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          A place to witness, intercede in prayer for others and to find other Christian fellowship on my walk with Christ

    Wed, Nov 29th - 12:25AM

    When you are hit by the enemy

    Prayer Focus

    1. The lonely and destitute.
    2. The homeless.
    3. Single parents and their children.
    4. The aged who are in nursing homes and hospitals.
    5. The widows.
    6. The sick and infirm.
    7. The poor and underprivileged.
    8. The abused and mistreated.
    9. Those in prison.
    10. The mentally, physically and socially challenged.


    As we get closer to God, we are also under attack from the enemy. In a world filled with so much sin: Materialism, greed, sexual immorality, idol worship, following evil religions, prejudice, judgment, etc., we are surrounded by evil at all times.


    Yet, my trust is in our God. He is our Almighty King, our Savior, Our refuge in times of trouble, our Elohim. If we constantly cry out to Jesus, put on the armour of God every morning and ask for His Hedge of Protection around us, satan cannot win.


    I am being taunted by the enemy. Because of my empathy, the "push" that I feel is on emotions. I hear thoughts of loss and dismissal of all that I know and love. There are days when I have spent many hours in my prayer room, and feel the attack the next day. As the tears start to fall, I cry out to the one name that satan cannot stand up against: Jesus. I scream out for God's protection and know that, I can trust in Him. The battle is not mine, but His. I place it all in His Hands, and He places me on a rock, high above those that oppress me. Praise God! Sweet Jesus, thank You for Your victory at the cross, which defeated satan and gave us all eternal life.

    As much as satan would like the faithful to fall, he will not win. Even when I stumble to fear, anxiety or depression, God is right there, upholding me with His Right Hand and all my enemies perish at His Mighty Presence.

    What God has put into our lives, nothing can take that away. God put things people and situation in our lives for a reason. That reason is perfect, for it is His Will. God will weed those ones out that are not helping us to prosper our crops, but will keep the soil fertile with our love, trust and praise in Him. The crops will forever bloom. The garden will always be beautiful. Because of God, what can man do to me? There is nothing that can hurt me. I am one of His sheep, and He reaches out His Hand in protection and love.

    All that I have is a sign of his love, kindness, mercy and grace for me. How much I praise Him for this! I am truly blessed, even when the enemy tries to hit me in the area that I hold dear--love for others--and I know that God is faithful in His Word.

    I am having a hard time and need prayer for strength as I fight this battle of spiritual warfare. God has placed me in a stance of praise and worship, in intercession for others, and a continuous prayer life. The enemy is strong, but God is stronger. Nothing and no one is above our Father. He is above all things, and Most Holy. My trust is in Him. Jesus died for all of us, bearing the pain in his body for our sins, so that we could be washed clean in His blood. Praise Jesus! Thank You Jesus! We love You, dear and precious Lord and thank You for Your unconditional and overflowing love on all of us! What gift could we receive finer than this? There is no gift greater. There will never be any promise stronger than His.

    I will fight in His Name. He will camp angels at my door in protection. He will fill me with His Holy Spirit so that my lips speak only Words from Him. I offer Him my praise, worship and prayers. I offer Him my life, for it is His.

    God Bless You all!


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    Sun, Nov 26th - 11:35PM

    The Gift of Prophecy

    Prayer Focus

    • Those inflicted with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses
    • Shut-in's, the lonely, the desperate, those that feel hopeless and/or suicidal
    • Financial issues
    • Greed in our current world
    • The church (as a whole), direction and spiritual warfare--false prophets and all evil

    When I was very little, I could hear God speaking to me. Being young, I would speak back to Him and feel Him present with me when we spoke. I knew about God, having heard much about Him from my grandmother as she raised me while my mother worked. We had to keep our talks secret, however. My mother took any discussion about God with anger and bitterness, due to a judgment made on her by our church.

    My mother would hear me talking to God when she went to bed at night, and come in and yell at me. She told me to stop talking to myself. When I told her I was talking to God, she told me, "That is ridiculous" and made me stop. When I didn't she would come in and hit me, telling me that people would think I was crazy if I kept this up. After a few more slaps, I finally learned to keep my talks quiet--whispering or leaving the house to talk to God outside. I didn't, however stop talking to God.


    I loved our talks. I always felt peace, even when surrounded by jealousy, bitterness and anger that was a constant in our house. As I grew, the talks became more personal. God would reveal things to me and, with the faith of a child, I would share them with others.

    This was a big mistake. My grandmother, being Catholic did not believe in God giving us the gift of "knowing". My mother got mad when I would reveal something I knew, thinking I had found out through another family member, even though I hadn't been with any of my cousins in weeks. The only one that I felt comfortable with was my aunt Althea, who would listen and give me good feedback on what I would say.

