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    Comment List
    You must gather a lot of strength from the Lord to do this work, for certainly, you will be facing many peoples' terrible and deep pain on an almost continous basis. I say this not to discourage you, rather I wish you to understand how noble a cause you take on.

    I am sure as a Psych major, you have already come accross the statistics of divorce and suicide versus your choosen occupation. This is not something to dwell upon, but to consider very soberly, and being aware of the dangers, to be wise enough to arm yourself against them.

    Be very serious about considering the need to take a sabatical in this line of work and align you finances accordingly. This may sound like worldly advice, but I can't find the scripture I was looking for on this. Take it as my advice and compare it versus the scriptures. You might find something that I have not.

    May God give you Strength,

    2005-12-05 19:01:29 Posted by Mel ()

    Is it Ok if I tell you in front of all these good people that I am really proud of you? I can almost hear my friends here being surprised at how together you are at 19 years old and it reminded me that we might take that for granted sometimes.
    Keep up the good work.
    2005-12-05 19:41:51 Posted by Jon ()

    I don't think "worldly" is the right word to describe your advice. It is practical advice that takes into account the financial realities of life. Christians are called to seem foolish for God in some situations but that does not mean we have to be fools. We can still plan ahead. There is no need to make God rescue us from financial difficulties if we are capable of managing our finances well. It is part of being a good steward of what God gives us.
    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for suggesting a sabatical. I have considered the emotional intensity involved. In fact I am beginning to experience that intensity at the crisis pregnancy center were I volunteer as a counselor. I had not however, thought of planning to take breaks. I do not know if that will be possible or necessary, but I think it is a good idea to plan for such a situation in case it does become a problem.
    2005-12-05 22:48:43 Posted by C'Anne ()

    Thank you for saying that. I don't feel like you take it for granted, butit's still nice to hear. I love you, Daddy.
    2005-12-05 22:50:30 Posted by C'Anne ()

    I believe that the world we live works in cycles, it usually takes three or four generations to realise the faults of the previous ones, then we see change. The O.T. is full of stories about the Israelites turning to God & then a few years later turning away.
    God is in control, He is the God of History just as much as he is the God of the future.
    Feel secure in the fact that although it would seem the world is going to pot, did not Jesus say, there will always be wars & rumours of wars?. It does not matter in which form these wars take.
    He will never leave you, never forsake you, be encouraged dear sister, like Jon said, "keep up the good work".
    His work is Awesome
    Love in His Name Stuart
    2005-12-06 02:23:49 Posted by Stuart (stuart@sadrankin.com)

    You are kind to give my thought such consideration, C'Anne. Let whatever you take form my thoughts be as scriptural as you can, and don't worry about what I think so very much. My concern is real. It is a great thing you intend to do, and I am sure that it will be humbling at times as well. I would hate to see you burn out and then lay judgement (wrongly so) on your failure to keep it up. God may grant you incredible strength in this, and you may be able to do far beyond what my faith and understanding allows me to consider possible. I know it is so, and I can ask for more than my poor vision allows me to see for that very reason. It is a fearful thing, to ask with that kind of faith, and not know what form the answer will take.

    In prayer, I pledge to ask God to bless you and keep you safe. Suffering will come, I am certain, and you will be better for it, knowing and trusting God. (maybe stepping off the path, and being shown the way back, who knows...)

    I ramble. I need sleep.

    Another Day,

    2005-12-06 03:22:03 Posted by Mel ()

    We may have forgotten to tell you this. Mel's incredible depth comes from sleep deprevation. Its a proven technique of stayng up all night and blogging. I'm thinking of trying it, as soon as I get the time.
    2005-12-06 09:42:40 Posted by Jon ()

    2005-12-06 13:50:13 Posted by LOL ()

    Yeah, sure, Daddy, I can picture you staying up late at night fighting with Joel for the computer so you can blog all night. You who takes naps whenever you can and always goes to bed at 10 if you can.
    2005-12-06 19:03:47 Posted by C'Anne ()

    Listen, there are certain family details that don't need to be mentioned in public places.

    And I haven't had a nap in days.
    2005-12-06 21:20:34 Posted by Jon ()

    Although I know you are jesting a bit, there may be more truth to what you say than you know, Jon. And your own child might be the one to back me up on this.

    I have been through SERE training. Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape. I also have a smattering of an understanding of how "reeducation" camps and "deprograming" work. Sleep deprivation is, in fact, a tool used to break a persons resistance down and make them more prone to accept suggestion.

    C'Anne, have you guys touched on this yet?

    So, although such was not my intention by design, it is possible that circumstance that has me up till all sorts of strange hours, indeed does help what I study reach deeper into my being!

    I think God is amused by things such as this. I don't know how many times I wanted to change the routine, but since part of the routine requires the flexability to have no set routine, I am forced to take what I can, and yes, although I am at times joyful and giddy, there are times, often enough, where I have grumbled rather privately to myself before God. Silly me!

    (and that was a bit of a Hemmingway there, wasn't it?)

    In Good Humor,

    2005-12-07 00:27:38 Posted by Mel ()

    Actually, the main reason that I haven't really tried your plan is that I seem to one one of those who just gets stupider without sleep.
    2005-12-07 09:35:39 Posted by Jon ()

    You and me both, Daddy!
    2005-12-07 13:37:28 Posted by C'Anne ()

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