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    Comment List
    What's your take on beer?
    2007-10-06 23:37:00 Posted by Brandon Davis (mercyseatrestingplace@yahoo.com)

    2007-10-06 23:39:06 Posted by Brandon Davis (mercyseatrestingplace@yahoo.com)

    Is it Ok if I answer anyway?
    I can't stand the stuff. It tastes like rot. But I do occasionally drink alchohol.
    2007-10-07 01:42:37 Posted by Jon ()

    Hi Jon,
    I hope you don't mind me making a comment about beer. Everyday somewhere, someone dies because of beer. Somebody was liking beer too much!.. And they get behind the wheel and try to drive. Which usually involves getting into a fatal car accident. "Drinking and Driving Kills"!

    MADD.COM.. Mothers Against Drunk Driving..

    This is my opinion about beer. It causes alot of heartache.

    God's Blessings Always
    Love Always!
    In Jesus Name
    2007-10-07 18:27:01 Posted by Marsha ()

    I can't agree more Marsha. I do drink, but so infrequently that the stuff goes bad on me...

    The frightening thing is how many people die because someone couldn't control themselves. Many of those in that same culture would berate me for my profession. Count the Deaths and Understand the Toll of Drunken Ignornace is greater than the Toll of Misguided Idealism, and not just young men and women who willingly put themselves in harms way, no, the babies and children and older people in what should be their golden years.

    And their crime? Sharing the road with a drunken idiot behind the wheel!

    I don't condemn moderation, but if you cannot be moderate, ABSTAIN!

    (that might be said of more than just beer, BTW)

    Jon, why is it that we never comment about the content? Shame on us...

    As a side note, when the path turns round and brings us back, I don't think that was the intended route. Still, it does happen that way, doesn't it?

    In Truth,

    2007-10-09 01:35:19 Posted by Mel ()

    Hi Jon,
    Update since i made the comment about beer..Yesterday my husband and me decided to go for a ride we ended up way out in a rural area and had to stop and ask where we were? It was a restaurant that served alchol drinks, A guy out in there driveway we decided to ask? He came over to my window and all you could smell was beer he talked to us for a few minutes and got in his car and drove away. I believe if he had taken the breath test he was driving drunk.

    :) Amen Mel! on your comment.
    2007-10-09 10:07:16 Posted by Marsha ()

    It appears as though your lesson got lost in the debate over beer. What the heck? I think the question and debate should be, what is the difference between the Christian highway and the foot path. I also think that winding up back where we have already been IS in the plan because we may meet someone there who needs help getting through that particular terrain. How very short-sighted we become in our attempt to explain circumstances and situations. Do we focus too much on how everything has to do with us? I am glad to walk the path, I am glad for every step.

    2007-10-12 05:50:22 Posted by anonoymous ()

    Hi Jon,
    It appears your message got over in the left field. Looks like the enemy was using them to get you off the right path. But keep your focus on Jesus, "walk in the light","the title of your blog" Seek out the old path and walk therin. What a blessing and a joy when we follow in the footsteps of Jesus.......
    Yes, only way to the Father is through Jesus.
    God bless you brother, keep up the good work.
    With God's Love,
    Lois J.
    2007-10-12 13:40:54 Posted by Lois J. ()

    Interesting bunny trail the comments got off on, but I wanted to comment on your post. It's a rich piece of imagery you've shared with us, and I thank you for it. I agree about the Christian superhighway parallelling the path but not being the path. I was in the local Christian bookstore the other day, and I was struck by the very same feeling you seem to be conveying here. I found myself wondering how much of the books, CDs and stuff we really need. It's wonderful to have Christian-themed options when we want to buy clothes, jewelry, reading material, music or what-have-you, but isn't it just another type of materialism if we think we must have something simply because it sports a cross, ichthus (Jesus fish) or scripture?

    Stop the car! I need to get out and walk on that path over there for a while - maybe the next 40 years or so.

    Thanks for posting such a well-illustrated reminder, Jon. Have a blessed -- well, have a blessed everything!

    2007-10-15 20:57:27 Posted by Traci ()

    Hey Jon,
    Where are you? Gone on vacation............
    With God's Love,
    2007-10-16 20:49:03 Posted by Lois J. ()

    hey thanks Traci, annon, and Lois. I was beginning to doubt my communication skills. I found the message very helpful when I heard it and only padded it a little. It is all about the journey and doesn't much matter how we travel.
    2007-10-17 20:53:38 Posted by Jon ()

    Hi Bro. Jon,
    Good to see you back. I always enjoy your post and comments. They are a blessing and they also minister to me.....So hurry back and do the work that God has planned for you, before the foundation of the world. Our Lord has given you great skills, so use them for His Glory. God has a plan and a purpose for all of us, so we need to abide in His calling.....
    God bless you brother...Praying for you...
    With God's Love,
    2007-10-18 15:31:27 Posted by Lois J. ()

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