    My whole life, I have had a gift of knowing. I just wish I always had felt of it as a gift. At first, friends would think I was being paranoid when I said something would happen. When it did happen, they would say it was coincidence, even though it happened exactly as I had known it would. One person told me that I should talk to a priest; which I did. I was then prayed over, annointed with incense and told that, it was demons in me and he would pray until they left.

    I stopped telling people things after that. I kept everything that came to me, to myself.

    When I began drinking, I was living with my cousin, who shared a room in the house I rented. He believed in the supernatural, and told me that, my gift was psychic, and I should work harder on aspiring my gifts and use them.

    This was a dark time in my life, when I was brought to a coven by someone else that knew of my gift, and I was accepted into the Wiccan religion. My gift was used, much to their benefit. Because I could feel empathy, I was able to feel what someone else was going through. I would bring out the feeling, and the other "psychic" would work on the reading by that. Because I would "know things", many of the other readers wanted me to work for them. Unfortunately, I did==which made many of those that came in for readings, very happy. It didn't do the same to the other "psychics"==I could feel their fake knowledge and contradict what they would tell someone paying them money for a false reading. It was then that I knew something was terribly wrong with using my gift this way..I felt a strong tug of disgust in myself as I watched people make money on things that, I knew were false readings, as well as ways to make someone spend more money by buying into the belief of mojo bags and spells.

    I know now that, that tug was not my own guilt==it was God. I was misusing HIS gift to me, and using it for evil.

    It wasn't until I came to my current church that I revealed, in detail what my gift was. Waiting for a reaction of fear or condemnation, I was shocked when I was received with respect instead. This was the first time that someone did not try to cast out demons, or scoff at me for what I knew. Instead, I was consulted and respected. I use it only during prayer, or with those I love. I take no money--for it is a gift from God and I would never make money on something He gave to me--free of everything, including my sin.

    This is not an easy gift, nor is it believed by everyone. I am sure that, many reading this will consider me a nut, or one of those false prophets. Let me just say that, God does not reveal the future to me. I don't have any magic seeing of money coming in or a new boyfriend on the horizon. I do know when something is wrong, or something will happen to someone I love. I also do know when God wants me to stay with something and fight, or wants me to go in another direction. I know when my family is in danger, or when those I love are hurt. I can tell when my husband has done something dishonest, as well as having a feeling when my children are in with the wrong friends.

    On our prayer team, we have a confidentiality agreement. What comes into our prayer room, stays there. It goes no further. We are devoted to intercession and meet for more than 2 hours, every Sunday evening. Since God has prompted me to share my gifts, I will tell the team what I am feeling or seeing (or both). I am told by God what I can share to the team, and what I cannot. I have great discernment on what is for one specific cause, or for the team to all pray about. There are 3 of us that will pray completely alone, separate from the rest of the team when it is something we feel strongly about, yet also feel it is too strong for the others who do not understand our gifts. I praise God for leading me to this team. It feels so good to finally come out in the open with what God has done for me, and expose the gifts He has blessed me with.

    The gift can be one that I, at times do not want. Sometimes, people take it personal that I can see things, yet they cannot. Sometimes, I think God uses others to talk to us when there is something that we need to be protected from, but are sometimes unable to feel ourselves. Not everyone has the gift of knowing. Not everyone is prophetic. Like I cannot pray in tongues, others cannot understand prophecy and empathy. Each of us has a special gift. It is up to God what way it is to be used.


    The gift is rewarding sometimes, but very hard at others. It is hard to know what will happen, but not be able to stop it. God will give me things that will help prevent something or make it less severe sometimes. Others, I just know--as if He is trying to prepare me for the reaction (like deaths, that I have known about...bad things that have happened to me (even once when I knew it was not right to go with someone, but went anyway..ignoring God), or for some other unknown reason as to why He reveals so much to me. No, I don't know when Jesus will come back. No, I can't lay my hands on you and heal you in His Name. But if God wants me to know something, or to help someone, or to simply show His Love to someone, it is revealed.

    It took a lot of prayer for me to write this. Maybe God knew how strongly I was praying against false prophets and wanted me to start revealing truthful gifts. I can tell you this--never will I be up on a stage, making money off of the faith of those in an audience that are desperate--their faith needs to be in God. I am simply a messenger when HE wants me to be. I won't have a fancy home, body guards or a nice car. I certainly won't be giving out false hope, or asking for money so I can travel. If God has any or all of these plans for me, He will provide. I am not a prophet in that way. I have the gift of Prophecy and empathy. That is all. There is a difference.

