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    The Tattoo Sanctuary
          A blog about all things spiritual...with a lot less religion and a whole lot more Jesus. It's time for the church to get off it's collective butt and get back to the things of God. Things like grace , mercy, peace, compassion, love and most of all reaching out to people with the Good News of Christ.

    Fri, Mar 13th - 6:02PM

    Back On The High Speed Highway!!

    It's been months since I have been on this site.  There have been a lot of reasons for this, some of them good, some not so good.  The biggest reason has been that I had to get rid of my high spped internet acces back in October for financial reasons.  But now, I'm back baby and better than ever. Since last fall there have been several changes to my life most of them really good.  Here's just a partial list of some of the things that have happened since I last blogged.

    1.)  We are beginning to see some really big things beginnng to happen and other taking shape at the church I pastor.  We are beginning to turn a corner i believe.  and the main reason for this is a renewed focus on prayer and a concentration on others.

    2.) My daughter was just recently accepted to the University of Michigan.  Since I am a really big Michigan fan (I bleed Maize and Blue) this is a big deal. She wanted to apologize because it wasn't a "christian school", but I feel she can be a christian in any school.

    3.)  This same daughter made a re-commitment to the Lord recently.  I have seen such a change in her and because of that change she hasbecome a huge challenge to me and my faith.  It is really making me grow.

    4.)  My wife finally found a part time job.  In the economy here, finding a job, any job is tough.  She's doing really well and her manager and supervisor both love her.  I guess for once her OCD tendencies can come in handy.

    The two not so good things to happen since the fall have been:

    1.)  I was recently arrested.  Back in the fall I received a ticketfor not wearing a seat belt (a civil infraction in our great state), I fought the ticket because I was wearing one,but the officer sad he didn't see it. In fighting the ticket I lost (surprise), I told the magistrate that I didn't have the money to pay the fine coould I have an extension. I then forgot to pay the fine after the extension (must be my old-timers kicking in) it was then my license was suspended. I never received any notification that it had been, so in February I was pulled over and they found my license was suspended and since I was driving, the officer had to take me in for DWLS (Driving While License Suspended), this is a misdemeanor in our state.  I have since stood before the judge, pleaded guilty (Hey I was,, no sense fighting this one) and will be paying the fines for it.

    2.) Today, I had to put our dog Cujo down. He's been in our family for ten years, we got him as a pup. But we recently found out that he had cancer and hip dysplasia. So to keep him from being in too much pain and only getting sicker, our family decided that the humane things was to put him down.  While I understand this, emotionally I know that it was a terrific blow.

    Thanks for letting me rant...I know that there was a whole lot of spirituality in this post, BUT, deal with it...........

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    Fri, Sep 26th - 8:57PM

    Life And Death

    It's kinda funny....Even though I am a pastor and I have had to deal with the death of congregation members and family members, it's still amazing how fragile life is. It's also amazing that regardless of the amount of training you receive it's still so hard to talk with a family who has just lost a loved one.

    Today, I was called out by our local fire department (I am one of their local chaplains and victim services workers) because they had received a call of a man in full cardiac arrest.  When I got to the scene, the gentleman (His name was Bob) had already passed away.  I spent the next little while at his home with his wife, two sons and two daughter's in law. To hear the anguish, to see the pain and frustration and to feel so inadequate....Man, that was frustrating.

    The words of comfort that I tried to offer, the scriptures that I reminded the family of, and the prayers that I lifted up on their behalf, while I know that they were useful, seemed so small compared to their pain.  I know that the Lord was there, that he was surrounding the family with his love, grace and comfort...but still I wish I could have done more.

    Why do I feel so inadequate as a minister of the gospel?  Why do I feel like I am of no use at all when it comes to helping relieve the pain and suffering of others?  Why can't I do more????  Lord, help me be the beacon of light to those who need you so desperately in this world.  Help me be the man that you so desire me to be!!!!  I want to be used completely and absolutely by you.  Jesus, I am yours....use me as you will.

    Father, may this be my life or death plea....In Jesus name, AMEN!!!

