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    Comment List
    And I bet you were busy typing this as I posted the previous message to you. Just to let everyone know, I have indeed found the clarity I needed - thanks to all!

    God Bless
    2006-05-05 13:25:13 Posted by Lee ()

    Great job... Jon.

    You are exactly right with the the application on adoption... in fact, I tell people that you and I as Adopted sons and daughters get what God has reserved for us in eternity BEFORE Christ gets His! Our inheritance is guaranteed.. the natural son's is not!!! What an amazing thought and sense of security that can be ours when we place or faith in the LORD Jesus and what He did at Calvary.

    2006-05-05 19:12:10 Posted by Bob (bh@sbgm.org)

    Amen!Amen! I agree with you Jon, thanks for the scriptues you have written....Yes, we are sealed until the day of redemption....We belong to Jesus, because He died for us. May God bless you, as you work in His vineyard...With God's Love......
    2006-05-07 00:41:08 Posted by Lois ()

    Some people will say, I took the preacher by the hand or filled out a card, and now I'm saved...But you have to be drawn by the Holy Spirit, you than will know the time and the place when the Lord saved you....Your burden will be lifted, you will have peace, and want to be baptized.......and serve our Lord.......

    I just want to mention how wrong some, so called prechers are. Our pastor told us of a person he knew, that pastored a church for 20 or more years...They had a revival at that church, a country preacher, came was up preaching, made the statement, if you don't know the time and the place when God saved you, you have never been saved..Few night of the service, the pastor of the church came to the alter and was saved....Look how long he had been in that church as a so called pastor and never been saved. Wonder what he taught the people...So scary, isn't it, better study the Bible and then you will know if He is preaching the truth or not....So glad for that country preacher, that God sent that way, for that man and never know how many more were saved.......Just felt I should tell this...God bless.....With God's Love
    2006-05-07 00:59:57 Posted by Lois ()

    Hi Jon, Some post! I sometimes think that to make a statement that "Was he/she ever really a believer, did they ever know Christ", is a sop to our fears & insecurity in Christ.
    Yes I know of Pastors, Elders & Church workers who finally saw the light after years of commitment. I would be very wary of telling people that they can never lose their salvation. Simply because it is a gift of God, we do not deserve it, yes, I believe that God will never withdraw his invitation, but we must accept the same invitation. Peter says: 'be all the more eager to make your calling & election sure' 2 Peter 1:10f. That is what a forgiven man like Peter said, then it is good enough for me.
    Paul says:" For in this hope we were saved. but hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not have we wait for it patiently." Rom 8:24f So you understand I would not undertake to say things like you "cannot lose your salvation".
    When Jesus was on the cross, did he not ask why "God had forsaken him" right at the time when he was taking on the sin of the world, did God not turn his face away from his own son? Did Jesus not turn to his Father by saying, "Into your hands I commit my spirit"??
    Therefore I believe that in repentance it is not a one & only happening, but a daily meeting, asking for mercy. Keeping your accounts short, I understand is the way forward. Jesus is there interceding for us, the Holy Spirit guides us through life, but do we ALWAYS do what the Spirit tells us? Do we not sometimes grieve the Spirit of God?
    We await eagerly, not yet has our SARX, been obliterated, not yet has our SOMA been redeemed, so we await total liberation, like creation we hope for what we do not already have. Rom.:8:25a
    These are my thoughts on a very difficult & sometimes misunderstood belief.
    Hope this does not offend, My saviour is my judge, He is Awesome
    Love in His Name Stuart

    2006-05-07 04:11:14 Posted by Stuart (stuart@sadrankin.com)

    Just as I said, there are scriptures for either view. Its foolish to think in terms of "you could still go to Hell" because then we would be talking about salvation as fire insurance. Salvation is a relationship. The real question is could any of us really be good enough to keep our salvation. We are always in the wrong place when we think of being "good enough".
    2006-05-07 10:45:36 Posted by Jon ()

    I have heard human beings tell others where they are going, what they must do to be saved, what they must pray, etc. The truth is, God is the only One, and we were all bought with a price: Jesus! I never try to out think God, although I have heard many that do.

    Beautifully written!
    God Bless,
    2006-05-13 22:44:55 Posted by Kelly4Jesus ()

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