    This world is getting more and more evil. From the commercials on our television sets, to the governments that run our countries, it has become a very challenging place for Christians to be. But, we are Christians. We are all disciples, in the name of Jesus. We are to witness and tell others of The Way. This is what I am doing. This is what I will continue to do. It won't be an easy journey, but I do know that God will lead me. He will lead us all who are willing to follow Him in faith.


    God Bless,



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    Sat, Nov 25th - 1:28AM

    Prayer and Praise Focus

    • Relationships; strengthening, renewing, reviving
    • Spiritual Warfare: Protection and Destruction
    • Provisions
    • Revealing of God's Will

    I accepted the Lord Jesus into my heart in January of 2004. I have always had a very intimate relationship with God, but was misled by a religion that spoke very little of biblical truth and more about church doctrine instead. Although I knew about Jesus, I found myself believing more in power of man-made saints and idols of this church. I prayed novena's, as well as specific requests to these canonized saints that were not mentioned by The Word that is the Only Word, God-Breathed.


    God has always done amazing things for me. I thought of writing my testimony, but have decided to sum it up, for now in all of the things God has done in my life. I have been on many stormy waters, only to have Jesus pull me onto His Lifeboat with His Mighty and Loving Hand, and pull me through. For His Glory, I have taken the storms and turned them into helping others that are now going through the same storms. Our God is so good. Nothing in our lives happens without His Glory shining through in his Words through us.


    I grew up in an emotionally and physically abusive home. My mother was agnostic, my grandmother was a devout Catholic (of the 60's, when the church was extremely strict), and my grandfather stayed silent, acting much like an atheist. I was supposed to be aborted when my mother got pregnant out of wedlock, but God knew me at the time of conception and had plans for my life. After a forced marriage by my grandmother to the man that got my mother pregnant, my mother was severely beaten as he sat home and drank, did drugs and waited for her paycheck. By the time I was only a few weeks old, we had moved back into my grandparent's house and it is there where I was raised. I never saw the man that took part in my conception, nor has he ever tried to contact me.


    My mother was a bitter and jealous woman. She had a terrible temper as well. Because of having a child so young and not being able to care for me with her lab-technician hours, she took a job in a supermarket as a cashier, that paid maybe 1.00 an hour, and paid no overtime during those years. She worked long hours, 6 days a week. My grandmother sold Avon, door to door. My grandfather worked for an asbestos company until he was infected with asbestos lung, and then went to work for the B&M railroad as a welder. To say we were poor is an understatement. We lived in the inner city, where life in general was hard as it was. But our family was proud, worked for everything we had in our small home, and we ate whatever we could and whatever the butcher would sell as 'end meat' at the end of the day.

    My mother, having been thrown out of the church because of her 'sinful divorce' (at the time when this was common reaction to something that, is much too accepted these days), wanted nothing to do with religion talk or any discussions about God. However, God and I began speaking when I was old enough to talk. I would talk openly to him in my room, which usually ended up in a fight and a calling of names for my "stupidity". Eventually, I would be beaten for my open relationship with our Father, which did not stop me, but made me speak to God in a low whisper or alone on a hill, not far from our railroad tracks.

    I began showing a gift of prophecy by the time I was 5. I knew things that God would tell me, and everything I knew came true. Because of my grandmother's belief, this was forbidden and I was ordered to stop doing it because it showed I was "demon possessed". When I discussed this with a priest when I got a bit older, with proof of things that had happened that I knew about beforehand, the priest then chastised me, said prayers for me and told me to let go of "these demons". However, I knew this was not from any demon. I knew it was God. And I continued to allow this feeling of empathy and "knowing", but kept it to myself.

    After receiving many years of serious beatings and emotional abuse, I began drinking at the age of 12. By 14, I was smoking pot as well and doing speed at the age of 16. I got my license at 16 and was working full time at that point, with my only goal was to move out on my own as soon as I was able. I bought a car, and got out of the inner city by the time I was 17. Although I was seriously addicted to alcohol and drugs at this point, I still was out of the crime of the inner city. I had an apartment at 18, had two full time jobs and supported myself.

    I believe that God is the only reason I made it through all this. Had I not gone through all of these things, I could not relate and witness to those that are in the same situation, and feel there is no where to go and no hope at all. Although I had left the church after being told that, my mother would go to hell for what she had done and I was a sinner if I mentioned it in Sunday school again, I still had a very strong relationship with God. I knew that I was sinning, but never stopped praying. I think I had given up on myself by that point, but God never gave up on me. Even when I became addicted to Cocaine, God never left my side. One day, I just got up and decided that I had enough of this and closed myself in my apartment for a few days, drying out and cleaning up. I have been clean since the summer of 1987.