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    Mon, Sep 22nd - 10:43PM

    It's Not Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, so my wife and I went to the St. Joe County Grange Fair on Saturday.  We have been in the area for about 31/2 years now and this is the first time we made it to the fair.  It's not like my wife and I hate going to the fair, I mean when we were growing up, we couldn't wait for the county fair to come each year.

    Once we got there I told traci that I wanted to see how long it would take for someone to recognize us or we recognized someone.  Needless to say it only took about five minutes (Says a lot about a small town, doesn't it).  We could barely walk a few feet without someone knowing us and stopping us to talk.  Which was really cool, I might say.

    So, we walked around, looking at the sights, watching the kids ride the rides, smelling the smells (stale beer, stale cigarette smoke and carnival food) etc.. We even got to hear the "Star" attraction for the night...A concert put on by one Mr. Blake Shelton.  My daughters boyfriend is a big Blake Shelton fan, so I called him up on the cell phone and had him listen to it in the background.  Cody got a little miffed with that but OH WELL!!

    Anyway, the one thing I saw over and over again we're parents dealing with crying, whining bratty kids (Thank you Jesus that mine are grown up.  Not that they might be a little whiny and bratty still sometimes), I don't know how many times I heard "It's NOT FAIR!!!" He got this or I wanted that or I want to ride this ride or I should have won that prize!!  Man, people can be selfish.

    You know what that made me start thinking about?  I started thinking about how grateful I am that Jesus never said "That's not fair!!"  He willing took my place on the cross to die for MY sin so that I could have a personal relationship with God Almighty (Not Bruce Almighty or even Evan Almighty). John 3:16 kept coming into my head again and again.

    Thank you Lord for taking my place.  Thank you Lord for dying for me.  Thank yo Lord for allowing me to have a personal relationship with you as my Lord and Savior. I know it's not fair, but thank you anyway........

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    Sun, Sep 7th - 5:45PM

    God's Greatest Dream

    Worship today was a wonderful blessing...  We had a great time in the presence of God this morning.  We began a new series that is taking us through the first five books of the Bible.  We examined creation and what is what to God, and what it should mean to us as humans and as believers.

    Have you ever thought about the fact that God's greatest dream was to see creation? and that ALL of creation was created so that we could enjoy it.  You are the apex of creation.  God did all of this so that he could have a relationship or be in community with us.  Isn't that amazing to you?  It sure is to me.

    I have a question for you.  What are you going to do with this new knowledge?  (Maybe it isn't all that new, I never said I was that smart)  i know that I sure am going to live my life a whole lot different. Knowing that God created all of the universe so that we the greatest of his creations, the ones made in HIS image, could live a life full of just that LIFE is a true blessing.

    This week as you live your life.  Dream a dream. Dream a great dream.  And always remember, when God dreams....He dreams of YOU!!!!!!!!!

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    Mon, Sep 1st - 10:26PM

    Hello Boys....I'm Back!!!!!

    It's been a while since I posted my last blog.  Things have been a little hectic around the Montgomery household.  Three of the kids are getting ready to go back to school tomorrow.  One of the others starts a new job and has to go to Grand Rapids for a month of training (he will be gone Mon-Fri).  I have been trying like crazy to get assimilated in this new job and already i have people asking me if I would possibly consider being a manager at one of our local stores.  Something that I have been praying about.  It might be a good thing.  it could help out both the family and can the church financially so who knows.

    Even though things have been rather hectic around here, we have seen the Lord blessing as well.  A young couple who had a baby a few weeks back (She was approximately 6 weeks premature) was finally able to bring her home from the hospital.  She's still so tiny and is on an apnea monitor, but still, she's home.  What a blessing.  Not only that but now I get to do a baby dedication real soon.  I told the family that my tradition is not to hold the baby until the dediction, but when that day comes, I may not give the baby back for the rest of the service.  I've been known to preach with the baby in my arms.  Babies are a true miracle to me.  I mean to hold such a little life. To know that this child is so precious to God, that he sent his son to die in her place and mine. All this so that we could inherit heaven.

    You know what I like best though?????  One day we're going to here Jesus say the exact same thing as I did in the title of this blog.  One day the world is going to hear the Son of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords say that he's back.  Man what a glorious day that will be.  Are you ready for it?????  I sure am........

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