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          Matt:18:18,19 "Again I say unto you,That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

    Sat, Dec 27th - 9:28PM

    Jesus our rock!

    Hello , hope everyone had a great Christmas and hope will all have a wonderful new start, new beginnings with the new year! We need Jesus now more than ever ! He is our rock! Our solid foundation! Trust in Him always.

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    Tue, Jun 24th - 10:13PM


    Greetings Everyone! I know I haven't written in awhile . Of course alot has happened and time has gotten away with me. I come to share with you the "Healing Revival, The Florida outpouring "in Lakeland Florida, with Todd Bentley.  It is an Awesome revival. During worship people are healed when God's Glory falls. No one lays hands on you or anything, and the revival is contagious, you go there get you some and bring it back to your church. The testimonys are incredible!  There has even been creative miracles, the best part is they have been documented by the Dr's, and verified as a true miracle!  Diseases have been healed. Incurable cancer, the list goes on and on.  It is a true biblical healing revival.  The Lord is pouring out His Glory! Prayers are being answered. The winds of Mercy have blown in. Please if you do nothing else , check this out. You can catch it on Direct Tv-GTV, the God tv channel. or You can go to Todd Bentley's web site, Freshfire.ca, click on the live broadcast. You can't go wrong take time and watch it you will be Blessed!!

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    Thu, Feb 28th - 5:53PM


    Agreeing together, wow imagine how much power we have when two or more agree.  Don't you think it is amazing how God encourages us to have fellowship and prayer with one another. Why do you think that is?   Because the more that believe together the more power we have in faith.  When people are on the same page about things,it's amazing what can happen. When we stand alone we become weak and vunerable, it's hard to fight battles by yourself.  That's why when you are in need of prayer, to go ahead and ask people to pray for you, get others to agree with you that God will give you an answer.  The bible states that one puts a thousand angels to flight and two , 10thousand, wow that is totally awesome.  Ok, there also is the part about the mustard seed, "if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you can move mountains!  Ok, now ask yourself am I moving mountains? With just these  few things I've described..we can have our prayers answered and have great testimonys unto our God..than what are we waiting for ??  We have so much to work with...agreeing with others, putting angels to flight, a grain of mustard seed! What power we have, but do we use it?  Are we down and defeated all the time?  This gal for one is going to reexam her trust and faith in the Lord and stop being so easily swayed by things of this world and the enemy.  God wants us to commune with him, to take our problems to him no matter how big or small, He loves us and cares about the things that we go through, and most of all He understands. Talk with him like you do your friends or husband or wife. God is not untouchable (like some preachers) I think God is more accessable than alot of folks think.  Commune, be at peace, EVERYTHING IS FATHER FILTERED! God Bless you!

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    Tue, Feb 19th - 8:18PM

    Positive or Negative, your choice!

    Positive or Negative, which do you choose?  We are suppose to be stronger and more positive than the world, and yet we as christian's seem to be more negative about things than non-christians.  If there is one thing I absolutely hate is someone being negative.  People looking at the hole in the donut instead of the donut itself.  I know I sound a little strong, but you know we are suppose to be examples....how can we be good examples if we constantly are doom and gloom and sad.  For example:  I have a friend who is in the hospital who is struggling with a transplanted kidney which is in rejection.  She is trying so hard to have faith that God is going to heal her and make that kidney brand new and in acceptance to her body.  But there are those around us that have her with one foot in the grave and  the other one about to go....HOGWASH!  I SERVE A GOD OF MIRACLES AND I REFUSE TO BELIEVE ANYTHING LESS!  If God has created us he sure can fix us.!  Really we should be ashamed of ourselves for making God appear less than what He is.  Lets be positive and see the power of God work through us by encouraging those who are down, and uplifting them out of their despairing pit that causes them to be in depression and hopelessness.  Lets pray for one another for better attitudes then what we've been having.  I am speaking to myself also, at times it is a struggle to be positive in a negative world, but through prayer and worship we can change that. Which do you choose? Let's do a self exam, and lets prove that we can change our circumstances around us see the Power of God work.  God Bless and have a wonderful day!

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    Mon, Feb 18th - 1:57PM


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