    Those years were hard and filled with many trials. On top of drug and alcohol addiction, I was raped as well. I joined a Wiccan coven and was high priestess, where my gift of prophecy was seen as a money making plan and I was given false feelings of being accepted and loved. (I left the sect in Salem, Massachusetts in 1985, after feeling strongly that was not right and I felt no ease in belonging). I had also been involved with a cocaine dealer and I was sexually abused and tortured by him for many years. I had no self esteem and took this as a sign of love==that his being with me was love and this was how it was supposed to be. Prior to meeting him, I had a relationship with a guy from high school for 8 years. That had broken up when we both realized that, our love for each other was strong in friendship, but not love for a commitment. I had no faith in myself and was a follower, not a leader at that time. I was on a slow road to destruction--but God would not forsake me! He pulled me out of all of this, and I met my husband in 1986. In 1988 we were married, and I was clean and sober. In 1992, I had my first child and became a stay at home mom.

    God provided me with a data entry business, through a contact that I had worked with and also gone to school with. While working 7 days a week, 364 days a year, I had a set of twins, boys, 2 years after my first child. Unfortunately, I got tied up in the ways of man, and built alters of man--wealth, status and material things. My relationship with God began to diminish as I fell prey to the ways of this world.

    In 1996, my world finally crashed. My husband lost his job of 15 years, and had to take a job that paid 15.00 less an hour. NAFTA passed and all of my major contracts went down to Puerto Rico and Mexico, and eventually to India and Pakistan. I then found my mother dead, after a phone call that she was sick. I had to take in my grandfather, for his son only wanted him for his house and his little bit of money. I then found out I was pregnant with our 4th child. 10 months after I found my mother dead, my son was stillborn. It is then that I lost all my hope in God, and became angry at Him instead. I was mad because, I had prophesized about these things and I couldn't see the point of such a gift that allowed me to do nothing about what I knew would happen. Because of what others told me at my times of grief, I had believed that God had killed my child. I began drinking again, and my marriage started to fall apart.

    God never left me, however. Around the same time I had conceived my 4th child, that following November I found out I was pregnant with twins and their due date was the same as that of my son's birthday. They were born by c-section, 2 days after the birthday of my son that died, one year later. I had a boy and a girl.

    Within days, things began to happen again. My daughter was only days old when she was rushed to the hospital with a fever of 103. Her bladder was not healthy and they diagnosed her with bladder reflux. She had to have bilateral valve replacement before she was 9 months old. My son, her brother began having blue episodes, and was in the hospital, on and on for 6 months. He was revived several times after he stopped breathing. Again, I blamed God--He not only had taken my 4th child, I believed, but was about to take another one again, as well as having my daughter undergoing major surgery at a very young age.

    The diagnosis of autism soon came after that, as well as genetic testing that diagnosed my older boy twin with Spastic Dysplegia--a mild form of cerebral palsy. At 6 weeks of age, my oldest twin boy had brain surgery to correct cranial synostosis--when the soft spot closes up prior to birth and causes the head to grow in the wrong shape, causing the brain to become crowded by the bone that surrounds it. Although we will never know for sure, we believe it was that surgery that caused his problems. I now had 3 children with severe special needs, a child that I had buried, and a marriage that was falling apart because of all the pressures.

    About a year after my last set of twins were born, my husband and I separated. I was a single parent with 5 children, three of which had challenging and very severe complications. We were left with only a bit of money that I worked for in my basement, with what few contracts I had left. Unfortunately, Massachusett's prices went up so high in taxes that, what I made alone could not pay for all the increases. Our part of the state also was in a water-district that had a very high rate. It was when they came to my house with jackhammers, ready to dig up and shut off my water supply when I finally lost it. Standing there, begging them to help me work something out, God definitely intervened. In a heartless part of the country, I found one person with a heart. She told the men to go home and worked out a payment plan. It wasn't a fix that would last, but it did stop my water from being shut off that day.

    Even though I had given up on God, again, He did not give up on me. Things began happening that can only be explained through His Love, Mercy and Grace. Someone I had met online through bereavement support was moving from her house here, in Kansas and offered it to me at a price, 3 times less than what I could sell my house for in the east. It had 5 bedrooms, and was on more land, which beat our small but modern house in Massachusetts. I felt a strong tug to take up this offer, and began proceedings to sell my home. My house sold in 3 days. Although everyone said to sell what I had, I packed what I needed on a packing truck, and gave away all of the things I had no room for. I put five kids on a plane by myself and came to a state that I knew nothing about--totally on faith that this was the right thing to do. This was God, speaking to a person that didn't admit she was listening--but God can speak to any heart. His Will for my life was strong, and I am forever thankful to Him for never giving up on me.

