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    Comment List
    pretty sure we all know the reality of that don't we?
    2005-08-21 17:54:03 Posted by dcyple ()

    since the last 2 comments have been on the sarcastic side I just wanted to say sorry(its my nature) I think we will recognize him no matter what our preconceived notions may be
    God bless
    2005-08-21 18:14:20 Posted by dcyple ()

    2005-08-21 18:33:03 Posted by Marsha ()

    When I posted ??? our comments crossed. I don't think you're sarcastic! (smile)
    2005-08-21 18:42:43 Posted by Marsha ()

    dcyple, I want to thank you for visiting and posting! I don't think God/Jesus is blonde! I'm not blonde either! My mother always wanted a blonde daughter! Thats all I ever heard that blondes are perfect! My mother & dad bleached my hair. It made me cry! I was thinking about my mother! That's why I posted that question...
    2005-08-21 21:25:57 Posted by Marsha ()

    wow! didn't mean to drag up any old pains my thought was just how we in the USA and for that matter everywhere around the world have incorporated an image of Jesus that fits us. We are more than likely all wrong but thats ok. I'm not blonde anymore either I'm bald and my eyes where never blue
    God still loves us all
    2005-08-22 00:50:39 Posted by dcyple ()

    Have any of you noticed children of about 5 years or younger. Here in SA, we seem to have a boom of children with blonde hair and blue eyes. Genetically, these are the two weakest genes, but out of about 20 children I know personally, 18 of them are blonde with blue eyes including my own two which is really odd as I have red hair, green eyes and my husband has brown hair, green eyes. There is no blonde on either family side. Next time you are in the park or at the mall, keep your eyes peeled and let me know. Thanks.
    I am beautiful in God's eyes even though I have red hair and a few freckles. At least I don't have to colour my hair to get it red!!
    God loves you and to him you are absolutely gorgeous!!!
    May you just for a moment look into the mirror and see yourself through God's eyes.

    Ps - I thought Jesus had light brown hair. Maybe the pictures I am looking at are someone else's interpretation of Christ.
    2005-08-22 04:55:06 Posted by Lee ()

    Hey Marsha I'm bored with my blog so I'm just going to keep coming here and posting on yours.I find it irronic that the color of the Lords hair could spark so much discussion. Lee is probablycorrect in that the only blonde haired blue eyed Jesus I've really seen was in Will Smith's Ali movie, and the top of a blog I came accross.It doesn't matter again what we believe regarding his hair, but that we do believe
    God bless all
    2005-08-22 14:20:13 Posted by dcyple ()

    I stand corrected the cross is yellow not the hair
    2005-08-22 14:22:30 Posted by dcyple ()

    dcyple, Are you sure about that???

    I've seen some (the cross) red ones,yellow and brown?

    I"ve seen Baby Jesus in the manger usually with (yellow hair)?
    Maybe~ Mary's hair is blonde?
    It don't matter (hair)!
    It"s All About Jesus Saving Us!
    God Bless Everyone!!!

    2005-08-22 15:46:39 Posted by Marsha ()

    IT's Not The Hair!

    It's The Blood!!!!

    2005-08-22 18:24:08 Posted by Marsha ()

    No one has seen God at any time. _1 John:4:12
    New King James Version
    2005-08-27 16:09:20 Posted by marsha ()

    I heard from a historic show that Jesus most likely was jewish looking with dark wavy hair, dark eyes and an olive complexion. He would not have been tall. This is by studying the people in the region where Jesus was born and lived.
    2005-08-29 21:19:22 Posted by Latecia ()

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