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    Through it All.
          Some God leads through great sorrows, and some through the flood, some through great trial, but all through the blood. God leads his dear children along. Through it all, through it all, I depend upon the Lord.

    Sun, Dec 2nd - 12:05PM

    New beginnings

    It has been a long time since I wrote anything.  We bought a fixer-upper house last fall.  I have been too busy fixing it up to do anything else except eat, sleep and work.  But we were able to move in last week.  This will be a new beginning for us.

    My up-coming project will be to turn the dessert soil around us into an abundant garden.  I know it can be done.  I have done it on a small scale before.  It will be a lot of hard work to break up the hard-pan, add soil amendments, lay out the irrigation system, etc.

    But today is my day of rest.  With all the hard, physical work I have been doing I have decided to take Sundays as a day of rest, literally. "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.  Thou shalt do no work in it."    I can think, I can dream, I can snooze or sleep.  God made a day for our bodies to catch up on itself.  So that's what I'm doing. 

    And I'm dreaming of the garden I'm going to plant.

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    Mon, Oct 23rd - 11:13AM

    Book Review

    A fellow author has written a book review for me.  It warmed my heart to read it.  I'd like to share it with you.

    The story of a polish German refugee from the conflict of WWII as a child to adult-hood in Minnesota

    Book Review:

    By Hands of Strangers: A Story of God’s Provide


    Alice Lewis:                   2005

    Pleasant Word: Division of Winepress Publishing         ISBN 1-411-0386-7


         A touching memoir with important spiritual themes, In the Hands of Strangers is a story simply, clearly and honestly told to us by the author and narrator Alice Lewis. Her memoir begins with her at three years of age, a polish German refugee dispossessed by WWII. The account is poignant and a wake-up call to those of us who complain about mere inconveniences in modern life.

     The fall of the Nazi Reich is described in terms of how it affected the lives of this family, and other ordinary people caught in the crossfire of war. The story continues with the immigration of Alice, or Alie, and her family to Minnesota where the promises of help from a distant wealthy uncle turn sour and they end up in a hand to mouth existence in the middle of no-where. Throughout the book, we feel for Ali and her mother that she lovingly refers to as “Mutti”.

         Ali experiences an epiphany near the end of the book. Married, but with lots of problems, she finds that as the  “Footprints” piece suggests, Jesus has been there for her and her family all of her life and is there for her at another low point to carry her weight of pain, anger, and bitterness. He wants to replace it with the light of his love. Whether or not this particular message resonates with your personal values, it is powerful in this story and one that could make some reconsider Christianity.

         If you enjoy clear crisp prose, and a truly touching real life story,  In the Hands of Strangers, is one you will certainly enjoy.

         The book is available via the author’s page at Authorsden.com or Amazon.com

                Malcolm Watts 2006


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    Thu, Oct 5th - 2:49PM




    A famous person once said that you can do anything you want, to but you can’t do everything you want.  You have to choose which you will do at any one time.


    I wish that were not true.  I wish I could do half a dozen things all at one time and do them well.  But I can’t.  I have to make priorities.


    Self-care is one of the top priorities.  If I don’t take reasonable good care of myself, I can’t do anything else at all.  I used to do everything that other people expected of me without regard to my own needs.  I’m growing away from that.  Now I can go to bed at night with dirty dishes piled in the sink if my body demands rest.  I still don’t like to do it but I have learned that in the long run such conscious neglect is doing me good.  After a hard day of work out on our country property, the kitchen chores can seem insurmountable, but the next morning the work gets done in a snap.


    I have had to drop a lot of other good things I was doing, in order to put enough effort into my house- building project.  In time, when I am done, with my present project I can pick up doing the normal things that women usually do.

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    Fri, Sep 29th - 6:39PM


    It's our 44th anniversary today.  I had almost forgot about it.  We have been so busy with many other things.  My husband did forget about it 'till I reminded him.  He asked me what I wanted to do.  Neither of us was really in the mood for much.  After a few suggestions we hit upon our special treat for the day. 

    We decided to go to that world famous Irish restaurant.  It starts with Mc.  Usually there are golden arches around it.  Does that mean there is a pot of gold at the end of the arches?  You guessed it.  We went to McDonald's for hamburgers and french fries.  While some might laugh, it is special to us because we almost never go out to eat.  I usually cook everything from scratch, rather than using anything ready-prepared.  And also, when we were young and could not afford anything else, McDonalds was our only treat.  It was kind of nostalgic. I hope to look forward to at least twenty more visits to McDonalds.

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    Wed, Sep 27th - 11:18AM

    The Silence


    I’m reading a book, “What We Ache For,” by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.  It’s about how to cultivate the creative process.  Any author, artist, musician, or sculpture needs to nurture the creative process in order to come up with new material.


    One thing that Oriah has said I have also found to be true.  A creative person needs empty time in order to recharge.  She periodically takes a Sabbath of rest.  It can be any day of the week, but when she declares a Sabbath day she will do no work, nor make commitments of any kind to anyone.  She won’t even think about problems and possible solutions.  She will spend the day doing absolutely nothing. 


    Lately, we have been using Sundays as a Sabbath of rest.  Since we will be moving out to our country property as soon as things are done, we have quit the church we went to here in town.  We are too exhausted from all the hard labor to go the new church up there so we stay home and do nothing but rest, read, pray and recuperate.  For the present time this is right for us.


    I read somewhere that the Quakers routinely practice a day of silence.  I imagine that means that members of a household don’t talk to one another that day.  How blessed, I expect nothing of anyone, and nobody expects anything of me!  I wonder how that works out with young children in the family?   Still, it’s a good idea.


    Originally, when I signed up for the writing course I am currently taking, I was expected to write one devotional a day.  That sounds nice, but I can’t do it.  In order for me to come up with worthwhile stuff, I need to spend much time in silence.   Lately, there has not been enough of that time, so I write one a week. 


    I should turn one of my blogs into a devotional page.


    Ask me about my book.  Better yet have a look.  http://www.authorsden.comaliceelewis

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