    I now live in an area of the country that is much cheaper than where I came from. We have the 2nd best school system in the country here and my children have a wonderful education, as well as great special needs services. People here are friendly, and I also live in the bible belt of the USA, where churches are not hard to find and are of every denomination. Within months, I found a church that touched me in such a way, I felt the Holy Spirit enter my heart during a Praise and Worship time, and it was then that I accepted Jesus into my heart. I was baptised in a lake not far from my house, that July after giving my testimony. I have never felt so fulfilled, and I have God living inside of me once again (although I believe He never left me, but waited patiently for His sheep to come back to the flock). My children are involved in a great children's ministry. My oldest daughter is a volunteer and possible internship in the future in children's ministry. She is also on the honor roll, and receiving honors (back home, she made nothing but D's and the school had given up hope on her completely).

    God not only worked on me, but worked on my marriage as well. While I was being saved and given a new way to look at myself and repent for my sins, God was working on my husband's heart. Although everyone tried to convince me in divorcing him, I felt God saying strongly that it was not His plan for this to happen. I waited, prayed and prayed some more as God worked on my husband's heart. My husband moved here, after many months of tears and messages coming to him by our Father--and our marriage was restored, about a year and a half ago. He has gotten a good job (2, actually). Although there are many struggles, my faith in God stays strong. God wants this marriage to continue. My full faith is in Him to keep it strong.

    I have been brought to a great church, through people that God has sent..my earth angels. This church is small, in the inner city of KC, but humble and loving. I feel they are my family, and love them very much. I was asked to lead Intercessory prayer, and now am in charge of our prayer ministry. My gifts are not scoffed at but respected. I am consulted and believed. I have never felt the Holy Spirit so strongly in my life, as I do now.

    Life is still a challenge, but as a Christian, I know this is only a small price to pay for The Promise that we received in the New Covenant under our Savior, Jesus Christ. God has brought many people that I love into my life, and has been very strong in His Will to keep us together. My fight now is to pray and stand up for Jesus, both for those I love and for those I probably will never know. I feel strongly that, I will be in ministry within a few years--probably in a foreign country. As I pray more, more is revealed. Until then, I know God will continue to strengthen and prepare me. Until then, I will follow Him, and Him Only.

    What is funny after writing all this (and being terribly prolific) is that, this is not my entire testimony. I have skipped so much, and there is so much more that God has brought me through, only to prepare me in His Work for His Glory. Let no one try to tell me that God is not powerful, or that God does not exist. I will fight in His Name forever, for I can never fully repay all He has done to fight for me.

    God puts everyone that is in our life, there for a reason. He gives us flowers, and sometimes, we have lots of weeds in that garden. When we don't do the weeding ourselves, God does the weeding for us. Right now, I am starting to visualize a very fertile garden, and all of the people in my life are there, going no where and He will keep us all together. For what God has brought together, let no man try to take away. Our God cannot be reckoned with--He is our Most High, Almighty King---Our Elohim! No force can change what He has done for us. He was, Is, and forever Shall Be.


    God Bless You all. Keep the faith, even in the toughts of times. God will not fail you. Whatever it is that you are going through now you can rest assured that, God will bring you through it in triumph for all of His Glory!


    I pray 3 times a day so, if you have any prayer requests, please leave me a private or public message. I love to pray,have been called to pray and will do so with pleasure in the calling of my Savior and Lord, Jesus! Praise HIM!

    In His Name and Grace,



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    Fri, Nov 24th - 1:36AM

    Back again

    Hello to all my brothers and sisters in Christ!

    Due to my forgetting my old password and email address to send it to, I have begun blogging again under this name instead. It feels good to be back, with the ability to share my faith with other believers!

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank God for all of my blessings. His provisions are never ending, as well as the love that He has placed in my life and people in my life that mean so much to me. I have beautiful children, a faithful husband, a good home, great schools for the kids, a wonderful church and church family, and people in my life that God has placed that and that I love dearly. Praise Jesus for His Victory at the cross, bearing our sins upon His own body so that we would be free, and for His Victory over evil!

    God Bless!






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    Fri, Nov 24th - 1:27AM

    Welcome to your Blog!

    Dear Kelly Berrigan,

    This is your blog, now you can post your own messages and communicate with your readers!
    This message is posted automatically by our system. After your first post, please bookmark the below URLs, then delete this message.

    The URL of your Blogging page for visitors is :
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    Thank you and have fun blogging!

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