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    Comment List
    Of course we can speak for God (I am referring to what you wrote in your other post). But when we do, we shall in no way do what the Children of Israel did when they made a molten calf of God. We shall not do what the Israelis did when they made to sanctuaries; two golden calves, - one in Betel, in the “Church - the birth place”, and one in Dan, in the “judgement” (I Kings 12:28-29). And we shall not swear, meaning we shall not give the impression God is bound by our words. This is to take the name of The Lord in vain.

    Sins of this kind to the Israelites were unbearable, really: One cannot question God. And God worked by the Children of Israel. I think. But God forgives, and God have/has always forgiven given regret. But people lost are lost – regret not given.

    (I am to be found on the blog ‘Oh me … Tihi!’)
    2007-05-04 18:15:45 Posted by Anders W.E. (awell@online.no)

    OK. Those will take some room to answer. I'll post some comments on my blog. But maybe not until Sunday.Today is a busy one.
    2007-05-05 09:37:39 Posted by Jon (Walking in the light) ()

    By the way I believe Sigmund Freud was insane. Hypnotizing people. Tihi!
    2007-05-05 15:07:26 Posted by Anders W.E. (awell@online.no)

    Hi Meghan,
    I have been busy too and just reading over some blogs tonight (11:30pm).
    I would like to comment on your concerns but I see that Jon will help you out.
    Trust what he says. He is a good man and used to teaching.
    God bless you in your journey.
    You are doing the right thing and questioning what you don't understand.

    2007-05-05 23:32:21 Posted by Mary Lou ()

    I posted some comments to your good questions on my blog. Mary Lou is very kind and could have done a great job on your questions if she wanted to stay up a while. Be sure tocheck out her blog often.
    By the way, my daughter C'Anne has future plans very much like yours. She is a junior at Azusa Pacific University.
    2007-05-06 19:49:57 Posted by Jon ()

    I think Jon covers this pretty well. Still, do not rely upon the understanding of one man. Being a baby in Christ, as it were, it cannot be expected for you to challenge what is presented to you. But you should search it out as best you can. Seeking multiple counsel is good. Gathering together counselors that will tickle your ears and say what you wnat to hear is not what God wants for you.

    This is in part responding to what you shared about choosing a church. You almost got an outright response from me, but I checked myself. I am not always as gentle as one can be, so I will beg your forgiveness beforehand. I do have thoughts on that, and I am trying to be truthful and not hurtful. If you want a specific prayer request for me, it would be that God gives me the way to do just that.

    Go In Grace,

    2007-05-07 17:36:57 Posted by Mel ()

    I posted something as a preamble to what I want to say on my 'Odd Stuff' blog. If you get a chance, please tell me what you think I am saying so that I know if I am being understood. I do have more to say, but I wnat to get one idea across to you first before I push on to what I really think I need to say...

    In Truth,

    2007-05-08 17:25:53 Posted by Mel ()

    So that doesn't mean that you are not going to post anything until you have read the whole Bible through, does it?
    How was your church hunting this week?
    2007-05-10 19:41:09 Posted by Jon ()

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