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    Comment List
    Thanks for the poem and the photo.
    That must have been a wonderful trip.
    I think I mentioned to you that I lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years.
    We never visited Israel though.
    If we had chose to, we could not have our passport stamped because the Saudis might not let us back into the country.
    We never took the chance with the children.
    Love and hugs. ML
    2007-07-19 14:27:15 Posted by Mary Lou ()

    Hi Mary Lou
    Thanks for visiting me
    No, I did not know you lived in Saudi Arabia.
    That must have been interesting. Yes the children have to be thought about very much.
    I know about the security. Went we visited Egypt, it was very strict.
    Have a wonderful day
    God's blessing on you and yours

    2007-07-19 14:35:03 Posted by From God's Word ()

    Jonah, by God, to Nineveh was sent
    "Preach to the people and tell them to repent"
    But Jonah disobeyed; upped and turned tail
    Took to the sea and ended up in a whale

    Such a lot of people dwelt in that great city there
    They needed to be saved but Jonah didn’t care
    But he was taught a lesson and God’s word was heard
    And the people repented and the whole city was spared

    Oh what if there was no preacher with love or concern
    To tell you of sin and from evil to turn
    Empty pulpits everywhere; pleading voices are silent
    Good news to be delivered but no messenger is sent

    No one to tell you of Jesus and His wonderful love
    Of forgiveness and healing and a home up above
    Of the glory of Heaven and the awfulness of Hell
    Oh what would you do if there was no one to tell?

    What if each Sunday you turned your radio on
    No gospel programmes broadcast and forever are gone
    Silence on the air; nothing can you hear
    Not even a gospel song or poem comes to your ear

    How the people of Nineveh must have rejoiced
    For the preacher returned and God’s message was voiced
    They repented and were spared for his words they heeded
    But for them to hear the Gospel a preacher was needed

    Despise not then the preaching of the Word
    Or those who present to you their Saviour and Lord
    Reject God’s message and your soul you condemn
    But the redeemed will forever rejoice that someone preached to them

    Colin Moffett

    I sent you this poem as I thought it tied in with your husbands poem. That is another nice poem you have posted Brenda...God bless

    2007-07-19 18:18:02 Posted by Colin ()

    Oh Colin,
    That poem of Jonah is so nice.
    Put together so good.
    Arthur read it and liked it.
    Your poem ends nicely and adds meaning

    Oh Jonah, book of wonders!

    Thanks for your visit and compliment. I really do it for God's glory, not mine.
    Take care in Ireland.

    2007-07-19 19:51:40 Posted by From God's Word ()

    Very nice poem. And yes God will restore Israel and His people. Amen
    In Gods Love.
    2007-07-19 23:14:44 Posted by Bro Larry ()

    I read this and long to write. Pray that I might write again, for in verse, there is less offense it seems to me, and I am often harsh and blunt and rough. Poetry forces that aside, I think, but I lack something and cannot tell what it is to seek it.

    Still in Thanks for Your Verse,

    2007-07-20 02:10:26 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi Bro. Larry and Mel,
    Thanks a heap for visiting. It is always a pleasure to hear from friends.
    God's people are the best.

    Israel is coming into the promise - very soon I believe. I believe God has had about enough of the world's harsh treatment on Israel.

    Mel, you CAN write. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me": Phil 4:13 Pick up that pen, and start today. Bathe your heart in prayer and God will do the rest. I too will agree with you in prayer.
    Like you, I believe that sometimes a message can just go out better through poetry.
    I belive determination and God's strength is all one needs, - especially if it is for His glory.
    Love in Christ,
    2007-07-20 07:56:29 Posted by From God's Word ()

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