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    A Godly View of the World
          Retiredrev's Personal Viewpoint

    Tue, Apr 27th - 2:02PM

    America in Biblical Prophesy

    America has been blessed for beyond measure in these almost 234 years of her existence. She was birthed by God, been nourished by God, is protected by God, and has been the world mission’s base for God. But in these past several years, we’ve been watching as our nation’s population has been progressively drifting from the shore of God’s protection and favor.

    The Bible has been under attack for centuries. Secular educational institutions began to downplay the scripture’s importance. In past history a number of our pastors began subscribing to a fallible Bible when they began selecting the parts for inspiration while leaving the rest of scripture to human experience. People in the pew and on the street then began viewing the sacred scriptures in less than a spiritual context.

    And thus today, we are experiencing the disappearance of spiritual morality and respect for the sacred things of God. The Christian faith, once the proud leader in our communities and across our nation, is now playing second fiddle to depraved human thought, to religious groups which can’t offer the love we find in Jesus Christ nor the hope of eternal life in Heaven. There are multitudes of individuals who play the religious game on Sunday, then walk in Satan’s shoes throughout the rest of the week. They justify their godless talk and actions by simply acknowledging that they are only human.

    In the midst of our decaying moral condition, some people question our nation’s place in the grand scheme of God’s prophetic word. "Where is American in Bible prophesy" they ask? Many assume that because God has been gracious to America through the years, He will surely have a special place in the end times event with America leading the way. Well, haven’t we always been a supporter of Israel, God’s chosen people? Perhaps, but that support is dwindling through these past few months. We are now living on dangerous grounds as a nation.

    I believe that we can find a scripture in the Bible which describes America, unless she repents, in the last days of the world’s history. In the book of Proverbs you find these chilling words. "Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people."(14:34). God’s wrath isn’t far away from striking our nation.

    I believe in the rapture of the church at some point in the future, a future that might be very near. Let us observe some facts which might prove me, along with millions of other believers, correct.

    The rapture will occur seven years prior to the second coming to earth by Jesus. It is an event which Paul describes in 1st Thessalonians 4:13-18. That event is the "catching away" of the church, or Christian believers, to meet the Lord in the air. Afterwards upon earth will follow the tribulation period which will usher in the Antichrist.

    When the Lord raptures believers out of the world that is going to leave a tremendous hole in the nation of America. According to the world count clock, there are presently more than 309 million people in the United States. Some say that 50% of this number is Christian. If so, just think about the tremendous void that will be left in the twinkling of an eye! Let’s say only 10% of the population are really true believers. That would mean the U. S. would lose almost 31 million people in the blink of an eye!

    That number gone from the population would throw the nation’s financial system into chaos. Besides that, America, in the blink of an eye, would lose military personnel, along with policemen and women. Teachers would be taken from class rooms, ditch diggers would be missing, street cleaners could not be found, and the list goes on and on. All of them gone!

    Besides the quick catching away of the believers, there would be the death of thousands of lost people. All around the world, planes will crash because believers are snatched from the cockpits of planes, drivers from automobiles, doctors from the operating rooms! Total chaos!

    The event of the rapture will leave America with only those who see no need for God, no need for Christian prayer, no need to stand up for the church and the Bible, and for sure no pray[ers] who can get hold of Heaven in a time of crises. Their perverted lifestyles, which fly in the face of God, will be able to pass any law they desire, act any way they want, but will not change the course of eternity future.

    The thought of the rapture doesn’t cause fear in my heart. It only excites me to know that I’m on the winning team.

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    Tue, Apr 27th - 1:51PM

    Faithful Church Members Enhance Church’s Ministry

    In an American Religious Identification Survey in 2009 individual core revelations are revealed by Jon Meacham in an article for Newsweek Magazine and referenced by Daniel Henderson in a May 4, 2009-article. The Newsweek story featured research dealing with "the decline of Christianity in America".

    The first of the core revelations finds that so called "self-identified Christians" fell by 10% since 1990. This means that there are a million fewer individuals in America claiming a relationship to Jesus Christ. The second core revelation finds that in the same nine-year period the number of individuals claiming to be atheist or agnostic has climbed "fourfold". Even our President announced in 2009 that the United States is a secular nation. It is not a Christian nation.

