to! Whether they know it or not, I don’t know.

    Lets’ look at the Word of God:
    Trust in the Lord with all of your heart
    and lean not on your own understanding;
    In all your ways acknowledge Him,
    and He shall direct your paths.
    -PROVERBS 3:6-

    Who creates the highway or path? God, He creates your path. Not this sound or any form of music. These heretics are liars and manipulators of the Word. The truth is not in them!

    Chuck Pierce: “I see strands of DNA being reprogrammed by the sound of heaven going into bodies like laser of healings.” This is Lucifer proclaiming himself! Since when did Jesus ever heal anyone with some kind of sound!? All He had to do was touch them.

    Chuck Pierce: “God says a healing movement is beginning.” This is a lie from the sound. “It is part of my dominion.” Whose dominion? If this is not God speaking, (and it is not) then who is speaking? Lucifer!

    Chuck Pierce: “I see (says Satan) the earth that has been so filled with iniquity. (and my time is short, says Satan)

    Chuck Pierce: “I see him (Lucifer) rising up and saying ‘I hear the sound of heaven. I see the sound of heaven realigning man to bring forth the PLAN of the land.” The plan is for the whole earth to worship Lucifer!

    The real plan has already been done. It was Jesus. He was and is the plan for man. Jesus said, “It is finished.” Chuck Pierce, you tell lies in the name of the Lord! You are a heretic and false prophet!

    Chuck Pierce: “Give a shout unto heaven”

    The shout and music is heathenistic (is that even a word? It is now.) Noise and dancing. Woman sings, “join in the song of the ages.” Yeah, worship Lucifer all together!

    A woman comes up to the stage and begins speaking: “Through the sound it is being released.”
    She continues, “Even through your cellular structure within our bodies. Many of you will go back to the doctors and days ahead there will be a confirmation that signs and wonders and miracles will follow this manifestation of the spirit of god.” What god? LUCIFER! For the One True God is no where in this! So woman, you bear witness to another god!

    She continues with her lies: “But even now cancer cells are being changed. The very structures, cellular, put your hand upon your body right now. (She begins to scream like a banshee) and the power of almighty god, the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead NOW! NOW! (NOTICE her eyes!) releases the sound that vibration… moving through our bodies (meanwhile a woman in a colorful dress is dancing with movements that appear to be casting a spell, throwing something to the speaker. I kid you not!) every cell structure is changing and he (Lucifer) will bring confirmation to you. (Yes, Lucifer will help you to continue to love a lie!) Go check it out and see what the Lord has done! (Unfortunately there will still be the sick, the infirmed, and the oppressed. Maybe even more so. And even so, IF by chance one were to get healed? Who or what would be the god they would trust in from here on out? For God is not in this!)

    She screams again like some freaked out banshee, “This is the beginning! It has begun! It has begun! It has begun!” She is right. Something has begun. It sounds to me like some kind of occult battle cry. They are advancing in ranks while the church sleeps! While the shepherds let the wolves in! While those who want peace and love for the sake at any cost, keep their mouths shut, not daring to question or speak out against such atrocities. WAKE UP CHURCH! WHERE IS YOUR COURAGE! SHOW SOME GUTS!

    She lays her hand on Chuck Pierces’ head. The screaming starts. And the people embrace it all! Every bit of it! It is a scene that would remind anyone with any discernment of Moses coming down from the mountain and seeing the people worshipping the golden calf! The confusion, noise and music remind me of a an L.S.D. trip!

    Vince from another site (EndTimePropheticWord) said it all very well, “This is unbelievable! The only way to explain this is they start out playing noises the planets and the sun make which are eerie enough in itself, then they blow their shofars in reply, then the band starts joining in with repetitive brainwashing (SINGING). Truly this is demonic! I really cant do this justice. Redeemed, I’m going to guess that before you became a Christian , you probably took acid, (I DID). When you do this you enter into the demonic realm, I know, it is spooky and eerie!! This whole audio reminds me of doing acid and going to rock concerts both of which have a heavy demonic presence! This reminds me of what it was like to combine the two!!! I am 100% reading you on Jim Morrison, this is getting worse and worse all the time! They will have no problem brainwashing people at this rate!! I’m in utter amazement!! No JESUS, NO HIM CRUCIFIED, NO REPENTANCE!!! Also peculiar to note the comment about body organs! THIS IS STRAIGHT OUT OF THE PITS OF HELL!!! When I hear something like this it becomes plainly obvious how deep the deception. GOD HELP US!!!!!!!”

    I concur with Vince one hundred percent.

    If this is the sound of heaven (which it is not) then I don’t want to go there. Who in their right mind would want to spend eternity listening to this grating-harsh-hellish-horrendous abomination!? These sounds and music are from hell! Lucifer orchestrates this type of symphony of praise!

    Kate from the same site also said it well, “What we’re seeing here is an orgy - an orgy of self. Self promotion, self righteousness, self importance, self glorification ….. etc. Christ is not being glorified, our God is not in this. In the garden of Eden when man disobeyed God he changed Satan from a created being into a god to be obeyed above the great “I AM”. This is the god they are talking about, his demons are the angels they are talking about. They may use religious, spiritual language but their words are double speak.”

    I speak this to the deceivers: You liars, manipulators and apostates have made your battle cry known. Now hear this one! We will NOT bow to this Jesus you are creating! You are liars, heretics and false prophets and we will have nothing to do with any of you!

    But the wicked shall do wickedly;
    and none of the wicked shall understand,
    but the wise shall understand.
    -DANIEL 12:10-

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