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    Christian Trucker Wife Journey
          A blog by a Christian woman who is married to a trucker.

    Mon, Jul 24th - 9:24AM

    Trucker car jacked in Texas..

    I was so surprised at the behaviour of fellow East Texans on Sunday. A woman trucker was car jacked at a truck stop and the assailant lead cops on a car chase through three major counties! People on the road and watching television actually attended the chase on the interstates and cheered on the chase! I am so dumbfounded as to the ignorance of those that actually cheered the actions of the assailant on as the cops chased this truck down the interstates. A person was kidnapped and made to travel down the road with a gun stuck in their side. Truckers are people that do a major service to the community and they are out there cheering on crime of that nature. I am seriously sickened by it and if it were my husband that were the kidnapped victim, I'd be devestated and worried, not out there cheering on the behaviour. The police were putting their lives at risk and was even more at risk when civilians get out there like idiots on the side of the road. I am sorry, just had to vent a little bit about this whole thing!

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    Fri, Jul 21st - 12:41PM

    Another day...

    The heat has been terrible here in East Texas. It has to have been over 100 for the last week or so. I am originally from Kentucky, so I am not used to the tripple digit heat, but it is bearable. I just don't like the cost of energy locally, it can get out of control. I am going to research measures to take in order to make my electric bill less each month.

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    Thu, Jul 20th - 12:33PM

    Husband made it home...

    My husband made it home for 4 days. It was great having him around. We are retiling the bathroom, so he has to do it another pass by when he comes home. It is good to have the house to myself again. I have no complaints.

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    Mon, Jul 10th - 12:37PM

    Possible good news...

    My husband is going to try to exchange his load heading out to Modesto, California with another driver or get his delivery date rescheduled. I knew that the Lord would not be late with is promises. My church nominated me for the hospitality committee! I will get to learn from the older women in the church. I am not the best in the world at cooking, so it is something I am looking forward to!

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    Sun, Jul 9th - 12:24AM

    Work today.. church tomorrow...

    I went to work today for two hours and then came home. I am going to church tomorrow for both services. I am looking forward to having a day at the house where I don't have to leave for any reason whatsoever. My husband is planning a trip home next week, so I know that I will out on the road every day he's home. I am always tired, but the Lord has a purpose for what I'm doing right now so I am beating myself into submission to that will and plan for my life and for my family's life.

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    Fri, Jul 7th - 9:38AM

    Hubby came home for an hour!

    I got to see my hubby for about an hour yesterday. He has a load taking him to Arkansas right now. He had to pick up the load last night and he will be coming back home next weekend. The issue right now is the fact that he is on his way to California and the load delivers Thursday of next week and he took off for Friday through Monday. I guess this entry is more of a prayer request. Please ask that if it is the Lord's will, that he will be able to exchange the load with another driver to make it back in time. Each day that passes, I am depending more upon the Lord. I know in the end everything is going to work out.

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    Thu, Jul 6th - 12:12PM

    Forgetting my wedding ring..

    I got half way down the us highway and seen that I had forgotten my wedding ring at the house. I was making a hamburger patty to eat last night and took it off, but forgot to put it back on.

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    Wed, Jul 5th - 12:46PM

    Goodness of people..

    I was studying my Bible as I always do before work begins and I read a blurb in Proverbs about how we are not to withhold good to those to whom it is due. I truly love the Proverb and have exercised it today. It is always good to be those around us to be a good example for Jesus Christ on this earth.

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    Tue, Jul 4th - 12:46AM

    A selfish woman...

    I truly feel like a selfish woman. My husband was planning on coming home four days in the middle of this month. It turns out his parents are having a 50 year wedding anniversary at the end of this month. I already pulled strings at work and got the days off that he said he was coming home and he put in a request to have those days off with his dispatcher. The toughest part of being married to a trucker is the fact you never see your spouse. I am so mad at myself for feeling upset over the possibility he could change his schedule. I won't have the time off around the date that his family is planning his parents' wedding anniversary party. I suppose I am just a selfish woman for feeling this way. I don't harbor ill feelings toward his family, I am just upset that I could miss four days with him. I will have to pray about this and ask the Lord to take this hurt and aggravation from me so I can be at rest again.

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    Sun, Jul 2nd - 11:08PM

    Another day...

    I went to church today and truly loved it! We got two visitors and I sang in choir. What I love most about our home church is the fact they are so laid back! They call people up for the choir, we don't have a set choir, just people that want to join in and have fun. I remember a choir I belonged to in Kentucky before I moved to Texas, the director made singing in the choir like to much of a job. I believe that we should have fun worshipping the Lord, not putting a millstone around everyone's necks. My hubby will be coming in within the next two weeks so he could attend church with me. The hardest part of being married to a trucker is the long loneliness that comes from it. Somehow, being in church makes up for the loss of my husband's presence.

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    Sat, Jul 1st - 8:47PM

    Came and went...

    My husband came home for a day or so and went as quickly as he came. We both are praying for a miracle so he can come home for good. He is tired of being away from me and the house. We've been married for about three months now and we can only steal weekends or whenever he can get through here. This married life is rough, but I know God has a good purpose for it. I am being taught patience and faith daily. He is never home when things go wrong, that is the worse part of it all. I've never been out on my own so God is showing me that I can only truly depend on Him and on my husband for support. Things will slowly get into tune with what the Lord has in store for us both. I am learning to be content as Paul was. Amidst the storm of life, I know that Jesus Christ is there to help me through it all and bring my husband home safely to me every two or three weeks.

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