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    Comment List
    Thanks for the good info, Sharon.
    I am interested in that Book of Daniel.
    Thanks again.
    God bless you my tasphilas.
    2007-05-15 20:44:59 Posted by Mary Lou ()

    Aha! You got here first... I just emailed you and told you about posting that info. Well, I hope you and many others will find it all helpful!
    2007-05-15 21:31:36 Posted by sharon41 ()

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for sharing the information and the url address. I have already been there, and signed their guest book. The Rosses, have a lot to read and study, will return and check it out.
    God bless you and yours...Would you like to link your site to mine, if so, let me know,ok.
    With God's Love,
    2007-05-16 00:26:17 Posted by Lois ()

    Hi Sharon....must take time and check out these websites. Have read your other posts. Sorry you are diabetic. I was to get tested for diabetes the day my father died hence I missed that appointment. Now I really should go and see to it! Love your poems Sharon and thank you for linking me up to your site. I shall return the favour. CD is....ahem....er...still not posted! Working up to it! God bless
    2007-05-16 06:14:01 Posted by Colin ()

    Hi Lois,
    Do I have your url to your site? I'm having a senior moment! I'd be glad to link to you... is the url on your blog? Will hiker on over there in a minute... :+)
    Have a good day in the Lord.
    serving Jesus with Joy!

    2007-05-16 09:14:02 Posted by sharon41 ()

    Colin, my friend, procrastinating on getting a cd sent in the mail and procrastinating on getting tested for diabetes, is two different matters! Get yourself tested, my friend!
    Speaking of the cd, Christmas has come and gone. Valentine's Day has come and gone. St. Patrick's Day has come and gone. Mother's Day has come and gone. You only have a few more holidays to let go by this year... and you're already batting zero. But I won't say anymore about it... Let your conscience be your guide! :-)
    Take care, and God bless.
    serving Jesus with Joy!
    2007-05-16 09:20:36 Posted by sharon41 ()

    Morning Sharon,
    Another beautiful day our Lord has given us, even tho it is raining, we sure needed it.
    Our url site is at the header blog. Will jot it down again. Thanks
    http://www.samloischristiansite.com -
    The Journey Home --
    You can leave your url site, for me.
    God bless, have a great and wonderful day.
    With God's Love,
    Lois J.
    2007-05-16 09:50:19 Posted by Lois ()

    Hi Lois, yes, I remember now that I did have that info because I visited your site. Will get you linked on my site today! And I'd best do it now before my mind leaves me again... It does that often!!! :-(
    Take care and God bless, my friend.
    serving Jesus with Joy!

    2007-05-16 10:20:16 Posted by sharon41 ()

    What is procrastinating Sharon..that is too big a word for me and another thing...everyday is a holiday with me! You will be glad you waited for the cd...could be a bonus with it!! Our next big holiday is the Twelfth week in July..now work that one out! Take care.
    God bless
    2007-05-16 18:08:52 Posted by Colin ()

    Colin, do you have a dictionary, or is that too big a word too? LOL! Procrastinating means putting off, waiting, not doing what you should when you should... Get it? Oh my, a bonus with the cd, eh? You like to jest! I haven't even seen (or heard) the cd yet!!! I've wracked my brain (my mind is gone) trying to figure out when the Twelfth week in July is... Give me a clue, eh? Have a good night, my friend!
    2007-05-16 20:57:32 Posted by sharon41 ()

    Well Sharon...it is actually the twelfth fornight in July. I t is our main holiday period here...or it was. Clues....bowler hats..sashes...orange lilies. Any wiser Sharon...now that is a leading question for you!....God bless. Ps...have you never heard of the COLLINS dictionary and there was also a MOFFATTS Bible I believe. Take care.
    2007-05-18 03:24:43 Posted by Colin ()

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