    I’ve not seen a survey nor read about a survey describing the attitudes toward the church by people of the church. I’m sure there are surveys out there with this information and if found reveals the true attitude of church members toward the church to which they belong. From outward observations it would seem that a large number of those belonging to churches give only token allegiance in support of their church.

    Every single local church would tremendously enhance their effective witness for the Lord in the midst of a declining spiritual nation if its membership supported its entire ministry. We often hear about the big crowds at the morning worship service, when the special musical is presented, or when some other special event comes to town. What about the Bible study time on Sunday nights or the midweek time for prayer and Bible study? They are generally supported by the faithful few!

    I know what the arguments are! Once is enough . . . too busy . . . not interested . . . tired . . . you can’t tell folk when they have to go to church . . . not relevant for our today . . . and the list of "reasons" could go on and on!

    Rather than dwell there, I want to share some things which will help strengthen our churches and the faithfulness needed to enhance ministries in local communities. The spiritual implication is of course to get one’s life right with the Lord Jesus, to love Him dearly, to serve Him supremely, and to support His church faithfully. In the midst of holding up the banner of Christ in one’s whole life, there are some things to consider.

    First, think with me about motivation. Motive is something which causes an individual to do something. It is stimulation which moves toward some goal. It is described as a fire from within. Churches need members who are indeed motivated with an inner fire which will cause them to fall in love with the Lord’s church and to give sacrificial support to its ministry.

    When an individual continually needs external stimulation, the fire will burn only briefly then go out. But when the stimulation or fire comes from within, as a result of a genuine relationship with God through Jesus Christ, then the fire burns brightly through life until death.

    Second, think with me about integrity. The dictionary describes this word as "the quality of being honest and morally upright". Integrity is built when character is tested. Faithful believers know of the Lord’s love for His church and as a member testifies to a personal relationship to Him by never being ashamed of doing what is right in God’s eyes.

    Third, think with me about commitment. Someone has said of commitment that "success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go". For church members, commitment means dedication to their church membership.

    Forth, think with me about surrender. Actually, this is a stronger dedication than commitment. People often renege on commitments which are often made in haste without counting the cost of long term effects. Surrender, on the other hand, means giving up! It says, "there is no more personal authority other than what one’s captors allow". Surrender is the action of the individual to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their personal life.

    These four traits, lived in obedience and loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ, will produce faithful church members who will tremendously enhance the witness of their local church. Will you be that faithful one?

    With these thoughts in mind, be alerted to Federal Judge Barbara Crabb’s recent ruling. She has declared as unconstitutional the National Day of Prayer [Fox News]. The court has declared it violates the separation of church and state. Every true church in America should plan for a special observance on this year’s National Day of Prayer on May 6! We can send a message of faithfulness across the bow of the sinking ship of America. Perhaps the faithful prayers of the people of God will rescue our nation from pending judgement by the hand of God.

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    Mon, Apr 12th - 1:49AM

    Warning! Danger Ahead!

    Danger signs are often seen when driving down our nation’s highways. It seems like every time I drive on an interstate highway, there are workers doing repairs. Signs are posted well in advance of the area or areas where these repairs are being made. They even warn of doubled fines if caught speeding when workers are present.

    There are also warning signs along the roadway of life. The medical profession warns the public about the dangers of overeating, of smoking, of alcohol, and a host of other items which can damage the human body.

    Law enforcement persons warn people about speeding when driving automobiles. Motorists are warned about incoming traffic, about railroad crossings, about potential deer crossings, about school buses unloading or loading school children, along with other dangerous areas of concern.


    We could go on to mention a number of other good and beneficial warning signs which are placed before the public’s eyes. We generally pay attention to these warnings because they can keep us out of trouble with the law and because they can eliminate some painful moments caused by disobedience.

    But there is a warning sign which is debated often, which is also disobeyed often, and which is disbelieved by many thousands and thousands and millions of individuals the world over. It’s the warning about a place called Hell. That warning is found in the Bible. Matter-of-fact, the Bible references only two places beyond the grave. One is the place just mentioned, which is reserved for Satan and his followers. The other is Heaven, the domicile of God the Father. Sometimes individuals will want to know where Hell is located. The only answer I know of which fits quite well is the one I heard long years ago. Hell is at the end of a Christ-less life.

