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    Comment List
    I put this in to make the cross reference easier. I didn't really need to put this here, but followed a compulsion.
    2005-09-16 00:25:54 Posted by Mel ()

    I didn't realize you had questions about this. YOu may want to seek out other narratives about this scripture. I simply see this as we are unable, on our own, to take on demons and forces we cannot see. Only with Jesus can we stand against spiritual forces and, then, only according to God's will. Be strong in the Lord.
    2005-09-17 14:32:47 Posted by bjpals ()

    When I shared this passage this morning, I had no understanding of what its message was for me. Yet when I shared it, the answer suddenly appeared! I have no doubt such was the work of the Spirit. I also see this as a warning directly to me. When speaking about someone or something that I consider evil, I am too willing to take something that someone else has said, hearsay to come from me, and pass it on as if it were my understanding of the truth of the matter. If I have no such knowledge of the truth of that specific matter, I have not any business in doing that. If I wish to say such a thing to support my attack on something that I see as evil, I should seek to understand the whole of the matter first, to satisfy myself that I can attest to its veracity. Short of that, I should bite my tongue, and speak nothing of it.
    2005-09-18 01:22:27 Posted by Mel ()

    Also, what Jeff said about messing with the meanest dude in the Gym, refering to Satan, if I understood correctly, it immediately came to my mind that God is the owner of the Gym and keeps that bad boy at bay. Should I falsely accuse Satan, even though I know he is evil incarnate, I have given him cause to come and punch my lights out, and he can raise the defense that I asked for it by slandering him. Do I need God to stand without fear of Satan? Certainly, I do. Yet I think that the sin of slander is enough to give Satan power over us, even if only for the briefest of momments before we ackowledge that sin and turn from it again. That is a risk that even the Archangel Michael was unwilling to take. I feel that is what was given to me. Lies of any sort is not truth, and is in no way from God or in his protection.
    2005-09-18 01:39:12 Posted by Mel ()

    Hey Mel I believe this is trying to tell us that we have no power to stop satan in this world, No matter what untill his time is up he will be here trying to take us down and there is nothing we can do about it. Every opening he gets to step in and hinder our walk he will take and every time we slip up he is going to be there to take advantage. you can think of it like a good athlete capitalizes on his oponents mistakes, so does satan. Once he gets a foot in the door it is easier for him to help you in a dowmward spiral, because he is the deceiver and if he can convince you that your right, he has room to push. I just expierienced a problem with this and it's tough being wrong and thinking your right. It's pretty overwhelming to watch a minor nothing escalate to a major fall. Anchor yourself in the word and approach endeavors with a prayerful heart
    God bless
    PS look also at Matt.13:24-30
    2005-09-18 03:02:42 Posted by dcyple ()

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