    There is a story which describes the lifestyle of a rich man and of a poor man. Both died. The rich man’s lifestyle demonstrates a self centered, selfish life which evidently was lived without God. The poor man died and was carried into God’s presence, into to Abraham’s bosom, by angels, evidently confirming his relationship with God.

    The rich man is said to be “in torments in Hades” (Lk. 16:23). Hades is a word for the world beyond the grave. Whatever one might say about this place, one thing is sure, it is a place of suffering. And according to this text, it is a place where fire dominates. The rich man in verse 24 is quoted by Jesus as saying, “for I am tormented in this flame”.

    Just as roadside warning signs are posted for good reasons, so are the warning signs given in the Bible. Biblical warning signs are given to warn mankind of the danger which comes at the end of a Christ-less life. Some articles responders have suggested that preachers are out of place, as are other Christians, when they try to tell “them” how to live their lives. I don’t recall doing that and most of the believers who are willing to share Jesus Christ with lost people aren’t trying to tell people how to live their lives. I, along with they, are simply pointing out the danger signs which warns of future jeopardy unless something is done about their direction in life.

    If one puts a hand in the fire, firmly believing fire won’t harm it, will discover the error of that kind of thinking. The fact is, it is hot and will injure the hand. Or for someone to think that taking a bath in acid will do nothing more than purify their skin will discover the end result to most likely be death.

    So, just ignoring the messenger or rejecting the warning because of disbelief or simply because one desires to live their own lifestyle, doesn’t negate the warning. Beyond death, truth is as found in God’s Word alone.

    David, the song writer, wrote, “The wicked shall be turned into hell, And all the nations that forget God” (9:17). The writer of the Proverbs wrote, “Hell and Destruction are never full; So the eyes of man are never satisfied”. John, the revelator, penned in the last book in the Bible, “Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death” (20:14).

    Why do believers witness to lost individuals? They are reminding people about the warning signs the Bible has given so that friends, family members, and fellow human beings can be aware of potential problems beyond the grave. They do so knowing full well that the choice of how an individual responds to the warning signs is strictly up to the decision of the individuals themselves. And that is why I’ve written this article on Warning! Danger Ahead!

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    Mon, Apr 5th - 1:13AM

    A Short Cut To Understanding Human History

    History buffs look at the details as they study events of the past which have shaped the landscape of time. They literally spend thousands of hours searching through microscopic events to uncover the story of our past. Research is constant just as are the events which continues history’s story. Their interest is in getting history correct, not in making history fit some ideological persuasion.

    Their historical shortcuts are for the benefit of those like myself who aren’t interested in the details but who are willing to accept the facts revealed in the writings of those who have spent time digging out the details and who are trust worthy in their revelations.

    We have just celebrated the one season of the year which is as unbelievable in its historical teaching as any human being can accept. When the women arrived at the tomb of Jesus, they fully expected to find the dead corpse of Jesus their friend. They even carried with them the spices with which they would anoint the body.

    The disciples were in hiding, fearing they might be the next target of the religious leaders. The scriptures use terms like sad, astonished, terrified, frightened, and disbelief to describe the condition of those who had followed Jesus before His death on the cross.

    But as they came to see Jesus and believe in His resurrection, so we too must begin to see our relationship to Him in a new light. Let’s ask ourselves if we really believe what we believe. You see, on several occasions, Jesus told His followers that He must go up to Jerusalem, that He must suffer at the hands of the rulers, that He would be crucified, and that He would rise the third day. And as they missed the point, so do we often miss the point.

    Not one of His followers believed what He said. Why else would they be sad, discouraged, in hiding, frustrated, and astonished? Why did they go to the tomb in search of a body and become astonished when they couldn’t find it? Because they looked only for one to deliver them from the strong hand of the Roman government. And I fear that today many believe only so they can expect a miracle or financial gain, or some other freedom from a physical burden.

    In a short cut of human history, bypassing all the details involved, we can view the four most important events to ever face the human race. First, there is the curse! It occurred in the Paradise of God, the home of Adam and then his wife Eve.

    You know the story from the scriptures. Adam was given a mandate by God. He had access to everything good and was to guard his mind by restricting the “tree of the knowledge of good and evil” from his possession. Then came Satan and caused Eve and thereby Adam to fall from the lofty position of perfection into the mortal man who brought the sting of sin into the human race. Thus, we are a fallen people. We all die as a result of the sin nature. Thus, the result of the curse.

    History moves forward to the cross. Because of the sin nature, because of fallen mankind, Jesus came seeking to save all who would trust Him as their sacrifice and savior. He is our provision for the forgiveness of sin.

    Following fast upon the heels of the cross is the crown. By that I mean, the resurrection of Jesus is the seal which guarantees the blood stained cross of Christ as our place where sin is forgiven. You see, a dead savior would be no savior at all. But, the resurrection of Jesus shows us that He is alive and desires to be alive in the human heart as well.

    Now the tomb is empty. Some 2,000 years have come and gone. What is next on God’s calendar? The second coming of Jesus to the earth. This time He comes, not to a cross, but to reign, not to suffer but to bring His children home.

    It’s a short cut to understanding human history, yet it is supported by tons of manuscripts and eyewitnesses to the miracles of God through the lives of His people. Some will reject our short cut, but one day yet future, it is my belief that all their testimonies and their writings will prove that man fell because of the curse of sin, that the cross was to give the sinful world the perfect sacrifice, that the resurrection sealed the deal, and that when He shows up in the air for the bride, the church, His people will have only begun to live!

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    Sun, Mar 28th - 10:42PM

    Easter Seals The Believer’s Hope

    Visitors to the tomb of Jesus on that first Easter Sunday were met with surprise along with the message long awaited by generations of faithful followers of God. They brought spices with which to anoint the body of their beloved Jesus. As they approached the tomb, they questioned how the stone guarding its entrance would be removed.

    But when they got to the place where Jesus had been entombed, they discovered that the stone had been rolled to the side and the entrance was opened. There was also an angel in the garden with the message of hope which remains alive today. The message of hope was simple and straightforward. “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen! Remember how He spoke to you when He was still in Galilee, saying, ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again”.(Lk 24:5-7).

    With that fulfilled promise, Jesus sealed God’s plan for the salvation of mankind. That’s when John 3:16 came alive. There Jesus had said, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”. Someone wrote in response to one of my articles, that " Religion is sort of like a lift in your shoes. If it makes you feel better, fine. Just don't ask me to wear your shoes ". God hasn’t forced Himself upon anyone. Choice is written throughout this verse. No one has to get a true spiritual lift, but the opportunity for eternal life with Him is open for all who comes to Him by faith.

    Easter is a tremendous spiritual motivation for the Christian community. We gather in churches, on main streets, in outdoor arenas, on pond banks, in open fields, and in other settings for the purpose of celebrating this miraculous event. The resurrection finalizes all the work of redemption which God the Father set in motion.

    The spelling of the word “Easter” tells its own story. The first “E” represents eternity. The Christ of the empty tomb is the “Word became flesh” of John 1:14. And according to verse 1, “the Word was God”. So, Easter is about eternity past entering time for a few years. It is about the eternal God stepping out of infinity to enrobe Himself for a season in the form of mortal man. It is when Heaven touches earth in a very unique way.

    The “A” reminds us about the assurance which Easter gives to the individual who receives the Son of God into the heart by faith. The world can’t grasp this thought because it isn’t logically possible. And they refuse the love of God which promises a new life with a new heartbeat through faith, knowing there is assurance in what the Bible teaches.

    The “S” in Easter can refer to the salvation which comes through the Jesus Christ of the cross. Salvation means there is preservation from harm for an individual. In the Christian faith, the word is descriptive of the deliverance from sin and all its consequences. It means the believer won’t go to Hell after death. It means believers have a home in Heaven after death.

    The letter “T” reminds the Christian how their relationship with God began. The word is “trust”. It is a reference to one’s faith which is firm because the Bible is a reliable source, having seen its past promises fulfilled. Upon the basis of the present fulfillment of the past promises, trusting God for the future is easy.

    The next letter is “E”. This second “e” reminds Christians that they will spend eternity with the God Who is eternal. That eternal life is assured because of the One Who came to earth from eternity past and paid the supreme sacrifice for the souls of lost humanity.

    Then finally, the letter “R” sums up the whole story of the season. “He is not here, but is risen”. The resurrection is a human impossibility, yet Jesus got up out of the grave and was seen by upwards to 500 people at one time.

    Thus, Easter is about eternity, assurance, salvation, trust, eternal life, and the resurrection. But it is all for naught unless the individual person accepts Him into the heart by faith.

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